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Merry Christmas Redux

I just got curious and I had to look at what I wrote last year for Christmas. Who in his or her right mind would click on all the links on that post?

Who in his or her right mind would write that much on other people’s ancestors? I am sure all these people I found along the way searching for my roots would understand, and I am sure they don’t read all that I wrote on this blog.

You don’t have to.

image001Merry Christmas

Alyce LaGasse where ever you are right now…

Peter Smith where ever you are right now between Asia and Little Snoring…

George Stewart in Hamilton.

Thinkingshift somewhere between NZ and God only knows…

Koji in beautiful sunny Hawaii…

Pacificparatropper in South Florida

Chatter Blog…

Paul D. and La Wanda in NC… 

Joe T. and Lise in Connecticut…

Frank Archambeault in Connecticut…

Sandy L. in Massachusetts…

Robin on the West Coast…

James in Memphis, Tennessee…

Ron Depatie in Ontario who is still addicted to this blog… and wants to know about some of his maternal ancestors…

Marylin Lagasse in Alberta I guess…

Seeburn Chaumont and Pinkie from Louisiana…





Dennis IV and his father Lionel…

And a whole lot more people who will make 2014 another great year… ancestors wise.


And a very Merry Christmas to Judy Giguere in Connecticut…

Merry Christmas to all my readers… and my friends…

and to those who will still grieve so much during Christmas time.

To paraphrase a baseball movie: If you write it, they will come.

Boxing Day at last!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas like the Arther Myers’ family back in the 50s.

Arther and Rose 2

I wonder how my readers managed to survive that long before seeing these beautiful pictures Jason has shared with me of Arther Myers’ and Rosealina Larose’s family.

Happy people will forever live in our hearts. 

This is why I write so much about them even if I am not closely related to them.

One reader commented in December:

If you write it, they will come.

I could not have said it better.

These pictures were taking on Chrismas Eve or on Christmas Day. Look at the Christmas tree on the right of Rosealina.

Arther and Rose 4

Rosealina is wearing the same dress and Arther has the same tie on this picture.

Arther and Rose 2

Merry Christmas!

I wonder which Christmas it was? Maybe there’s a caption at the back.

Here it’s easy to date this picture.

Arther and Rose 1

50 years after

Arther and Rosealina married on April 22, 1907, so this picture was taken on April 22, 1957, give or take a few days.

Here’s a picture where Rosealina is a little more serious and looks a little younger.

Arther and Rose 5

Arther looks like the quiet type.

Old pictures talk a lot you know.

This is why they are so important to keep them. They remind us of people we loved so much when they are not around anymore.

Arther died on August 4th, 1959. Rosealina rejoined him on June 21, 1969. I am sure they had a happy life and had happy beautiful children.

This is what I found.

    Joseph Arther Hormidas Myers 1908-1986
    Alice Sophrinie Myers 1910-1999
    Paul A. Myers 1912-1979
    Irene Myers 1916-1999
    Beatrice Rose Myers 1919-2010
    Ernest Edward Myers 1921-1983
    Agnes B. Myers  1925-

Some are seen on this picture taken on the same Christmas day. Same tie, same dress, same happy people.

Arther and Rose 3      Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas

Santa’s coming…

You’d better watch out!


Santa’s coming with more Myers ancestors in store…

Arther and Rose 2Of course I never expected I would find more second cousins once removed along the way, but I did. Second cousins with children, adding second cousins twice removed to my expanding family.

These second cousins once removed who I managed not to scare away are all descendants of Alice Rose Lagasse.


Now I know who she is on this picture sent by Donna this year.

siblings (2)

Santa’s really coming to town in 2014!

To all of you, distant relatives or not…



I have found someone who I managed not to scare away with my passion for genealogy.

Nanette is a second cousin once removed.

I won’t post her picture on my blog about our ancestors. I don’t do that! Unless people give me the go-ahead to do so. I will post this picture of one of Nanette’s ancestor.

siblings (2)

Now I know who are the five sisters thanks to Nanette. She told me on Facebook…

I had posted that picture on someone else’s Facebook, and Nanette posted a comment.

Alice Lagasse with siblings

Noooo Alice is the one next to her white haired

Remember what I wrote the last time…

If you write they will come…

I told Nanette that she seemed to be the extraverted type.

I’m just crazy lol and bottom row left to right aunt Toni, aunt odna aunt from new haven been to her house can’t remember name then grandma Alice then aunt Gertrude the guys big ears in middle uncle joe I got ppl on the names for you

Boy am I glad she’s extraverted and isn’t scared a little bit about my passion for genealogy.

One question remains though.

What does “ppl” stands for?

About aunt from new haven been to her house can’t remember name

That’s Bertha!

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Arther Myers, the only son of Xavier Myers

I have made many loyal friends since 2009.

This is why I was thinking about posting only once a week during this Christmas season.

I know Christmas is a good time to reflect upon our ancestors, but I want to give you more time for others chores and easy up a bit on the story of the ancestors of little Exeurie Myers.

Just like Jean-Baptiste Lemaire was the only son of Chrétien Myers, Arther Myers was the only son of Xavier (Exeurie) Myers.

Arther and Rose 6

Arther Julien Myers and Rosealina Alma LaRose

This beautiful picture was shared by Jason.

Jason is linked to Exeurie Myers.

It is almost impossible to link Exeurie Myers to Xavier Myers, a direct descendant of Chrétien Lemaire, a rifleman in the Hesse Hanau regiment.


But I did, and I probably found a link with the past history of the American Revolution.

This is where I came in handy to link Jason to Exeurie Myers and Exeurie with his ancestor Chrétien Lemaire. Being French-Canadian, I have come across some funny spelling from people who had copied parish registers for Ancestry.

Exeurie Myers was in fact Exeuvie Myers seen here on this marriage certificate. If you say Exeuvie out loud several times, you will hear Xavier if your mother tongue is French.

That’s how I found the missing link!

That spelling carried on through time when Xavier’s son Arther Myers married Rose Alma Larose in Springfield on April 22, 1907.

Exeurie Myers spelling

I have asked Jason permission to post this beautiful old picture.

Arther and Rose 6How can I be sure Arther Myers was the son of Exeurie Myers aka Xavier Myers, who was the brother of Julien Myers who married Agnes Lagasse, my great-grandaunt?


How can you trust someone who has been writing this blog since September 2009 with this?


You’ll just have to come back on Boxing Day!

I’ll show you more old pictures of that young couple madly in love.

Arther and Rose 2