A Jazz Age Baby

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Envisioning The American Dream

Vintage photo baby 1926 A Bastille Day Baby 1926

In 1926 while flaming youth roared and thousands mourned the death of  Rudolph Valentino, my grandparents, Sadie and Arthur were overjoyed at the birth of their second daughter, Betty, my mother.

A beloved Bastille Day baby, this jazz age babe would have turned 90 today.

Life Magazine July 1, 1926 Life Magazine July 1, 1926

Smack dab in the middle of the roaring twenties, eight years had passed since the end of the Great war and Americans were ready for fun. Our president, Silent Cal was keeping mum as  the economy skyrocketed. Consuming goods as never before, folks were running down to Florida in get-rich-quick schemes, while Miss Texas Guineas, the boop-boop-de-doop speakeasy girl beckoned us “to live it up.”

There was no better time to be born.

Betty would be the beneficiary of modern science and technology providing a safer and  cleaner world than the previous generation. Worries about…

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Why are we searching for our ancestors?

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I am always thinking about stopping you know.

Why are we searching for our ancestors?

To link past generations to future generations…

At least this is what I have been doing since 2008, first on Nos ancêtres, a blog written in French, then this one you are reading right now.

I always reflect upon what I am doing here writing post after post after post on “dead” people.

Just linking past generations to present generations so they will in turn share what they know to future generations…

The problem is getting the right ancestors which is  not  always easy.


The first guest post

This is post No. 1079. I have written 1078 posts since September 2009. This is the first guest post on Our Ancestors.

There is always a  first time… 


There is a great mystery in our family, whom none have been able to solve: Who is the mother of Martha Dano Jackley?

Because Martha married into the Jackly/Jackley family in 1866, all Jackleys doing genealogy have exhausted themselves trying to solve this puzzle. Add to this the variant phonetic transcriptions, errors in transcribing hand-written census, birth and other Canadian records from so long ago, and we are all worn out with this quest. (We are sure that Martha’s father was John Dano, 1809 – 1875; birth in Canada; death 8 June 1875 in Lanesborough, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA.)

The photograph of Martha’s possible mother has an inscription on the back: “Great-great Grandma Dano”. There is no other information. This photograph is in the possession of a “Jackley” relative who was born in 1895. She might have been born between 1810 – 1820.

All the Jackley relatives would be so very grateful if someone could solve the mystery of Martha Dano’s heritage.

Thank you, and Profound Blessings!

Jody Neff (Largo, Florida, USA)



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How to search this blog?

Use the search button on the right to look for someone’s name among more than 1100 posts I wrote about our ancestors.

Dennis Lagasse II

Stanislas Lagacé aka Dennis Lagassee II

Use the comment section or this contact form to write me.

Still looking you know…

For distant  cousins since 2009…

I am a granddaughter of Odna Lagasse Ritchie. She passed in 1983 (sadly). Not sure of the Redux name, though. I am Susan Varhol Beger, 62 years old today and, though I live retired in South Carolina, was born and raised in Connecticut. The picture shown is not Odna. It may be one of her sisters though. I was known to have looked just like her. Also, she had 3 sons and 3 daughters, my mom being the middle daughter. I think the info indicated only 2 sons. The sons were William, Robert and Francis. William and Robert were both lost in WWII. The daughters were Helen Ritchie Arel, Irene Ritchie Varhol, and Doris Ritchie Decker, all deceased.

Odna & Frank 1913

Odna  Lagasse  and Frank  Ritchie  

Odna and Frank 1941

Donna pictures 5

Odna Lagasse  Ritchie  1893-1983

Hi Gary…

I wonder if Gary is still following the blog?

Scholastique Lauzon

Our Ancestors

Hi Gary,

I have tried to send a second invitation using Ancestry.
I don’t know if the system sent you the invite.
Usually the system will send me an e-mail telling me the person I invited has accepted.

I am not that closely related to the Neveus.
Some of these people’s ancestors come from where I live right now.

Family  of Joseph Girard and Léocadie Neveu

How I came to add them in my family tree is a long long story that I have written on my blog Our Ancestors.

First post…


That blog was created to reach out for descendants of people having ancestors who lived in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines.

Crazy idea isn’t?

Not that crazy.


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Old pictures have always fascinated me… I am just waiting  for  permission  to post  one.

Our Ancestors

Edited 23 December 2020

Who’s excited?

Cynthia was not the only one who was excited.

Robin was also excited…

I am anxious too for her, its been awhile since the Bleau family has been searched by someone, great job Pierre for keeping this blog going, we all appreciate all your hard work.

Hard work?

This is fun…

Going back in times is what I like the most and finding links between people and me. Bringing our ancestors to life again and interact with them with pictures if we can find them.

Someone else wrote me a message, this time on Ancestry. She is a descendant of Scholastique Lauzon and Maxime Neveu seen here in a family picture.

Family  of Joseph Girard and Léocadie Neveu

The message says a lot about excitement…

Hello Pierre, my name is [ ], Scholastique Lauzon Neveau is great great grandmother. Her husband Maxime, their son Leander, his son Roy, [], my mother…

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