Célestine Sauvé

I don’t have a photo to show you of Célestine Sauvé. I wish I had one.

Célestine Sauvé was a devout person. That’s what Lucie told me in an email she sent after she first made contact by writing a comment on Our Ancestors about a closed case.

Célestine Sauvé and her children had built a shrine.

This is what Lucie wrote me.

Célestine and her children built a shrine to the Virgin Mary and it still stands today. They were an extremely devout family and probably prayed for a better life for all of them. That was not to be. On February 18, 1921, Ovide Neveu passed away (he was only 24!), leaving the elderly mother, two sons and two daughters to keep the farm going. Dominique was the only one to marry and naturally he had to fend for his own family. Célestine sold the big farm and purchased a much smaller one, 50 acres, one that she could handle with her son Edmond and daughters Fabiana and Antonia.

The shrine must have been quite something back then. It is in ill repair now as the attached picture shows; you probably can’t make it out, but it says Notre-Dame de Caledonia Springs at the top. People stopped by frequently, including some who prayed for their sick family members to recover from various ailments. Some expressed an urgent need for respite, so Célestine took their sick ones in. She and her daughters cared for them, fed then nutritious food fresh from their garden, and perhaps even made them drink the various types of water from the springs. I am quite sure they prayed a lot. So fresh air, calm surroundings and good care may well have had a positive effect on some of those sick people. The rumors about some recoveries started; the folks around here claimed miracles were occurring on Ritchance Road… I think not.

Célestine rests in peace with her husband and three of her children: Ovide, Edmond and Antonia.

Zotique Neveu, Célestine’s husband, was related to the Neveu family who emigrated to the United States. Lucie is now in the process of finding more about them, so in a sense, a case is never closed on Our Ancestors.