How far does the Quesnel family tree go?

Ten years ago I wrote this post on Our Ancestors. Creating Our Ancestors was meant to link up with distant relatives elsewhere in the world. I knew that most of them would be descendants of immigrants who left Quebec to settle in the United States. Little by little I found distant relatives who shared stories but mostly old pictures. With their permission I wrote about their ancestors and shared what old photos they had. Lately I was contacted by two people, one related to the Quesnel family and the other one related to the Sauvé family. In 2011 I wanted to write about my grandmother Rosina Quesnel who died on February 4, 1955. I should have posted this last week as a reminder.


I did not intend to write more than one article a week on this blog. I had postponed talking about my Quesnel roots after my articles on Eddy Dubois. This is the article I posted sometime ago… Click here. Rosina Quesnel is my maternal grandmother, and as many people looking for their roots, I found […]

How far does the Quesnel family tree go?