A Little Virtual visit to Verner, Ontario…

I have never set foot in Verner, Ontario.

To be honest the only time I came across that name was with this obituary card back in 2008.

Mélina is my great-grandaunt. She is the sister of Léon Sauvé my great-grandfather.

Léon Sauvé

Since I was knee-deep searching for my Lagacé lineage back in 2008 I never searched for Mélina Sauvé’s descendants.

I only posted this picture on the French version of this blog to show how important it was to keep old pictures and not to throw them in the gargage.

The Binette family

 It took more than 4 years for someone to contact me and to finally figure out who were in this family picture taken around 1907.

Hilaire Binette and Mélina Sauvé were easy to identify so were the two boys, Hormisdas and Saül. Since Hormidas Binette was older I figured the boy on the left was Saül Binette.

The young women were harder. Lydia was 20 in 1907 so  figured she was in the middle of the second row.

I figured right!

She’s the grandmother of the person who contacted me last week and who sent me pictures of Lydia validating everything.

Who are the other two young women? I know they must be Aurore and Adiana (Diana). Since they were about the same age it’s hard to tell which is which.

What I do know though is that Aurore Binette married Raphaël Giroux and that Adiana Binette (Marie-Diana) married Omer Beaulieu.

I also know about two more sisters, Marie-Josephte and Rosanna.

Rosanna Binette married Joseph Legault in 1899 and Marie-Josephte Binette married Adélard St-Onge in 1903. Adélard St-Onge was a widower. He was married to Palmire Demers. Marie-Josephte Binette later remarried in 1944 with Évangéliste Dicaire.

These two sisters are not in this picture.

Who is Aurore and who is Diana?

Well I went for a little virtual trip to Verner, Ontario to find out.

I found this picture.

And I found a whole lot more, so come back next time…

24 thoughts on “A Little Virtual visit to Verner, Ontario…

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m a granddaughter of Saül Binette and I was wondering about my family since I don’t have access to the family book anymore (lost it during the parents separation). Again, thank you for sharing!

    Brenda Binette

  2. Hi there Brenda & Pierre (who I haven’t talked to in a while) and any other of my relatives receiving this blog. My name is Judy Barrette-Flint and I am descended from Grandmother Ledia Selvia Binette (4th from left in the picture of the family), daughter of Antoine Hilaire & Melina (Sauve) Binette–my Grand Uncle Saul’s parents. I have quite a bit of info right now (thanks to info supplied by Pierre Lagace and others) that I am working with, but am also willing to share whatever I have.

    • Hi Judy,

      Brenda wrote a comment.
      I will publish an article tomorrow, then I will wait and see.
      As always I keep things confidential.



    • Hi
      My husband was Hormidas Binette’s son who was Lydia Binette Barette’s brother. Do you have info and photos you could share.
      Hoping to hear from you,

      • Pierre: Can you give my email address to Brenda & Rachel so that we can connect directly. It would be nice to have some more contacts in that part of the family. We visited the Lavigne cemetery (just down the road from Verner–didn’t get to Verner cemetery unfortunately) last year and it is administrated by one of the Binettes, but I haven’t been able to contact her.

  3. Hilaire Binette had another son Leon. He was married to Marie Anne Beaulieu. She was Omer Beaulieu’s sister.

    • Born 22 Jun 1885 in East Hawkesbury, Prescott, Ontario, from information I found.

      19 January 1914, Sacré-Coeur, Sturgeon Falls, Ontario

    • Marie Anne and Omer Beaulieu are cousins of mine. If I can be of help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      • Asking Pierre to send me your email Carmel–I think we might be able to help each other out (I have some pics of Omer Beaulieu family)


  4. Pierre and others: Did you know that Rachel Binette played a part in the OurOntario.ca posting of all those wonderful Binette family pictures and the transcriptions of the Birth/Death/Marriage Info from Lavigne area churches?
    She was/is a member of the West Nipissing Genealogy Group.
    This lady is a volunteer extraordinaire!
    Glad she married into the family!


  5. I am 55 and remember visiting my grandmother and talking French in Verner. Seems to me that language is forever lost.
    Daniel Leonard, grandson of Laura Anna Lanthier (rue Verchere, Verner), son of Jeannette Lanthier, daughter of Albert Lanthier.

    • Bonjour Daniel,

      Do you want me to look for your ancestors? Do you have any pictures to share?
      Albert Lanthier married Laure-Anna Legault April 14, 1910 in Cache-Bay, Nipissing County.
      We could start from there and go back in time.


  6. I am forwarding a Family Report for Adelard P. Lanthier & Emilia Binette of Ste Anne de Prescott, Ontario to Pierre. Emilia was a niece of Hilaire Binette who married Melina Sauve (my G Grandparents). This might be a Lanthier connection for you……..some of their children may have moved to Verner [where Hilaire & Melina (Sauve) Binette lived at least for time–also just down the road in Lavigne, Ontario]. I don’t have a ton of info on this family yet, but what I have you are free to access. I used to visit Verner when I was very small but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to speak French (my Dad was French and spoke the language but Mum was English and we didn’t live near any french-speaking relatives so we could learn the language….I always regret that).

    Hope this can be of some assistance!


    • I have approved your comment.
      I hope someone sees it.
      I did a quick search on Google and found your message on a forum.

      I am also a decendent and very interested , I received this information, Caoline Desforge and OSIAS Laurin we’re my great grand-parents, They 11 children
      LIZA LAURIN…18-02-1905 PERRONVILLE, MICH. DIED IN STURGEON FALLS 20-10-1963 My grand-mother
      Irene Laurin 17-11-1907 Pernnonville Mich.
      Alice Laurin 24-07-1912 Perronville, Mich
      Alphonse Laurin 18-06-1912 Verner, on,Canada
      Ida Laurin, Rolana, Rose, Eva, Oscar, Therese, Aline we’re all born in Verner, Ontario, Canada

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