Jeremiah Provost – Take Three

I have not heard back from the reader who had asked me about Jeremiah Provost.

I had found everything about Jeremiah and his parents, and I wanted to share more of what I had found.

Jeremiah Provost, son of William Provost and Sophronie Messier, was most probably baptized Jérémie. He was born December 9, 1872. He was the nephew of Flavie Provost seen here.

Flavie Provost was the wife of Napoleon Alexandre who was my great-granduncle. This great-granduncle was the brother of my great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre who could be the woman on the left.


At first I thought Flavie Provost was on the right which had led me to dig a little deeper in that family.

To be continued?


There were some positive results yesterday with some of Dennis’ negatives.

His father…

His grandfather Napoleon Levi…

His grand-aunt Ida Lagasse (second on the right) with probably Odna one of her sisters…

Ida is most probably in her late teens which would date this photo around 1910.