The more the merrier…

Denis, Odette, and I are teaming up to find everything we can about our common ancestors.

And we are not scared the least bit by that passion for genealogy and old pictures.

What makes us tick?

A deep sense of where we come from and a deep desire to reach back in the past to see where we are going with our lives.

Don’t move Honoré… Watch the birdie…

Honoré Sauvé is my great-great-grandfather.

My aunt Evelyne had two plastic grocery bags full of old pictures of old people whom she did not know a thing about.

Among these pictures was this one of Honoré Sauvé and Julie Leroux.

That was back in July 2007 when my brother visited me and I brought some pictures along. Strangely enough he did not remember where he had gotten them.

Denis saw this same picture two weeks ago on my genealogy site and Denis got all excited. You see Denis has a lot of old pictures of old people also…

He told me mine was beautiful.

He wrote me about it because he knew someone who had Sauvés as her ancestors. He talked about his distant cousin Odette in the United States…

That made me tick and I wanted to know more.

I found that Odette’s ancestor was in fact Joseph Sauvé, Honoré’s brother.

I knew nothing about Joseph except that he was Honoré’s brother.

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Odette has been looking for her roots since 2000.

She knew very little about her Sauvé lineage but she knew about her Sovie lineage… Arthur Sauvé, William Sovie,  Otis E.Sovie and Eileen Katherine Sovie.

Eileen Sovie

I decided in 2008 to write a blog on genealogy, first in French then to write an English version.

I wanted to share what I knew about my roots with others either French or English speaking. Little did I know that, down the road, I would meet Odette Clouthier and Denis Cloutier.

You never can tell who you are going to meet down the road…

Hi Ron, it’s the long and winding road again…