Philomène Sauvé or Philomena Sovie…

Philomène Sauvé or Philomena Sovie was Honoré’s favorite niece…

I just feel it in my bones…

Philomène…? She was my favorite niece…

I found her while looking for the children of Joseph Sauvé and Mathilde Leduc.


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But I found much more…

This is the lead I was talking about in my last article.

Two years ago, I met someone on the Internet who also had a passion for genealogy. Ted lives in Nashville, if I remember correctly.

Ted had some Sauvé names in his data bank but not that much. Last week I stumbled on a match on My Heritage site.

There was Ted alright with Philomena Sovie!

There was this note attached to his Philomena’s file…


Letter from Freida Child, a professional researcher I hired to look into our Canadian roots.  The letter is dated 2 Sep 1993.  She traced down the ancestors of Philomena Robillard.  She shows the last name to be Sauve, not Sovie.

Ted has Philomène’s parents but that’s where he was stuck. I sent him a message right away on his My Heritage site but I did not get any answer.

I think his genealogy site is now inactive.

I have to check if I have his personal e-mail and follow that lead.


I found something more about Philomène Sauvé while looking at Ted’s file on her.

Philomène died on December 17, 1899, just one week after her uncle Honoré.

Tomorrow it’s Christmas.

Something good will happen, I can feel it in my bones.


I just found Ted e-mail…and I found other people on My Heritage.

Philomena Sovie is in their data banks with her husband’s name.

Will this story will never stop?

Julie my dear… Your favorite soap opera is on…