When to Stop Searching for Ancestors?

Whenever you feel like it. But it’s hard to resist that temptation to dig deeper and deeper.

Ron DepatieOne reader on the French version of this blog gave us a hand and found some information on Gladys Melanson and on Vera Anita Hiatt, William Melanson Junior’s wife.

Vera married three times.

I sent this information to Ron. I also sent him the information on Gladys and her husband Harry Gray.

This is what my reader found…

Henry Carson-Gray






So when to stop searching for ancestors?

1940 US Census William Melanson

William Melanson draft card

Probably never because you are never sure that what you have found is the right information.

Clara’s Children

Clara would have had four children: William, Freda, Gladys, and Ella.

1911 Clara Doucet

1911 Canadian Census in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Ella Madeleine, born in March 1910, died as an infant. I found that information from two sources.

On the Internet…

The person who wrote this seems to known what he or she is talking about.

Descendants of William MELANSON

1 William MELANSON
b: Bet. 1880 – 1900 in Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Reference #: 18873

.. +Claire Doucet
b: Bet. 1880 – 1900
Reference #: 18871

2 Elfreda Melanson
b: Abt. 1917
Reference #: 18863

…. +Edward Mason
b: Abt. 1915
m: 16 Mar 1937 in St-Enfant Jesus, Montreal, Quebec
Reference #: 18850
Father: Kinick John Mason
Mother: Delia Aubin

2 Gladys Marie Melanson
b: 1907 in Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Reference #: 45559

…. +Henry Gray
b: 1904 in Dartmouth, Halifax, Nova Scotia
m: 10 Jul 1928 in Dartmouth, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Reference #: 45560
Father: James Gray
Mother: Marie Pettipas

2 Ella Madeleine Melanson
b: Mar 1910 in Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
d: 19 Sep 1910 in Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Reference #: 43672

All the above information is correct, except some birthdates.

Next source, the Mormons’ Website… where I found Ella.

Family Search Ella Melanson 1910

Is Ella the daughter of William Melanson Senior and Clara Doucet? Am I on the right track?

I think so.

So many questions still for my good friend Ron.

And what about Gladys who married Henry H. Gray?

Nothing yet…

And the father William Senior?

A clue found in Aberdeen City, North Dakota, in 1920.

1920 William Melanson North Dakota

1920 William Melanson North Dakota mod

William Melanson, lodger, male, white race, 37, married, immigration in 1883 (false information given?), knows how to read and write, born in Nova Scotia, father and mother also born in Nova Scotia…

It’s probably the same man, but we will never be sure unless someone contacts me one of these days.

Maybe a descendant of William Junior Melanson and Vera Anita Hiatt?

What Happened to Junior

Good question…

No easy to track down people with few clues.

William Melanson Junior was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia around 1906.

I was lucky to find him, but I know how to get lucky using the Mormons’ site.

Family Search William Melanson Junior 1924

No image is available of the marriage certificate of  William Melanson, son of William H Melanson and Clara Douett (sic), born in Yarneaut (sic), N.S., Canada.

No doubt about it, he’s our man.

William Melanson, son of William H Melanson and Clara Doucet, born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, married Vera Anita Hiatt on October, 28, 1924 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, in Iowa, U.S.A.

Now, what has become of his father of whom we lose track around 1911?

Another good question.

One Arm

Ron’s maternal grandmother had only one arm.

That’s what Ron remembers of his grandmother.

A one-arm grandmother.

He wants to know what happened to Freda Melanson.

Ron had a few hypotheses and I had to look deeper into those. Could have Freda lost her arm in the 1917 Mont Blanc explosion in Halifax Harbour? One clue is that Gladys, Freda’s sister, was married there in Halifax 1924.

Gladys Melanson, born around 1908 according to the 1911 Canadian census, married Henry H. Gray.

Here’s a look at the 1911 Canadian census.

1911 Clara DoucetClara works in a cotton mill in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. She lives at 7 Argyle Street.

Nice place to live overlooking the Bay of Maine.

7 Argyle Yarmouth, Nova ScotiaBut where is her husband William H Melanson in 1911?

Clara Doucet Melanson is not a widow… the census says M

Did William leave her with the kids?

Where could William be?

Did the death of little Ella Madeleine on September 19, 1910 affect him that much?

So many questions!