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As for Tammy Middleton or other Lagacé, Lagace, Lagasse, Lagassee, LaGasse… descendants…

No news yet.

But I am a very patient person.

I can wait.

I wish you a very Happy New Year and may your favorite (favourite if you live in Canada) football team wins the Super Bowl.

Searching for Emeril Lagasse…

I am a little bit embarrassed.

I did not know who Emeril was.

You don’t know him…?


Emeril John Lagasse (born October 15, 1959) is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, television personality, and cookbook author. A regional James Beard Award winner, he is perhaps most notable for his Food Network shows Emeril Live and Essence of Emeril as well as catchphrases such as “Kick it up a notch!” and “BAM!”

He is a 1978 graduate of Johnson & Wales University’s College of Culinary Arts. The “Emeril Empire” of media, products and restaurants generates an estimated US$150 million annually in revenue.

Source: Wikipedia

I hope Emeril knows all about his roots… Now I do!

Hi Emeril, this is André Mignier…




Click for a larger view to check the noses…


Emeril lost weight so did I.


I found his caricature on the Net.


Are You Tammy Middleton…?

Still searching, I went on the Ancestry’s forum…


My name is Tammy Middleton and one day while my children and I were searching for different things on the net, we found this location and hoped that maybe you could help my children solve their mystery of who they are.

Not much is known from their side of the Lagasse family as most are dead or they no longer live in our state of Virginia and their father left us with no form of contact or link to the Lagasse past.

All I know is that the Lagasses from their side came from Rhode Island. My childrens father’s name is Thomas Earl Lagasse, Jr. and his father was of course Thomas, Sr. and his father was Roy Lagasse.

Roy had another son named David Lagasse, one brother named Earl Lagasse who was living in the Florida area, and one sister named Ester.

If this links with your family or Emeril’s please contact us as my children would dearly love to know about their past and if course if they are related to Emeril.

We love his show and somehow it makes my children feel special as if their name could really mean something instead of just a name in the dark with no past and no future to past on to their children.

Thank you for your time.

Tammy Middleton

I sent Tammy an e-mail but it bounced back…

I can understand why because she posted her message in 2001.

The chances are quite slim that Tammy is right now reading my blog so is Emeril Lagasse…

But who is this Emeril Lagasse anyway?

I have never heard of him…

It just might be my Scorpio rising sign…

I just can’t help it…

I’m a Capricorn with a Scorpio rising sign…

Can’t get more tenacious than that… and it helps a lot when you want to find something.

This is what I found…

Someone posted this image of Ambrose LaGasse’s tombstone.

Flora Roussin is also buried with their son Ambrose who married Viola Smith.

I think this finally closes the book on the Lagacé family.

Should you read this, add a comment below and I will receive a notification.

At least I will know I am not doing all this for nothing…

I wish you a very happy New Year and may 2010 brings you a lot of ancestors.

Click on the image for a larger view

Ambrose Lagasse… Lagassee… Legasse… Lagacé…

Merry Christmas to all the Lagacés no matter how you write your last name.

This might be my final chapter on the Lagacé family but I would not bet on it…

Ambroise or Ambrose was a descendant of Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David.

I found a lot of information about Ambroise last year well before I found information on my ancestors.

This is what I found on him on the Internet…

Ambroise Lagacé was born August 11, 1872 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He died on September 8, 1956, in Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island.

He married Flora Roussin. Flora was born on January 14, 1884, in Hawarstraw, New York. She died on April 23, 1945, in Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island.

In the 1900 census Ambrose or Ambroise was living in Bristol borough, Hartford, Connecticut.

In the 1920 census he was living in Greenwood Village, in Kent, Rhode Island. He was a machinist making screws.

Ambrose and Flora had these children:

Elmore born in or around 1900

Elsie Marcelline born in or around 1901

Roy Delphis born in or around 1909

Earl Henry born in or around 1910

Esther Georgianna born in or around 1912

Ambrose Peter born in or around 1915

Click on the image for  a larger view

If you are related to Ambroise Lagacé write a comment…

I have a strange feeling I will be back tomorrow…

Adolphe Lagacé… Lagace… LaGasse… Lagassé… Final answer

March 14, 1851

Here is the baptism act of Pierre Adolphe Lagassé… He was baptized in Notre-Dame-des-Anges church in Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge in Québec.

I told you that people wrote Lagacé in many different ways.

In the case of Adolphe Lagassé, who became Adolph Lagasse in New Bedford, Massachusetts, his last name is really Lagassé since his father signed his name in the act.

His godfather was Antoine Lagassé, my great-great-great-grandfather. Now that’s great!

As for Alice Lagasse, Adolph’s daughter, I found someone else on the Ancestry forum searching for her.

I wrote that person an e-mail even though she posted the message in 2000.

Better late than never…

See you next time.

Tomorrow is Christmas. I sure hope that person gets my e-mail or that Bob LaGasse writes me.

Idola or Idala Lagacé or Lagasse

If you are not familiar with the Lagacé family, then you must be asking yourself…

What is that crazy canuck talking about?

All the Lagacés are descendants of André Mignier, a French soldier sent by King Louis XIV to protect the Nouvelle-France against the Iroquois.

No… I’m not André Mignier, I’m King Louis XIV

A soldier of the régiment Carignan Salières

Of course André Mignier was not alone to protect la Nouvelle-France… He was part of the régiment Carignan Salières.

After peace was restored in la Nouvelle-France, André stayed here and married une du Fille du Roy. Her name was Jacquette Michel. Jacquette in English is nightgown sort of…

They lived happily ever after and they left numerous descendants.

André Mignier died in Rivière-Ouelle a village in Québec.

Click on the image

Source : http://www.panoramio.com/photo/14531579

One branch of the Lagacé family almost never saw the light of day.

One of André’s descendants, my ancestor Antoine Nicolas Lagacé dit Mignier, had 10 children with his wife Marie-Josephte Corbin dit Lacroix, but only two survived: Antoine and Angèle.

Click to have a better view

Angèle Lagacé married Joseph Chouinard and Antoine married Ursule Cordeau dit Deslauriers.

Antoine and Ursule had six children. Three boys and three girls:

Click to have a better view







Stanislas is my great-great-grandfather while his brother Pierre Lagacé is the one who married Marcelline David.

Pierre and Marcelline are the parents of Idola or Idala Lagacé… Lagasse, Alyce LaGasse’s ancestor…

I do hope Alyce is still alive and well because I am doing all this for her.


Merry Christmas to all specially to my dear friends James in Memphis and Jim in Manitoba and also all the Lagasse… LaGasse… Lagace… in the U.S.

Marcelline David is perhaps your ancestor…

Marcelline David was Pierre Lagacé’s wife.

She was also Adolphe Lagasse’s mother.

She also had these children:



Marie-Anne Émilie








Click on the image for a larger view

She is certainly the ancestor of many Lagasses living in the U.S.

One of them is Alyce LaGasse.

I know that Ambroise Lagasse also went to the States and lived there.

I will post an article on him one day.

While searching for Lagasses, I found this…

This is Marcelline David’s death certificate on the Mormons’ site.

Click on the image it will appear in another window

It says Davies… but it is David.You can trust me on that.

She died of a heart disease.

Her son Adolph Lagasse was the undertaker.

Her father was Hubert David and her mother was Josephte Séguin.

Hubert David married Josephte Séguin in 1815. That’s quite a way back.

Tomorrow… Why is this crazy canuck doing all this…?

Alyce LaGasse

I am still searching for distant relatives…

This is what I found on a forum on the Ancestry site.

It is dated 21 July 2000!


Alyce LaGasse

Posted: 21 Jul 2000 11:19PM

I have no idea where to begin!

My father was David Joseph LaGasse, born May 24, 1906 in New Bedford, MA. I believe that he had six brothers, amoung them were Marc, Sam, maybe a sister Rose Alice… his father was Idala LaGasse. I have never met anyone on that side. My, what a gift to know if there are relatives!

Thank you so much for any information.

Well Alyce, this is it.

Almost ten years later, a distant relative can answer all of your questions about your family tree…

Write me a comment.


Click here.

Blanche Lagasse

I will talk about Idola Lagasse tomorrow because I found this on Ancestry

Click here…

I am looking for ancestors of Louis Robitaille (b. 1902?), husband to Marie Blanche Lagasse (b. 1904?), and father of Edward Robitaille (b. 1922?) and Marie Delores Robitaille (b. 1924).

All four were born in Massachusetts.

According to Census, Louis’ parents were both born in French Canada. In 1920, he was a lodger at a boarding house in New Bedford, MA.

His soon to be wife was the daughter of Frobe Lagasse and Valida M. Forand, the operators of the boarding house.

I have no information on Louis’ parents or family and would like to trace them to Canada.

The problem is that I have no e-mail to tell this person about Frobe Lagasse.

This is Blanche’s file.

Tomorrow I will tell you about Alyce LaGasse… she is searching for her Lagacés ancestors.