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This picture  was found  on the Internet.
It’s  an Ojibwe  woman carrying  her child.
That’s  exactly  how  Marie  Dufaut’s  mother  looked  like.

Kenogenini  Mentosaky  became  known  as Marie-Louise  Brunelle  when  she was  baptized  back in Quebec.

You  can see the name  Brunelle  crossed  out by the priest  in the  margin when Marie Dufaut  got  married to Antoine  Truteau.


Plenty  of  information can  be  found  if you  can read French  as I  do…

Antoine and Françoise

Brother  and sister reuniting Rose and  moi.

No pictures, just images from parish  registers  or census pages.



1822 26 mai Onésime Cadieux zoom

I  could go on and on with  all I found about Rose and moi, but I  have invited  Rose as an editor  on my private  Ancestry  tree so she can indulge  in her own ancestors.

Next time, who also has Ojibwe  blood.


You probably haven’t read all I posted yesterday…

This is what will interest  Rose, my new  found  4th  cousin once removed…

1. Marie Dufaut, born about 1774 (Baptism record not found: the curé at Longueuil had been transferred and his temporary replacement failed to keep any sacramental records whatsoever). On 14 January 1799, Marie married Antoine TRUTEAU at St-Mathias, had at least 4 children, and died at Montréal on 11 December 1863 age 89. The marriage record gives the mother’s name as Louise Brunel (see note below re this surname) but does not state where her parents are living. Her parents did not, however, attend the wedding.

To be continued…


Parish registers…

The only way to go…

1786 Étienne Daigle

One of the index pages taken from Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire parish

This could be the last post on the Daigle or Dague family.

It was a draft post I had written before I found Stephen Dague’s real name in this document also taken in the same parish registers.

1830 Étienne Daigle zoom

Draft post

Taken from this…

I don’t have the exact image to show you of the baptism of Étienne Daigle in 1789 who was the father of who I think is Stephen Dague who died in 1923. However we have definite proof of Étienne Daigle Senior’s birthdate: 23 September 1786, on page 25.

1786 Étienne Daigle

But is he “THE” Stephen Dague who had married Margaret LaFrance from Moscow, Quebec?

This message was left on a forum in 2001, and is probably where Judi got her information  about Moscow.

From: Gloria Reynolds
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 7:08 PM


I am trying to find a marriage of Stephen/Etienne Dague and
Margaret/Marguerite LaFrance. They may be from the Moscow, Quebec area.

Had son Stephen/Etienne Dague, b. 2 March 1827.
Family migrated to Vermont in the 1830s.
Thank you for any help. 


I also found this on the Internet…

Étienne Daigle’s parents

  • Étienne Daigle 1759-
  • Charlotte Racicot

Union(s) et enfant(s)

  • Marié le 8 août 1808 , Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, St-Hyacinthe, avec Marguerite Messier dont
  • Jean-Baptiste Daigle

Frères et sœurs

  • Pierre Daigle
  • François Daigle
  • Jean-Baptiste Daigle


  • Union: Dictionnaire historique Drouin

So the search is on again…

End of the draft post.

The search is all but over and I have tried to reach Gloria Reynolds by sending her an e-mail using the e-mail address she left on the forum.

I hope she is still interested.

It has been thirteen long years.