Family photo – Take 3

Old photos talk to us if we listen closely…

Back again with this beautiful family photo.

Family Photo

Steve had this note.

Back row is Arthur and Mary Ann Lagasse

Middle row is Joseph and Hannah Mills

Kids – Florence, Eva, Marion, Mabel and Vivian Lagasse

Woman on right in the back row listed as Lisa.

Who was Lisa?

Hercule Poirot

In the 1910 U.S. census Liza is listed as Arthur Lagasse’s sister-in-law. So Liza is Mary Ann Mills’ sister.

On the same census page Mary Ann is said to have had 10 children with 9 still living. We see five children on this photo.

Family Photo

Where are the others? Simple they were not born yet.

On this photo Marion can’t be there since she was born in 1910. The little girl instead is Gladys Marguerite born on July 25th, 1901. This would mean that the photo was taken late autumn 1902 since Gladys looks to be about one and a half years-old.

Arthur and Mary Ann had more children after.

George Elmer Lagasse born 1903 and who died in 1975.
Blanche M Lagasse born in 1905–
Arthur Edgar LaGasse born in 1907 and who died in 1979.
Marion A Lagasse born in 1910 and who died in 2003.

George would marry Margaret K Rightly…

Arthur Edgar would marry Margaret Montieth…

Marion would marry twice. Once with William Boyce Junior and…





Family photo – Take 2

Steve was sharing this beautiful family photo yesterday.

Family Photo

He had added this note.

Back row is Arthur and Mary Ann Lagasse

Middle row is Joseph and Hannah Mills

Kids – Florence, Eva, Marion, Mabel and Vivian Lagasse

Woman on right in the back row listed as Lisa.

Steve has his grandmother’s photo album and he will be sharing some old photos on Our Ancestors. Seeing Arthur and Mary Ann once more was proof they were really Arthur Lagacé (Lagasse) and Mary Ann Mills.

Arthur Lagacé and Mary Ann Mills

But were the other people properly identified by Steve’s grandmother? And who was Lisa?

Stay tuned…

Hercule Poirot



Family photo

Steve is sharing this beautiful family photo.

Family Photo

He added this note.

Back row is Arthur and Mary Ann Lagasse

Middle row is Joseph and Hannah Mills

Kids – Florence, Eva, Marion, Mabel and Vivian Lagasse

Woman on right in the back row listed as Lisa.

About this other family photo?

the Alexandre family

I have asked for someone to help me dating that photo.

15 April 2012 – Got the go-ahead

Frances wrote me this morning about this photo I had posted in 2012.

Written 8 years ago…

I just got the go-ahead to tell you more about this picture I posted last week…

young man 1

Yes you can pass on the pictures and info. Maybe someone will be able to identify someone in the group photo. If the photo dates to about 1880 the older couple could be David Alexandre and his wife, Marguerite Marchand.

 Thank you and enjoy.

I never post anything without asking permission first. This is the group picture I was waiting to show you.

The picture that I had posted last week is Jean-Baptiste Alexandre.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre 1862-1936

He was known as John Alexander, son of John Alexander and Philomene Lagasse. This is his father and mother with his three sisters, Myra, Agnes and Helen, and most probably the two children of Helen.

How do I know? Here is one of the pictures I was holding up also.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre

Same man. Here is the group photo once again.

At first glance I don’t recognize anyone not even Jean-Baptiste Alexandre.

It took us two years to find the identity of young man 1. Maybe someone down the road will help us find who these people are. The only clue is that the person who gave us this picture said this was the Alexandre family.

Next time I will tell you more about Jean-Baptiste Alexandre who married twice and had 18 children.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre aka young man 1

I told Frances I was going to get my little brain cells working again…

Hercule Poirot

13 December 2019 – George Lagasse Undertaker… in Massachusetts in 1909

Written on December 13, 2009 and how a research can evolve 10 years later.

As I told you before, I found a lot of ancestors and descendants of the Lagacé family. Some Lagacés went to the United States and changed their name to Lagasse. Most were the descendants of Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David.

Who was Pierre Lagacé?

He was the son of Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé and Ursule Cordeau dit Deslauriers. Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David had a lot of children:




Marie-Anne Émilie








Maybe more because at that time women were expected by the Church to bear a child every year!

I will start with Adolphe whom I never met of course.

I know he was born on March 14, 1851 in Notre-Dame-de-Standbridge, Missiquoi, Québec, Canada. He was christened at Notre-Dame-des-Anges church. Adolphe married Mélanie Berthiaume on August 22, 1873 in Bedford, Missisquoi, Québec, Canada. They were married in St-Damien church.

I found at least four children :

Click for a larger view





I had already found Frobe and Alice.

Frobe married Valéda Forand and Alice married Olivier Caron. This information was found on the Internet quite a long time ago during my research on my ancestors.

But I found Eva and George only this morning on the Mormons’ site. Eva married Rodolphe Le Clair and George married Élizabeth Roy. George is listed as being an undertaker.

The Mormons’ site has images of Massachusetts marriages and we can find a lot of information. While I was adding these new files on my Heritage site, I found a match. Bob LaGasse has the same people. I wrote him several times but he never replied to my messages. Maybe someday he will read this blog and figure out who this Pierre Lagacé amateur genealogist is.

On the other hand, it would be great if you found your ancestors as you are reading this…

Next time I will talk about Frobe Lagasse.

So this is how it all started back in 2009 searching for my roots, and how I was able to share all my research with descendants of Pierre Adolphe and his son Frobe.

Blanche, Frobe, Laurent, Joseph Norman, Valéda Forand


Eva’s parents

This is Eva who is another first cousin of Alyce.

Steve reached out for me two weeks ago on Ancestry as it seemed we had some common ancestors. Our common ancestor is Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé seen on Eva’s family tree on the extreme right.

Eva Lagasse's tree

I know all about my great-great-great-grandfather Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé born on September 22, 1797 in Kamouraska, Kamouraska county, in Québec, Canada. He was baptised the same day under conditions. This meant people were not sure he would survive.

It took me 12 years to find one of Eva’s descendants and it was worth the wait.

These are Eva’s parents. 

Arthur Lagacé and Mary Ann Mills

On the left is Arthur Joseph Lagacé and on the right is his wife Mary Ann Mills. What struck me is the proud and calm look of Arthur, and the gentle look of Mary Ann.

Arthur was born on March 20, 1874 and baptised two days later.

Here is a list of his siblings that I had found a long, long time ago. 

Arthur's siblings

I wrote a lot about Frobe Lagasse and Marie Alice Emeline Lagasse on Our Ancestors.

A few months ago I found this on Ancestry. It was a photo of Arthur’s father with Arthur’s uncles. I got all excited and just had to write about who was who.


This is a close-up view of Pierre-Adolphe Lagasse, Arthur’s father.


On September 22, 2010 this is what Pierre-Adolphe looked like on my Ancestry family tree.

Adolphe Lagasse

Then on August 23, 2016 a descendant of Pierre-Adolphe shared this.

Adolphe Pierre Lagassé

Sometimes I’m going to make fun of the fact that some people wonder if they’re distant cousins of Emeril Lagasse…



It’s quite normal to look for famous people in our extended family and you shouldn’t be offended by my sense of humor.

On Our Ancestors everyone is famous.


I don’t have a photo of Mélanie Berthiaume, Arthur’s mother. I wish I had one to show you. Maybe in 10 years from now someone will share some old pictures of people he or she has and have no idea who they are.

Until then, please stay safe.

Stalking Emeril?

I don’t know if Emeril Lagasse is famous enough to have people stalking him.


I know I have never been in such a predicament even though I have been writing about our ancestors since 2009. I figured cooking is more important than genealogy unless you stumble upon this blog and start to get all excited about old pictures you once thought putting in the garbage…

So what about Emeril Lagasse and how are you related to him? You will have to come back later because I am busy as a bee right now with Steve who has been sharing all he knows about his ancestors…

Next time on Our Ancestors, all you wanted to know about Eva Lagasse, but you did not know who to ask for help.

Hello Pierre! My name is Steve. I wanted to reach out as it seems we have some common ancestors and I saw that you are looking to find information on descendants in the United States.

Eva Lagasse's tree

Genealogy is a never-ending search and correction of information found – Rosalie Lagace

This is post No. 1547.

Alyce still has to comment on post No. 1546 after her comment on post 1544.

Ok friend I’m hooked. Who are those people who are my first cousins? 

Lagace sisters

Maybe Dennis and I have found Alyce another cousin.

But then maybe not.

It’s the intriguing case of little Rosalie Lagace Dennis has been working on feverishly this week. There was this little girl age 1 year, 7 months and 3 days old who died of whooping cough in 1886. The parents listed are Joseph Lagace and Seraphine. The parents address is County St. the same street where Joseph Lagasse and Salomé Pollender were living in 1885.

One thing for sure is that Victor Alfred Willis was the son of Joseph Lagacé and Salomé Pollender. The proof is on the left of this table Dennis has made. 

birth records

The problem Dennis and I were facing was that Rosalie could not have been 19 months-old in 1886 because she would have been born 20 days after Willis. Dennis made this other table where children were conceived and born.

Table for Rosalie

If Rosalie is in fact Alyce’s cousin, then the only explanation is two-fold… well three-fold.

The clerk relied on information that was wrong as relayed by the informant in the case of Rosalie’s death.

Or the clerk might have been hard of hearing.

Or the informant was having problem with his elocution since he had no teeth.

As I told Dennis in my last message…

There always will be brick walls Dennis.That’s the fun part of genealogy. At least you have uncovered Auguste’s past and found a distant cousin addicted to genealogy.

I will officially declare on my tree that Rosalie was Joseph and Salomé’s daughter.

Joseph Lagacé and Salomé Polender