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Written in January 2011.


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Have you started digging for old pictures…?

You should because they are not going to be around forever you know…

Remember this one?

Does not mean much to you…

But there is a story behind this photograph and this one also…

It’s about little Simonne. She’s the little girl on her father’s lap.

Venance Paiement died in 1918 and Rosina was left with eight children to care for.


Rosina was Rosina Quesnel. She is the one responsible for helping Cassandra with some of her ancestors.

François Quesnel et Élisabeth Chrétien

Saül Binette’s brother

Hormidas Binette was Saül’s brother.

Hormidas is the little boy on the right in this old picture my aunt Evelyne had in her plastic grocery bags back in 2007.

Five years later, while searching for more information, I found this Website that had some pictures of Hormidas.

I just typed in Binette and the floodgates opened.

We had pictures of Hormidas and a whole lot of information about him.

Hormidas survived the war and had descendants to remember him.

Saül Binette

Saül Binette is not famous.


He is just a father with his little daughter Cécile and his wife Rosa Beauparlant.


This is Saül Binette again with his wife Rosa Beauparlant.


Here Saül is seen with his brother Hormisdas. Hormisdas is on the right in the first row.

That’s what I like about Saül. I like to talk about ordinary people on this blog.

Some people search for ancestors who are famous. They go on the Internet and type their names.

I don’t.

I mostly work with old pictures like this one…

The man is Honoré Sauvé with his wife Julie Leroux. They are my maternal great-great-grandparents.

Not famous people. They are also Saül Binette’s grandparents and now newly found Brenda’s great-great-grandparents.

Thank you for sharing! I’m a granddaughter of Saül Binette and I was wondering about my family since I don’t have access to the family book anymore (lost it during the parents separation). Again, thank you for sharing!

Brenda Binette

I don’t believe Brenda has a copy.

This picture, probably taken in the late 1890s, was part of a bunch of old pictures in two plastic grocery bags that my aunt Evelyne had stashed away in her closet.

I just had to share that bunch of old pictures with everyone.

Share I did since 2009. This article is No. 285!

Now, go on Google and just type Saül Binette. Of course some links are just there to get some traffic.

I don’t care much about getting traffic on my blog. I just enjoy genealogy,  writing about it and sharing what I found.



I don’t like it when bloggers just click on the Like button just to get some traffic on their blogs…

A Mind-boggling Blog

I think we can safely assume that this blog is A Mind-boggling Blog without telling you everything of what people have shared with me.

Linking people with their past and with their memories using pictures I have collected since 2007.

Honoré Sauvé with his wife Julie Leroux

Looking at old pictures through new eyes…

Looking at this picture of my great-great-grandparents back in 2007 was enough to get me addicted to genealogy.

This picture of the Binette family  is enough to keep my new found 3rd cousin’s addiction going for a long long time as she tries to piece together all of her childhood memories.

Every picture tells a story, sometimes happy, and sometimes sad…

There is no need to say more.

Can you imagine…

Can you imagine finding a distant cousin who knows all about some of your ancestors and who writes about them in French and in English?

Well you can stop imagining.

This is no April fools’ last day.

This is a true story!

A proud descendant of Honoré Sauvé and Julie Leroux wrote a message on my Ancestry site last week.

Honoré Sauvé and his wife Julie Leroux

She is the first one to write me about my maternal great-great-grandparents and she found herself a new distant cousin… 

Hey Mom… When I grow older I will write blogs!

and a whole lot of new ancestors to go around.

Pierre Lagacé is a descendant of Honoré Sauvé who is a descendant of Pierre Sauvé and Marie-Renée Michel Michaud who are the ancestors of all the Sauvés, Sauves, Sauvies, Sovies,… in America.

Click here to visit a Website dedicated to the Sauvé lineage.

You won’t find Honoré Sauvé in history books nor Pierre Sauvé for that matter.

This is why I write a lot about my ancestors on my blog.

– Honoré my dear… You are so famous now!
– Famous? Wait till he talks about your ancestor Anne-Marie Von Seck!

I started writing about Honoré on the French version of this blog about genealogy back in 2008.

Click here if you can read French.

My aunt Evelyne had two precious plastic grocery bags full of old pictures. I scanned them all.

I scanned the pictures… Not the grocery bags…  This one was of course in the precious plastic grocery bags.

It was enough to get addicted to genealogy.

I then started writing about these pictures and I used this next photo for one of the first articles.

The Binette family from Sainte-Justine-de-Newton.

It was the only group picture in my aunt’s collection. This photo is interesting because it was the first time I had tried to identify who the people were.

I told myself back in 2008 that it might help someone down the road.

Mélina Sauvé was the easiest to identify… She was the daughter of Honoré and Julie.

Hilaire, even with his beard, was child’s play…

Their children were harder to identify though.

I had to rely on the Canadian censuses even though they are not that reliable. 

Four years later…

All this research has borne fruit.

Next time, who are the children?

Don’t believe all that you see…

On genealogy websites…

I am sure Ron would agree with me on this. We have to double even triple check everything just to be dead sure…

Bill, my new found 7th cousin, will be digging now for more of his roots here in Quebec.

But he must beware.

He has started his family tree on Ancestry a few weeks ago and got a little mixed-up.

That’s normal.

You will find the God, the Bad and the Ugly not only on Ancestry but on all similar sites.

This is what I just found on Ancestry. It’s a hint they gave me… on  François Sauvé, Pierre Sauvé’s father.


François Sauvé did not die in 1737 at the age of 115.

His son Pierre Sauvé did…

God rests his soul. 

François Sauvé, and his wife Marie Malleret for that matter, never set foot in New France.

So when you start looking for your roots…

Beware not to stumble on a tree stump or run into a tree.

Also don’t buy any coat of arms for the Sauvé family tree either. 

It does not exist.

Some bears out there in the woods are only for your money…

Case closed

Bill Sauve has finally found his roots.

The info he gave me in another e-mail is correct except for a few details.

He can now start his quest for other ancestors one of which is Salomé Sauvé who is Joseph Sauvé’s wife, or start finding his ancestors on his mother’s side.

Bill is just starting…

He does not know what lies ahead.

Case closed? I would not bet on this.

Just ask Ron Depatie.

Another Sauvé found his roots

Ron will be glad to read this…

Thank you,

I thought I was nuts…
I am Wilfred George, son of Wilfred Fabien, grandson of George Augustus, and great grandson of Joseph Fabien,  and of course great great grandson of who else?

Joseph SAUVE…

I came across your website looking for George Augustus info. 

I’ve been lost in a sea of Josephs and Maries on Ancestory.com  for about four weeks.  I’m still not sure I have it straight yet, but I think so. 

I missed a Joseph and had to re-do my family.  I’m back as far as I can go now in  France c1535…

Ron will be happy to know that this Fabien guy is the one who married Sophranie André’s sister…

Fabien Sauvé married three times.

I know all about George Wilfred’s ancestors and I invited him to my Ancestry family tree.

I am not sure if he has it right though yet with all these Josephs and Maries.

Meet Eddy

I just received permission from Eddy’s daughters to write about their dad.

Eddy Dubois

I know Eddy Dubois is up there with Larry and talking about the good old times. I know Eddy was very fond of his brother who died on December 18, 1944 in a plane crash.

Starting every Monday, I will write a series of articles to pay homage to someone I never met personnaly but who shared a lot of his memories with a distant cousin.

As Sharon wrote…

Pierre, you have our permission (Eddy’s Daughters) to write about our family or use his photos or info in your blogs and writings.

Thank you for this article.

My Dad would have loved it.