The January Pause – The man on the left…

Pierre Lagasse and Stanislas Lagasse

So many Pierre Lagacés on this blog isn’t Pierre?

The man on the left is my great-granduncle Pierre Lagacé. We will call him Pierre Lagacé 1844 since he was born in 1844. The man on the right is my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé. We will call him Stanislas 1842 since he was born in 1842. He would later become Dennis Lagasse or Lagassey when he moved to the United States in 1889.

I had found my great-granduncle Pierre Lagacé 1844 long after I had found a Pierre Lagacé who was born in 1825. This Pierre Lagacé was the brother of my great-great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé born in 1816. He was Stanislas 1842’s father. So let’s call him Stanislas 1816.

Your ancestors and mine can be quite confusing when they have the same given names. This is why I will often use their birthyears to not confuse my readers. Alyce was quite confused last time in two early morning comments. She thought Pierre 1844 was her great-grandfather Pierre 1825.


Wow wow wow … that’s a picture of Pierre Lagacé who is my great-grandfather. And your great-grandfather’s brother? Do I finally have our relatedness correct? Are there any other pictures of him….?

Then 5 minutes later…

Oops. Confused again… you say that’s Pierre Lagacé in the picture but it’s Pierre Lagasse who marries Marcelline. They are the same? How / why the name change?

Why am I telling you all this about Pierre 1844?

Because Pierre 1844 did something heroic on June 25th 1914 that would ever changed the lives of some children playing on Battery street in Burlington, Vermont.

I think it’s worth writing about it during my January pause…

Maybe now I know where this photo was taken.

Pierre Lagasse and Stanislas Lagasse
See you on Groundhog Day.

The January Pause

Sometimes you need to pause when you have received so many gifts and start reflecting on those 91 gifts sent by Susan…