Brick walls… Nazaire Perron

Sometimes we get them. In fact almost all the time when looking for lost ancestors. My first brick wall was in 2007 while searching for my paternal grandfather. I knew almost nothing except he once lived in Connecticut. I had a few photos…

My grandfather with my father and my uncle Marcel in a wheelchair.

My grandfather mortuary card…

I knew of course he was born in 1888, but I had no idea where he was born. I knew he was married to my grandmother Juliette Metayer of course, but I could not find any marriage act.

Little did I know back in 2007 that Léo and Juliette were never married!

That brick wall crumpled when someone helped me by sending this death certificate.

I had his mother’s name… H. Alexandre.

With this information I could find a marriage certificate in a genealogy database, but with a different bride’s name.

Maria Landry…!

I will spare you all the details, but Maria’s brother eventually kicked my grandfather out of St-Hyacinthe in the 1920s. The Landry family had never heard of my grandfather again until his grandson (that’s me) visited Maria’s nephew in 2009.

Although Antonio Landry never met my grandfather, he told me all about my grandfather’s antics he had heard from his family.

Antonio Landry
It is then I started writing about my grandfather on this blog. I wanted to find lost relatives and maybe lend a helping hand.

Hi Pierre
I am currently researching the Perron Family from Chicopee, Massachusetts. I have reached a brick wall with Nazaire Perron married to Celeste Demers. You have them in your tree but with no parents. Do you know any more about them?


Which brings me to brick walls, Nazaire Perron, and why I have him in my family tree on Ancestry even if he is only the father-in-law of a first cousin twice removed.

To be continued…