Sitting and Waiting

That’s what’s this blog about genealogy is all about…

Sitting and waiting.

But sometimes I make things happen.

Just like when I posted this picture last week.

I never thought I would find all the information I found.

Sometimes people stumble on my blog and they write a comment.

Just like this comment on one of my other blogs. This blog is about a RCAF bomber squadron stationed in Tholthorpe during the war. What is special about that squadron was that it was the first French-Canadian squadron in the RCAF.

It’s still is 70 years later.

I started writing a blog about RCAF No. 425 Alouette Squadron in 2010. Then I met some veterans who were willing to share what memories, photos and artefacts they had.

Last week, the daughter of this pilot stumbled on my blog.

Her father had died in 1973. It was 39 years ago the day before the anniversary of his death that she found all those pictures I had of her father.

I wrote this article with all the pictures I had. It’s in French, but I know you will understand the message.

Click here.

Louise (Blanchard) Vezina died October 4, 1923

If you are reading my blog for the first time, then you have to go back in time and read this article first and then proceed from there… If you don’t, it’s like watching the last 5 minutes of a great movie classic.


I don’t think that the person who posted that picture will mind if I post it. I have not heard from her or him.

Here is the picture I was talking about.

I found it on this site.

The caption reads…

Left to Right: Sarah (1880 – 1966) and Louise Blanchard (1886 – 1920),
Daughters of Zore/Laura (LaPlant) and Victor Blanchard

Picture was taken in North Adams, Massachusetts

Property of Marion Lawrence

I had told myself this week… Why wait for someone to contact me? Make it happen.

I went on a wild goose chase on Google.

And this is what I found.

Click here.

This is some precious information:

Louise (Blanchard) Vezina died October 4, 1923. She married J. Jean Batiste Raoul Vezina on October 7, 1907, son of Joseph Oliver Vezina and Marie Hermine (Paiment) Vezina.

More About Louise (Blanchard) Vezina and J. Jean Batiste Raoul Vezina:
Marriage: October 7, 1907

Children of Louise (Blanchard) Vezina and J. Jean Batiste Raoul Vezina are:

Armand Vezina, b. August 18, 1908.
Lionell Vezina, b. December 29, 1909.
Emile Vezina, b. February 25, 1911.
Raoul Vezina, b. August 22, 1914.
Louise Vezina, b. August 20, 1917.
Lawrence Vezina, b. September 5, 1923.

You can’t make this up.

So now I know much more than just her given name Marie.

Marie-Louise Blanchard died one month after she gave birth to Lawrence on September 5th, 1923. Little Lawrence never saw his mother’s face. Raoul would remarried on June 8, 1925 with Helen Paiement.

I think I know who Helen was, but that’s another story. Raoul fathered three more children: Gloria, Robert and Rosemary.

I wonder if Fran is reading all this… It would make a great classic movie.

What she does not know is that I did not make this up. I knew nothing about this couple when I first started writing about it on Monday.

Honest to God! You can’t make this up.

Now I hope someone is reading all this. I will be sitting and waiting.

Left to Right: Sarah (1880 – 1966) and Louise Blanchard (1886 – 1920),
Daughters of Zore/Laura (LaPlant) and Victor Blanchard

Picture was taken in North Adams, Massachusetts

Property of Marion Lawrence

I know the date of Louise’s death does not match, but that’s beside the point isn’t?

Marie-Louise as a child


If you are reading my blog for the first time, then you have to go back in time and read this article first and then proceed from there… If you don’t, it’s like watching only the last 5 minutes of a great classic movie.


I have found a picture on the Internet of Marie-Louise Blanchard as a child.

I am waiting for permission to post it in my next article.

I think I could post it, but I prefer to ask first.

I will keep you posted as soon as I get a reply from the e-mail I sent yesterday.

Marie-Louise Blanchard

If you are reading my blog for the first time, then you have to go back in time and read this article first and then proceed from there… If you don’t, it’s like watching only the last 5 minutes of a great classic movie.


I told you I had this feeling yesterday.

Would your great-grandmother’s or your grandmother’s name be Marie-Louise Blanchard? Would your great-grandfather’s or your grandfather’s name be Raoul J. Vezina?

Are you related to their children that I had found back in 2007?

Armand Vézina 1908 –
Lionel Vézina 1909 –
Émile Vézina 1911 – 1928
Raoul Vézina 1914 –
Louise Vézina 1918 –

If you are, then you’re in for a big surprise.


9 October, 1907, Springfield, Massachusetts

This is your great-grandparents’ or your grandparents’ wedding picture, and this is your great-grandfather’s or grandfather’s picture when he was young.

They could be also your great-great-grandparents.

This is a family picture supposedly taken in 1927 with Joseph Olivier Vezina your ancestor.

He is wearing the long overall.

The woman next to him is Josephine, his third wife, because Hermine Paiement, his second wife died in 1916. He was first married to Églantine Farmer.

I know a lot don’t I? It’s because I dig a lot…

This is Hermine’s mortuary card.

Want more?

Want to know Raoul’s occupation?


His birthdate?

February 9, 1884.

His father’s occupation in 1900?


When did Raoul died? I am not sure about this one. Probably in January 1967.

I found a lot, but that’s not the point I want to make.

The point is finding relatives to be able to share all these pictures  just like I did with Fran.

So we will have to wait for someone to Google something like Raoul Vézina on the Internet and hope they find this blog someday.

Next time, how this great movie ends.

The Time is Right

If you are reading my blog for the first time, then you have to go back in time and read this article first and then proceed from there… If you don’t, it’s like watching only the last 5 minutes of a great classic movie.


I hope Fran has been reading my blog since Monday. I have not heard from her since last weekend.

She probably never heard about Raoul Vézina.

Try Googling that on the Internet.

I had this picture since July 2007.

I think the time is right to show it.

Raoul Vézina was the son of Herminie Paiement.

At least I think so.

This is a younger Raoul.

Same hair do.

This is a family picture taken probably in Springfield, Massachusetts.

This is the original.

A Chrismas card sent in 1927 to someone in Ste-Marthe in Vaudreuil County in the province of Quebec.

I know this is not Christmas time, but I just wanted to put a smile on Fran’s face if she is reading this.

Before I leave, one more thing about Raoul… I did not do a lot of research on that family back in 2007 when I first scanned them.

What I know was put on my Ancestry site.

Now, the time is right to go looking for those people’s descendants in the U.S.  Of course I am going to start looking for Marie’s surname.

Something is telling me I won’t have any problem.

Family Guy

If you are reading my blog for the first time, then you have to go back in time and read this article first and then proceed from there… If you don’t, it’s like watching only the last 5 minutes of a great classic movie.


I don’t watch much television these days. Well, in fact, I have not been watching television a lot since 2007 when my brother brought me some old pictures to scan. I had no idea who those people were.

Speaking of television, my family watches this TV program and they seem to enjoy it.

I don’t enjoy that kind of humor, but I don’t mind others watching it.

I am more of an “extended” family guy since 2007 when I started searching for my roots. It all started with a lot of pictures my aunt had, especially this one.

Honoré Sauvé

Now I know how you call these kind of pictures…

They are called cabinet cards. I didn’t back in 2007.

I have come a long way since 2007 haven’t I?

Me in 1954 on Mentana street in Montreal

My mother had written in the back of the old picture père du grand-père (grandfather’s father). I am sure about the source since it was my mother’s handwriting. 

I figured that if that man was her grandfather’s father then he had to be my great-great-grandfather Honoré Sauvé, and the woman beside him had to be his wife and she had to be my great-great-grandmother.

Strolling along…

I went on searching for her name which I easily found of course.

Julie Leroux.

I also found out that one of Julie’s direct ancestors was Anne-Marie Von Zeigt whose father, Christian Von Zeigt, was a cavalry captain in Hamburg, Germany. Anne-Marie was a Fille du Roy and she had to prostitute herself later in life when her first husband died, and her second maltreated her…

Trotting along…

There was also this other picture my aunt had. It was my mother’s grandfather.

Léon Sauvé

Léon was Honoré’s son. That one was easy to identify.

I don’t have a picture of Léon sitting beside his wife Aldina Paiement with her hand on Léon’s shoulder.

But I have her mortuary card…

Léon Sauvé died in 1918 and Aldina died in 1925. Aldina Paiement Sauvé never remarried.

There was also this picture in the plastic grocery bag full of precious pictures my aunt had. 

The woman on the right looked familiar, but I was not 100% sure who she was for almost four years. I knew who was the woman on the left because I had, you guessed it, her mortuary card.

Hermine was living in Sprinfield, Massachusetts.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because sometimes you can’t be 100% sure when you are searching for your ancestors and distant relatives.

I am not 100% sure, but I believe this is my great-grandmother Aldina Paiement on the right with her sister Hermine.

Aldina looks like my mother.

Getting back to Hermine Paiement, she was married to Joseph Olivier Vézina. She had a lot of children… 16 in all! That info is in the 1900 U.S. Census.

Click on the image

I found out she had three more…

Yvonne Vézina 1904 –
Corinne Vézina 1905 – 1908
Joseph A. D. Vézina 1906 – 1906

Hermine is probably the ancestor you are looking for a picture of.

So this could be the start of a big extended virtual family reunion.

Before I leave…

What’s all this has to do with Marie?

Just that I am an extended family guy and the guy next to Marie is Raoul Vézina, Hermine’s son.

See you tomorrow.

There’s Something About Marie

A great classic movie.

Fran, our new A Team member, is going to love this.

It’s not about this Mary…

It’s about this Marie.

Fran might not be related to this Marie. I am about 100% sure about that. But then again I might be wrong and she could be related.

I only know this bride by her first name: Marie. That’s the little information I had on her back in 2007.

Enticed to visit again my blog next time and read all about Marie? I know someone who will.

100% sure!

Caroline Ménard

This is the only picture we have of Caroline…

No, it’s not the only one.

I have this one also…

These documents are precious for all the information they contain.

Being French-Canadian, it’s quite easy to read them like the baptisimal certificate of little Caroline.

Caroline was born on November 26, 1863. Zéphirin Ménard was her father and Rose Therrien was her mother.

With this information we can go back in time and find Caroline’s Ménard ancestors.

The marriage act has much more information with the names of the groom’s and the bride’s parents, and those of the witnesses.

Caroline Ménard married Jean-Baptiste Alexandre. We have a lot of pictures of Jean-Baptiste Alexandre thanks to Sandy in 2010 and Robin in 2011.

Sandy had this one… Young man 1.

With Robin’s pictures and someone who found my blog and shared what pictures he had, we have managed to identify Jean-Baptiste.

Jean-Baptiste married twice and had 18 children with his two wives. Caroline Ménard died in 1895 when she gave birth to her 8th child. Jean-Baptiste remarried.

For many of her descendants, Caroline Ménard is a complete stranger just like young man 1 was in 2010.

I know that one day, someone will send me a picture of Caroline, and I will share it with you.

Speaking of sharing, I have someone else who shared what little information he had last year.

He is Dennis Lagasse IV’s father. I never met Lionel and I will probably never meet him unless I win big at the lottery.

But I can tell you this… Lionel is a very nice person. 

Of course being an avid reader of this blog about genealogy helps…


Last year, around Christmas time, Lionel shared this picture.

Little did he know that the woman standing beside Dennis Lagasse III on the right is Caroline Ménard’s sister Amanda.

Lionel took the time to write some notes that helped me a lot in my search for these Lagasse descendants.

I just want to say how deeply appreciative I am of Lionel taking the time to send me that picture and also this one of Dennis Lagasse II, my great-grandfather, with two of his grandchildren, little Harvey and Mary.

One more thing … Lionel does not know.

I just made him an honorary member of…



Post No. 301.

I was sure you would be coming back for more…

I know who these ordinary people are.

With  this picture and Fran’s help we have finally solved a mystery.

This is Alice  Alexandre with her husband Albert Choinière, and  her sister Amelia Alexandre with her boyfriend Ernest Sorel.

Amelia would marry Ernest a year later in 1915. This picture was scanned last year by Robin. We did not know who they were then.


I have another picture to show you.

Sylvia Bleau, Agnes Alexandre’s daughter, Louis Combe, her husband, her little daughter Sylvia, and… someone identified as aunt Mary.

Here the caption says Mary Alexander, but it’s Amelia again with her husband Ernest Sorel.  She does not look a bit like the real Mary Alexander seen here with her sister Agnes Alexandre in 1922…

Agnes is with her three grandchildren, Louis Jr., Lawrence, and Sylvia Marie. 

In 1922 little did these people know that Agnes would died in 1927.

You already have read the obituary Fran sent me last week didn’t you?

Now every piece of the puzzle falls into place thanks to Fran who is now a full-fledged member of the A-Team.

Caroline’s Daughters

Post No. 300.

Coming back for more…

I hope I did not keep you waiting…

These two beautiful young women are Caroline Ménard’s daughters.

1 June, 1914

It’s Alice Alexandre’s wedding picture. Her sister Amelia is the bridesmaid.

Nothing extraordinary about that, unless you take a closer look at Alice’s and Amelia’s features. Amelia looks a little bit like her father Jean-Baptiste Alexandre.

This is Jean-Baptiste Alexandre known as young man 1 back in  2010.

This is a younger Jean-Baptiste.

This picture was sent by someone a few months ago because he had recognized this next picture Robin had scanned.

He also had this older Jean-Baptiste Alexandre’s portrait.

I figure that Alice looks a lot like her mother Caroline Ménard.

Alice  Alexandre

Nothing extraordinary about that, unless you know that Caroline Ménard died when she gave birth to her 8th child in 1895. She was 32. Amelia was born in 1894 and was the 7th child and Alice was born in 1892 and was the 6th.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre would remarried with Odila Courchesne and fathered 10 more children.

Quite a time travel since 2010! 

When Fran, Alice’s grandchild, told me she had a wedding picture, I first thought there would be a lot of people on it like this picture I have in my collection about another unrelated family.

April 14, 1909


There were only four. But that’s okay because now we know how Caroline Ménard looked like.

Fran told me she did not know who the groomman was.

The face looked very familiar…

I think I found out who he was.

This picture is one of the 100 pictures Robin scanned last year.


Looks familiar?

I know you will come back for more.