To paraphrase a baseball movie: If you write it, they will come.

I wrote this seven years ago. Well I think it was seven years ago. I will have to check. I have learned a lot since 2007 when I got addicted to genealogy. I never meant to go on a mission to find lost ancestors, but it happened anyway.

I shall return with this beautiful group photo taken in April or May 1916. Now this is what I had written on Boxing Day…

Boxing Day at last!

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas like the Arther Myers’ family back in the 50s.

Arther and Rose 2

A few years ago I was contacted by a descendant of the Myers family. Jason had shared many dozens of old photos of Arther Myers and Rosealina Larose’s family.

These happy people will forever live in our hearts. This is why I have been writing so much about people even if I am not closely related to them.

A reader once commented…

If you write it, they will come.

I could not have said it better. These pictures were taken on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day. Just look at the Christmas tree on the right of Rosealina.

Arther and Rose 4

Rosealina is wearing the same dress and Arther has the same tie on this picture.

Arther and Rose 2

Merry Christmas!

I wonder which Christmas it was? Maybe there was a caption at the back.

Here it’s easier to date this picture.

Arther and Rose 1

50 years after

Arther and Rosealina married on April 22, 1907, so this picture was taken on April 22, 1957, give or take a few days.

Here’s a picture where Rosealina is a little more serious and looks a little younger.

Arther and Rose 5

Arther looks like the quiet type. Old pictures talk a lot you know. This is why they are so important to keep them. They remind us of people we loved so much when they are not around anymore.

Arther died on August 4th, 1959. Rosealina rejoined him on June 21, 1969. I am sure they had a happy life and had happy beautiful children.

This is what I found.

    Joseph Arther Hormidas Myers 1908-1986
    Alice Sophrinie Myers 1910-1999
    Paul A. Myers 1912-1979
    Irene Myers 1916-1999
    Beatrice Rose Myers 1919-2010
    Ernest Edward Myers 1921-1983
    Agnes B. Myers  1925-

Some are seen on this picture taken on the same Christmas day. Same tie, same dress, same happy people.

Arther and Rose 3   

Merry Christmas everyone!

Have you started digging for old pictures…?

This post was written more than 9 years ago.

You should because they are not going to be around forever you know…

Remember this one I had posted?

Does not mean much to you…

But there is a story behind this photograph and this one also…

It’s about little Simonne. She’s the little girl on her father’s lap.

Venance Paiement, the father on the left, died in 1918 and Rosina Quesnel was left with eight children to care for.

End of post

This is how I started to write about my maternal grandmother Rosina Quesnel’s ancestor Antoine Quesnel. Writing about Rosina Quesnel was how I was contacted by Amy who then shared pictures of her ancestors and brought them from the grave.

So anytime you want to know more about the Quesnels, just write a comment below.

Until then…

Meet Florence Alvord on this mysterious old photo.

Florence Alvord Ellis



Geraldine Sorel – Redux II

Our Ancestors is about preserving the past for future generations.

Laura just wrote a comment about Geraldine Sorel. Geraldine is her grandmother. 

Hello, I am Geraldine’s granddaughter. I am interested in who might be doing this research.

In 2015 I had written once more about Geraldine Sorel in a post that was first written in 2013.

Laura’s comment rekindled my interest about Geraldine Sorel and how I came about to write about her.

This is the original post with the sequel written after.


Geraldine seems be have been the only child of Ernest Sorel (Sorell) and Amelia Alexandre (Alexander).


I don’t have a picture of Geraldine, but I know there are some out there. I have found the family in the 1940 U.S. Census now available online. Geraldine is 16.

1940 Ernest Sorel

There is a remote chance I will find some descendants of Amelia and Ernest. On April 3, 1940, Ernest Sorel (Earnest Sorel) was living at 211 Lafayette Street in New Britain, Hartford, Connecticut. He was an assistant foreman in a hardware factory. Ernest was born in Cambridge, Ontario, on August 2, 1891.

I know all about Ernest Sorel’s ancestors.

This information is now laying dormant…

One day it will blossom and make someone really happy.


The sequel written in 2015…

I am almost sure this is Caroline Ménard.

wpid-33fe2b6d-acf6-47b0-aea2-93150966943d.jpgShe was Amélia’s mother.


On this picture, the caption is wrong.


It doesn’t matter anymore. There were some wrong captions in the collection of old pictures Robin scanned in 2011, but it doesn’t matter anymore if we are almost sure this is Caroline Ménard.

wpid-33fe2b6d-acf6-47b0-aea2-93150966943d.jpgThe wife of Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II, the son of my great-grandaunt Philomene Lagasse.

1913 Philomene Lagasse

Doesn’t matter a bit…if some captions were wrong.

Mary was the sister of Agnes Alexandre Bleau

Sunday Morning – Post published in 2014… The Little Old Lady from… St-Norbert

Getting back to our normal scheduling for now…

Who was this little old lady on an old photo?

The answer was posted in 2014. So this is a reprint of what I had written. It was about who had shared old photos, and I feel it’s important to share it once more.


Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne with her son Adélard Turcotte (Wilcox)
from the collection of Jason West

It was Jason West who sent me lots of old photos. Senior’s moment, but since I have about 10 000 old pictures…

Jason West knew everything about her.

Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne with Exeurie Myers
Collection Jason West

The old lady could not have been a next door neighbor, or Exeurie’s second wife, because he never remarried. The old lady sitting beside Exeurie Myers had then to be related to the Turcottes (Wilcoxes).

But how?

I knew all about Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne and I even knew where she was born… even before I met Jason on the Internet.

Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne was from St-Norbert, Quebec, a little village west of Berthierville where the famous Formula 1 racer Gilles Villeneuve grew up…

Collection Pierre Lagacé

End of reprint

The Little Old Lady from St-Norbert was Exeurie Myers’ sister-in-law. Exeurie or Xavier Myers was married to Sophranie Beaugrand dit Champagne.

Exeurie Myers and Sophronie Champagne

Collection Jason West


There is an anecdote related to this.

Last month I met a man who was hauling bales of hay. As he was passing by I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back, and stopped his truck and said.

Are we going to have such a nice weather for long?

I did not know what to reply since I was a bit under the weather.

He said…

We live according to the weather.

Taking about the weather is always a good way to start a conversation. Along the way we started talking about our grandfathers who were both farmers. His grandfather was Philippe Houle who died when he was 46, leaving a widow with 10 children. His wife Cornélie Bonin never remarried…

When I got back home I searched for this family. What I found is that one of this man’s ancestors was Catherine Beaugrand dit Champagne.

The Little Old Lady from St-Norbert was Catherine Beaugrand dit Champagne’s niece!

Tuesday Morning – Remember?


I wrote a post five years ago on Our Ancestors. It was about a never-ending story that had started with a visit to a cemetery. If it had not been for my third cousin Joe telling me about a headstone I had not noticed, this never-ending story would have never been told on this never-ending blog...


Do you remember how this never-ending story first started? A headstone I almost missed.

Agnes Lagasse

Agnes Lagaser (Lagasse) had married Julien Myers whose brother was François-Xavier (Exeurie) Myers seen here with Irene Wilcox (Turcotte).

Irene Wilcox and Exeurie Myers

This picture belonged to Jason West.

He had so many pictures he shared with me!

Take a look…


And with so many names written in the back to help me find how all these names are linked to our ancestors.

If old pictures could talk…

I still have no idea who these women are. I have heard from Sandy which led me to ponder…

Hi Pierre

Photo dates early 1890s.  They didn’t smile because of bad teeth.  And maybe…….they just bought their new hats and had to have a photo of themselves in them. Lol. They are all dressed up right down to the gloves and purses!

Great photo.  I love the hats.


Could the woman on the left be my great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre born in 1845 and who died in 1907? And the woman on the right be her best friend?

Or the other way around?

Or not related at all?

This is Joe’s great-great-grandmother Marguerite Alexandre. She is Henriette’s sister?

Any resemblance?

Marguerite Alexandre, sister of Henriette Alexandre and Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Senior

probably sisters

Update – You tell me…

Written 5 years ago when Patricia first wrote me…

I have always wanted to understand how someone could put a little boy in an orphanage and never see him again. The “whys” of it continue to haunt me.When he died, I promised myself I would try to find out his story and until now had hit brick walls.


Is this young child Francis Joseph Malloy, the father of Patricia?

picture of a young child - Adams, Massachusetts

You tell me…

Francis J Malloy

Francis Joseph Malloy
U.S. Coast Guard WWII
Aleutian Islands

Quonset hut in the background

montage Francis Joseph Malloy

Francis was born in 1909 and was put in an orphanage in 1914. He never knew why. Patricia wanted to know why because Francis Malloy’s parents had more children after him.

I have always wanted to understand how someone could put a little boy in an orphanage and never see him again. The “whys” of it continue to haunt me.When he died, I promised myself I would try to find out his story and until now had hit brick walls.

This little child’s picture was part of Joe’s collection of old pictures. I did not pay too much attention to it since there was no caption. The only clue is the photographer… Parsons – Adams, Mass.

Francis was born there!

These are more pictures from Joe’s collection.

I am sure these people are related somehow to Francis.

The problem is how?

I Got Carried Away – Redux

Written more than 5 years ago when I first met a lot of 8th cousins….

I know I did, but someone asked for our help on Facebook.

Bob Barrette created a Facebook page about the Lagasse Family. Bob and I met virtually on the Internet a few years ago. We are distant cousins but we share the same passion for our ancestors.

To make a long story short, someone posted a message and he added this old picture…

Joseph LaGasa

That was enough to trigger my obsession for old pictures and other people’s ancestors.

Little did I know that Bob Barrette had all the answers to this request.

I wanted to see if anyone knew how my family connects to Andre or Michel Mignier. I know that my 4 Great Grandfather is Mitchel Lagasse and his father was John Lagasse. There were many names changes coming into the US. I know that my GG Grandfather changed our name when he moved to Seattle. Joseph LaGasa and James LaGasa. Our family did a lot here is Seattle. Can tell more later.

Let’s say I got carried away a little.

To be continued…


Sometimes a comment goes a long way.

And LaGasa and Lagasa. Part of the challenge . . .


To be continued…