Jerry Robitaille… Take 2

I got this comment last week on my article on Jerry Robitaille…

I just could not believe this…

Sorry, but in this case the Mormon site is incorrect concerning Jerry’s place of birth. He was not born in New Bedford.

According to Massachusetts records, there is no birth for him in the Massachusetts Archives maintained by the Secretary of State.
According to New Bedford records, there is no birth of anyone whose last name starts with the letter R in New Bedford from 1842 to 1848.

However, in the New Bedford Vital Records, Jerry’s birth – as recorded on his gravestone in New Bedford – was March 15, 1846.
He is buried at Rural Cemetery in New Bedford, but that does not mean that he was born in the city.

His GAR record, preserved at the New Bedford Free Public Library and based on information that he provided when he enrolled in the local GAR post in 1894, states that he was born in Canada and came to New York about 1863, shortly before he enlisted.

He is one of the few persons of French or French-Canadian origin to have fought in the Civil War and to have a link to New Bedford. That itself makes him noteworthy!

Jerry Robitaille