Elphege Lagasse

A photocopy shared in 2010…

Elphege Lagasse

Elphège Lagassé

A picture shared in 2012…

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

August 2016…

My updated file on Elphège after a descendant wrote me.

Elphege Lagasse

I believe Elphège is on that picture.

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

More to come?

See you in September…

I wonder where all this will lead us to…?

Hercule Poirot

Je me demande bien où tout ceci va nous mener…?

You tell me because I haven’t the faintest clue…

The old woman in black with the glasses?

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

The woman in black next to Valeda Forand behind the two little boys?

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

Not the two little boys because I have talked about them on this blog as well as their father Frobe Lagasse on the extreme right in the first rwo.

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

Everything is on the blog.

file Frobe Lagasse

The man in the second row on the right behind the woman with a white blouse?

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

I thought you’d never asked!

Elphege Lagasse

Elphege Lagasse

Who’s Who?

Who’s who on this picture?

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

You have to start with this one.

Blanche and Edward

Edward Robitaille, his mother Blanche Lagasse,
his maternal grandmother Valeda Forand,

and his great-grandmother Philomène Lussier

Hercule Poirot

I wonder where all this will lead us to…?

Let’s roll!

That’s the problem…

Getting all excited with a picture of someone you knew all about but had no one else to share all this excitement with.

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

Let’s roll!

Now if I can only calm down just a little until next week…

Hercule Poirot

It will be difficile you know…


That’s one reason I write this blog…

Comments left on it after I post something.


Another reason is how it’s fast to react to a comment.

Fran reacted to this picture I just posted on Our Ancestors…

Adolphe Pierre Lagassé


This is the only picture I had of Pierre Adolphe Lagassé, Frobe’s father.

Adolphe Lagasse

His new found descendant will share more of what he has, and I will share it if he allows me to do it on this blog.

Sharing is another reason I write Our Ancestors.

Fran is another…

Descendants of Pierre Lagassé and Marcelline David

Very few people know they are descendants of Pierre Lagassé and Marcelline David.

I am not one of them…

Strange isn’t to have searched for these people’s descendants since 2009?

Blanche and Edward

Blanche Lagasse is holding her son Edward Louis Robitaille born in 1921. Her mother Valéda Forand is behind her. The other women is Philomène Lussier,  Valéda’s mother.

Not much interesting unless you know who these people are on a picture dated around 1922…

Who was Edward Louis Robitaille?

Edward Louis Robitaille

Find a Grave

Here’s Edward with his sister Dolly.

Edward and Dolly

Dolly and Edward

Here’s Dolly with her father Louis Robitaille.

Dolly and Louis Robitaille

This is Louis’ father…


Jerry Robitaille

This is my file on Blanche Lagasse.

Blanche Lagasse's file

Blanche’s father was Frobe Lagasse.

Here’s Frobe with his family.

Frobe Lagasse's family

Blanche, Frobe, Laurent, Joseph Norman, Valéda Forand

Blanche is the little girl on the left. Blanche, born March 15, 1902, left this world on January 9, 2002.

But did she really leave us?

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

Blanche in the summer of 1903 with her mother Valeda Forand holding her…

Birds of a feather flock together…Remember?

I know I might be very hard to follow sometimes.

Poirot at the beach

Effectivement Monsieur Lagacé vous êtes dur à suivre…

Birds of a feather flock together…?


On a beach…?

At the beach 2

at the beach

In census pages…?

In 1880, Joseph Langevin and his wife Cordelie were listed on a census page…

Joseph Langevin, 30 years-old, was a carpenter born in Canada. His father and mother were also born there. Cordelie, who was also 30, was keeping house and was taking care of Cordelia and Regina.

The census tells us that both these little girls were born in Rhode Island.

1880 Joseph Langevin and Cordelie Cadieux

My little grey cells began working again as usual when I saw the name Joseph Cadieux as the next door neighbour.

1880 Joseph Langevin and Cordelie Cadieux with neighbours

Could he have been Cordelie’s brother?

And what was his wife Armeline’s maiden name?

And who was the little boy Athanase 5 months-old born in January?

So many questions!

But the other neighbour Nazaire Bessette had all the answers!

Nazaire Bessette

Nazaire Bessette was married to Osithe Lanoue.

Both are now resting in peace with two daughters Azilda and Delia…

headstone Nazaire Bessette

Nazaire’s mother was Théotiste Cadieux, the sister of Étienne Cadieux. That I know.

They were both children of Laurent Cadieux and Catherine Gilbert.

Laurent Cadieux

I found an Étienne Cadieux listed as the father of a Joseph Cadieux in the 1891 Canadian census. This Étienne Cadieux was living with his son Joseph. Joseph Cadieux’s wife was Hermeline with their son Athanase 11 years-old.

1891 Étienne Cadieux and his son Joseph mod

I had found the missing links.


Hermeline was Hermeline Bessette, Nazaire’s daughter.

file Hermeline Bessette

Cordelie Cadieux, wife of Joseph Langevin, was the daughter of Étienne Cadieux and Marie Jasmin married 27 February 1843 in Marieville, Quebec.

file of Cordelie Cadieux 1850

I was not able to find Cordelie Cadieux in the 1852 Canadian census, nor in the 1861 or the 1871 Canadian censuses. Étienne Cadieux and Marie Jasmin probably emigrated to the United States in the 1840s.

That I will never know for sure…

What I am sure though is that Étienne Cadieux, 65 years-old, was a boarder in 1885 in someone’s family…

Étienne Cadieux as a boarder 65

and had also a son named Étienne married to Catherine Desmarais…

1900 census Étienne Cadieux and Catherine Desmarais

1910 Étienne Cadieux and Catherine Desmarais

This search for “dead people” could go forever you know…

Find A Grave Étienne Cadieux

Find a Grave

How many ancestors do you have?

Very interesting…

The Wild Peak

Many of us are interested in where our families come from as well as who our ancestors were. What and where are our ‘roots’? Some of you might even have researched your genealogy or family history. Yet have you ever seriously considered how many direct ancestors you really have? Obviously it’s a lot, but how many? You might have even heard statements to the effect that all Europeans are descendants of Charlemagne in the eighth century or that all people of English ancestry are descended from 86% of the people living in England at the time of William the Conqueror almost a thousand years ago. If you live in North America and have English or European ancestors the same questions apply. Indeed wherever you live and whatever your ethnic ancestry the questions of descent and ancestry are the same. This short article attempts, in a non-mathematical way, to answer or at…

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Genealogy is much more than just searching for dead people…

People in fact die when nobody remembers them by. This is one reason we place headstones to remember them like this one…

headstone Nazaire Bessette

I try hard to remember all my ancestors. I try even harder when I look for strangers’ ancestors like Cordelia Cadieux. I am sure I have found  who she was.

A second cousin four times removed.

file of Cordelie Cadieux 1850

Call it luck if you want, I call it presumption.

I have  used  a  lot of presumption in this  mission starting by who were listed  on that census  page taken from a census done in 1880.

1880 Joseph Langevin and Cordelie Cadieux

Joseph Langevin, his wife Cordelie, their two daughters Cordelia and Regina, the people I presume François is looking  for.

Having no marriage certificate to know who were the parents of Joseph Langevin and Cordelie Cadieux, I tried to find some clues by looking at who were their neighbours especially Joseph Cadieux and Nazaire Bessette…

1880 Joseph Langevin and Cordelie Cadieux with neighbours

Remember Birds of a feather flock together?

Poirot at the beach

Of course, je m’en souviens très bien Monsieur Lagacé…

This headstone was what led me among other clues to Cordelie Cadieux’s ancestors.

headstone Nazaire Bessette

Find a Grave

Nazaire Bessette

My Ancestry file on Nazaire Bessette

group sheet Nazaire Bessette