Dowsett’s War – Part 1

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A couple of years ago while watching the late news one evening I caught the TV spot for’s free trial membership. Having had more than just a passing interest in my genealogy and heredity since doing a high-school research project on my family tree, I decided to sign up and look into it.  Little did I know an amazing journey into my family history was awaiting me.Ancestry com

In my mid twenties I had spent considerable time reading about the history of my Scottish ancestry through my father’s side. I knew that my paternal grandfather Robert Hay along with his siblings had come from the Portobello area of Edinburgh and had migrated to Australia with their father in 1926. I also knew that my maternal grandfather Roy Dowsett and his brother Doug had served for Australia in World War II.  Beyond that, I knew nothing substantive about either side of…

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Time flies…

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Still active, but on my other blogs. I will only write from now on when someone wants to share old pictures or need my help with his or her ancestors.

band of brothers

Band of brothers

I don’t intend to reach a thousand posts just to reach that goal.

I never intended to write that much in the first place.

The Samuel LaGasse's family

Guess I got carried away.


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