Wednesday Morning- Jumping to conclusions

This was shared in 2009 with a few captions…

original picture of the Lagasse family

Original scanned image

East Bristol 1916

Edited version

I had added names in 2013…

Bertha with family in Bristol

I am still not sure about number 17.

How I came about to identify all these people would need another blog, or you would need to read most of my posts on this blog, and get completely confused.

In 2009 I thought number 15 was Amanda Ménard, and I was wondering who was that old lady number 11 with the smile on her face. That was before when, in 2011, Dennis Lagasse IV sent me all these pictures of Amanda Ménard, and I got curious…



It’s easy to get the names wrong with old photos of people who are your distant relatives. The people above were Dennis Lagassey III, his wife Amanda Ménard, and their son Harvey Lagasse with his wife Mae Cox.

This is Mae Cox.


I am sure this is not Mae Cox in Michael’s old photos.


Who could she be? It seems she might be related to Jean-Baptiste Carignan who married four times.

Jumping to conclusions is sometimes the only way to move on…


Tuesday Morning – Michael’s old photos

Well I can’t resist revisiting Michael’s old photos shared in 2015.


Some people might never be identify, but this one was a treasure trove because Malvina, my grandfather’s sister was there looking for something in the back.

I did not know it was her until her granddaughter sent me her grandmother’s wedding picture.

So what is all this leading us to?

Wednesday Morning?

Monday Morning – The more I look…

The more I look at Michael’s old photos, the more I find resemblance with old photos that were shared before by other readers.

This is Paméla Dubé and Napoléon Dubé with their little girl who could be either Antoinette or Catherine. I had written about these photos before and I had found that some captions were inaccurate. The little girl could not be aunt Delima since Paméla and Napoléon did not have any children by that name.

Again the caption above is wrong since this is Paméla Dubé and Napoléon Dubé on their wedding day.

So what about this old photo part of Michael’s collection? Could this be Pamela Dubé and Napoléon Dubé with Catherine since Antoinette died in 1911 and Catherine was born in 1914?

Sunday Morning – Reader’s Comment

Peter commented…

The search never ends. We never know when golden nugget of revelation of a fact will be discovered. It could be in a picture, a long lost official document, a letter(s) found in a box stored for decades in a trunk in a barn or an attic. Sometimes even found in an antique shop hundreds of miles away. So much out there to be found and yes some items will never be found as they were thrown away by someone who didn’t know that golden nuggets they had in their hands.

This is what happened when someone shared a wedding picture last year.


I had found my grandaunt Malvina in Joe’s collection of cabinet cards that I scanned at Joe’s place in 2012.

young woman Bristol

Malvina Lagasse 1878-1930

Little by little finally my old photos had names like this one Dennis Lagasse IV shared. Malvina is second from the right. Some faces were familiar, but no names were attached. My great-grandfather Dennis, Malvina’s father, was there with his moustache and suspenders. His son Dennis III was at the back.


Which brings me to write about two old photos from Michael’s collection. This one first.

11150650_10206792820517042_6799983855134417313_n (1)

The man on the left is Levi Napoleon Lagasse, but the man on the right left me wondering yesterday…

Where did I see that face before? Then I connected the dots with other photos…

He was Joseph Louis Dubé, Malvina’s son.

Malvina was also on this other photo Michael had sent me. My great-grandfather Dennis II was still there. His son Dennis III was on the left in the first row. Malvina was next to her brother Dennis with her head looking in the back.

Next to Malvina was Anna Campbell with her husband Harry Lagasse, Dennis III’s first son.


I have lots of information on Harry, but I still don’t know when he died. What I know however is that Anna Campbell remarried this man in Michael’s collection…

Jean-Baptiste Carignan

He could well be the boy on the left…

Next time more about Michael’s old photos…

Saturday Morning – Michael’s old photos

These are all the photos Michael shared in 2015, and each one has a story to tell.


I don’t know if Michael is still following my endless search for people on Our Ancestors.

Thanks to Michael, people looking for their roots will owe him a lot one day. Michael’s grandmother is Alice Rose Lagasse, Dennis Lagassey III and Amanda Ménard’s daughter. I believe all the photos above are part of Alice’s collection of old photos that she had kept all those years. Old photos are helping us remembering our ancestors.

Alice, who is in front, is seen here with her parents and siblings. Some names were misplaced. Harry is Harvey, Victor is Harry, Harvey is Victor, Gert is Odna, and Odna is Gert. Mary is Amanda.

Trust me, I know!

I am sure Alice did not write those names, but her daughter or her son must have done so. These people are all my first cousins once removed since the man with the hat is my grandfather’s brother.

Our Ancestors was created back in September 2009 in the spur of the moment to share my research and find lost relatives in the U.S.

Ten years later I keep on looking…

Henriette, I think your great-grandson’s readers need a little break…

Friday Morning – Getting addicted to facial recognition

I thought the man on the right might have been related to one of Henriette Alexandre’s brothers since the man on the left was Henriette’s son Dennis Lagassey.

This is what Suzan, one of my readers, has edited.

You know I just had to try an adjustment. I think her features are a little more clear.

It’s easy to get addicted to editing old pictures. All of our ancestors need to be well taken care of. That’s the reason I am trying to identify ancestors on old pictures when I see one.

There is a story behind the original photo. It was sent by Michael who, with my research, found his birthmother as well as her grandmother Alice, and his great-grandparents Dennis Lagassey III and Amanda Ménard. Dennis Lagassey III and Amanda Ménard are seen on the left.

They have to be with two of their relatives.

A few years back Michael found new cousins who had old pictures. He then shared some with me, and I shared them with you. This is Michael’s birthmother Penelope.

Penelope Shirley

And what I think is Penelope when she was a young girl.

montage Penelope and little girl

Getting back to this photo Michael sent…

I thought this week that the woman on the right could have been the lady on the right.

unsmiling women.jpg

The man behind her would have been her husband Napoleon Alexandre, Henriette Alexandre’s brother…

That made sense.

But that hypothesis did not last long as a quick search revealed that Napoleon Alexandre was married to Flavie Provost who died in 1899 in Minnesota.

Or was that hypothesis right on the button, and Flavie Provost was on the photo with my great-grandmother Henriette?

Henriette had no other brother who could have been on a picture taken with his nephew Dennis. Which led me to ponder if the woman could be instead Albina Ménard, Amanda’s sister…

Sometimes you have to stop making hypothesis…

Thursday Morning – Searching my grandfather’s mother since 2008

I have been searching for my paternal great-grandmother’s picture since 2008 when I first learned her name on the death certificate of my grandfather who was born in 1888.

With the name H Alexandre, I was able to go back in time looking at the photo album that my mother had kept.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My grand-father, who died on January 1st, 1964, is seen here with my father Léo Junior, and my uncle Marcel in the wheelchair.

My father was born on August 31st, 1927, and his little brother in 1929. I can date this photo in the summer of 1933, and I believe it was taken in Montreal.

This is a close-up view of my grand-papa.

I see some resemblance in his look with the look of woman on the left.

It is even now more plausible that she is my great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre. Here is another photo of my grand-papa. This one was taken on March 20, 1948 when my parents were married.

A close-up view again reveals some resemblance.

One day I will have definite proof that Henriette Alexandre is really on this old photo.

When I do get the proof, then I will try to find who her best friend was on the right.

Maybe there is a clue here…

Wednesday Morning – This is as close I can get…

Marguerite Alexandre is on the right. Her sister Henriette could be on the left. There is a resemblance looking at some of the facial features. But then I could be completely off track.

probably sisters

Sandy dated this photo in the early 1890s.

unsmiling women.jpg

Henriette would be 45 years-old in 1890, and 50 years-old in 1895. It’s plausible Joe’s collection of old photos would have had a picture of Henriette Alexandre especially when Joe had a photo of her daughter Malvina Lagasse.


This is Malvina on her wedding day. A granddaughter shared it last year.


This is an another daughter of Henriette.

file of Lillie Lagasse

Lillie Lagasse is with her husband Eugène Dubé and two of her children.

mystery family

The bottom part of the face on all three women seems to look similar. For now, this is as close I can get…



If old pictures could talk…

I still have no idea who these women are. I have heard from Sandy which led me to ponder…

Hi Pierre

Photo dates early 1890s.  They didn’t smile because of bad teeth.  And maybe…….they just bought their new hats and had to have a photo of themselves in them. Lol. They are all dressed up right down to the gloves and purses!

Great photo.  I love the hats.


Could the woman on the left be my great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre born in 1845 and who died in 1907? And the woman on the right be her best friend?

Or the other way around?

Or not related at all?

This is Joe’s great-great-grandmother Marguerite Alexandre. She is Henriette’s sister?

Any resemblance?

Marguerite Alexandre, sister of Henriette Alexandre and Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Senior

probably sisters