We are never completely 100% sure…

Remember Fabien Sauvé?

Ron told me in a comment on my blog that Fabien Sauvé was his great-grandfather’s friend.

That’s what he said…

Well I thought it was going to go like this on Fabien, IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, THEN POOF INTO THE HOLY GHOST he would go, but I see the good man of the cloth of genealogy on this blog has him in his book.

I will stay close and see what happens to my great-grandfather’s friend Fabien Sauve.

Ron Belisle Depatie

Here’s Leon with his wife Sophranie André.

Oups, sorry wrong picture file…
That’s Ron with his bulldozer…

Here’s Léon…

Léon’s family

I think I discovered a whole lot more about Léon’s friend, but I am not 100% sure.

You see I found some information about one Fabien Sauvé who was married to at least two more women… Marie-Eveline Lanthier and Victorine Houle.

What I also found is one Fabien Sauvé living in Lancaster, Ontario in 1901 and 1911.

1901 Canadian census

Sauve Fabien?     M           Head     M     Jan 26     1851     50
Sauve Lola     F           Wife     M     Mar       1864     37
Sauve Hanah     F           Daughter     S     Jul 1     1889     11
Sauve Rosanna?     F           Daughter     S     Jul       1892     8
Sauve Albert     M           Son     S     May 5     1893     7
Sauve Alfred     M           Son     S     Mar       1895     6
Sauve Lucia     F           Daughter     S     Jul 14     1897
Sauve Honora     F           Daughter     S     Apr 25     1900     10 mos.

Source Information:
1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict:    Lancaster, GLENGARRY, ONTARIO
District Number:    62
Subdistrict Number:    d-6
Archives Microfilm:    T-6468

What’s that Lola doing there?

It should be Sophie André or something like that…

1911 Canadian census


Sauve Fabien             M      Chef      M      juin      1861      59
Sauve Sophia L.           F     Epouse     M     mars     1864     47
Sauve Lucian           F     Fille     C     juil.     1897     14
Sauve Henry           M     Fils     C     juin     1899     11
Sauve Jane           F     Fille     C     fév.     1901     10
Sauve Harry           M     Fils     C     sept.     1905     7
Sauve Alice           F     Fille     C     mai     1906     5
Sauve Mon B.           F     Fille     C     oct.     1908     4
Sauve Janet           F     Fille     C     mai     1909     2

That’s more like it…

Sophie’s back, but now Fabien is born in 1861!

Never trust a census 100%…

Anyway, come back later for more.

As I said to Ron…

When we start looking for something, then we find a lot of new things that lead us to new things that open a lot of doors… and it goes on and on and on and on…

It never stops…

Stay tuned…

Honoré my dear, you didn’t forget to program the VCR didn’t you…?