September 1 (est.), 911 A Different Normandy Story

Very interesting. article.
In my search for my ancestors I had stumbled on a lineage that traced back one of my ancestors to Rollo.

This is the post I wrote in 2015.

People had linked Georges de Quesnel and Charlotte Malvoue to Rollo…
Guess what?
In a 1879 book, it is written Georges never fathered any children.

Since then no one has contradicted me. However it is more than possible that the Quesnels might be descendants of Vikings.

Today in History

The warlike men who sailed their longboats out of the north tormented the coastal UK and northwestern Europe, ever since their first appearance at LindisfarneMonastery in 793.

These “Norsemen” (“Normans”), attacked Paris early in 911. By July they were holding Rollothe nearby town of Chartres under siege. Normans had burned the place to the ground back in 858 and would probably have done so again, but for their defeat at the battle of Chartres on July 20.

Even in defeat, these people presented a formidable threat. The Frankish King approached them with a solution.

King Charles III, known as “Charles the Simple” after his plain, straightforward ways, proposed to give the Normans the region from the English Channel to the river Seine. It would be the Duchy of Normandy, some of the finest farmlands in northwest Europe, and it would be theirs in exchange for an oath of loyalty…

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Dead Ends?

I had a lot of dead ends since 2007 when I started getting interested in genealogy.

This dead end was one of the many reasons behind Our Ancestors.

She was known in 2010 as “unknown young woman Bristol late 1890s”.

If you look closely at my header on Our Ancestors you will see her again. You will not be surprised if this is post number 1216 on my blog. The story of Myra Alexandre (or Myra Alexander) is all over on this blog, created in September 2009, as well as her sister Flavie Alexandre Lestage and a whole lot more!

When someone shared these pictures in 2010, I just had to write about this unknown young woman whom at first I thought was my grandaunt Malvina Lagasse, sister of the elusive Dennis Lagasse.

Boy was I dead wrong.

I had also reached a dead end with descendants of Robert Lagasse, the son of Joseph Miller Lagasse and Edwina Newcity, whom I had found in the 1900 U.S. census.

His parents were on the previous page.

Joseph was also one of the brothers of the elusive Dennis…

That was all that I knew about Joseph Miller Lagasse and his son Robert Lagasse. Then someone found Our Ancestors and started to share his wife’s old pictures.

This one of Robert Miller…

He also sent this one and, as he put it, it was about an unknown young man…

and about an unknown old man with Dorothy Miller…

At first I thought I was looking my great-grandfather Stanislas (the elusive Dennis).

Wrong again.


Finally I figured it all out…

Dorothy was with her grandfather Joseph Miller Lagasse, father of Robert Miller seen here with his wife Gertrude May Barrett and two of their granddaughters, Dorothy and Gertrude Miller.

Dead ends?


The surname Mignier dit L’Agacé evolved through the years and varied a lot… Mignier, Minier, Meunier (which means Miller in English) to Lagassé, Lagassée, Lagacé, Lagasse, Lagassee, Lagassey…

Want more variations?

Just write me…


Dead Ends

We’ve all been there haven’t we?


If you are into genealogy, you will at some time or another hit a dead end. It is just a fact that dead ends are a part of this hobby, and they are frustrating. However, you will want to have strategies that will help you to get over, around, or through these dead end obstacles in your family searches. The following are a few tips that may help you when you run into a dead end and keep you from totally pulling your hair out. Though these tips will not solve all your problems, they should be able to get your through some of your obstacles and back on the genealogical research trail.


Another strategy for overcoming your genealogical dead end is to go back over everything you have already done.


This picture was by no means a dead end when Alyce sent it.

I knew Idala Lagasse was there with Olivine Poupard although I didn’t know her last name in 2010.

What was bothering me again yesterday was when precisely that picture had been taken, and trying to finally figure out who was there.

I got my answer yesterday on a census page.

In 1920, Olivine Poupard was living with her daughter Livida and her son-in-law Ernest Cloutier.

I have learned last month where Idala Lagasse was living in 1920, and what he did for a living as well as his children Samuel, Antoine, and Florence. His son David, 13, was not working.

This got me thinking again about the “1921” picture I had  used  a  lot on Our Ancestors.

Idala Lagasse had five sons: Antoine, Samuel, David, George, and Rudy.

David, Samuel
George, Rudy, and Antoine

Rudy, David,
George, Antoine, and Samuel

I was sure about Antoine who was next to Eugene Moreau sitting on the stairs right under his father-in-law Idala.

Olivine Poupard was sitting on the porch with Samuel (but still not 100% sure that’s Samuel). Eugene Moreau’s wife was Idala’s daughter Rose Marie-Louise. The two little girls were Alice and Beatrice Moreau respectively 4 and a half and 6 and a half years old.

I had always thought David Lagasse was in front with the dog, but since Rudy was the youngest son and the boy was wearing overalls that would make sense…

There was still one unidentified young man on that picture.


You shouldn’t be. 

Could the unidentified man be Olivine’s son, Arthur E. Giroux, born August 3rd, 1898 in New Bedford, Massachusetts?

Revisiting the Past – Redux

This should have been posted as a sequel to the Martell story. I forgot to change the publication date when pressing the publish button. It got posted in July instead of today.

Honest mistake…

There is a sequel to all this so you will understand the reason I am going back on this story of Olivine who was just a given name in 2010. It’s all about making mistakes when you are searching for ancestors.

In 2010, Alyce and I met through the Internet. We were third cousins but we did not know that at the time. How we met is quite an incredible voyage through time. Alyce had left a message in 2000 on a genealogy forum. I answered back but I never thought that she would reply

She did!

Since then, together we made many many people happy through our mutual interest for preserving the past. This is by far one of my favorite pictures from her collection of old pictures she once thought throwing away since she had no idea who were these people if I remember correctly.

I could write a lot about who’s who on that picture.

In fact I did just that except for one person on that 1921 picture who is sitting on the chair. Olivine, Idala Lagasse’s second wife.

In 2010 we only had her first name and a few pictures, but then in 2015, a reader of Nos ancêtres, the French version of Our Ancestors found my blog…

She had her surname…


Olivine Poupard – LifeStory

Idala Antoine Lagasse – LifeStory


The Bridesmaid? – Delia Rose Martel

A descendant had the answer… and he left a comment.

The unknown woman in Archie and Anna Quesnell’s wedding photo is Delia Rose Martel, John and Anna’s sister.

John Martel and Delia Rose Martel
Anna Martel and Archie Quesnel

This is Delia Rose’s memorial on Find a Grave.

I wish I had more pictures of Delia Rose and her husband Roy L. Owen.

This is what I have for Roy…

I have linked them both for descendants who would one day search Find a Grave.

I will even post Delia Rose’s picture.

Like I did for Mary Masta and her husband Joseph Martel.