I know I told Koji I was going to post this only on December 31st, but then I remembered what my good friend Paul once told me …

Life is too short, start with the dessert.

Well Koji, here is what I was supposed to post on New Year’s Eve.

Life is too short, start with the dessert.

To my readers:

You don’t have to click on every hyperlink on this post if you don’t want to.

Of course you will miss a lot especially if last time you did not click on every name on that post. 

But that’s okay if you don’t click on every hyperlink on this one also.

Who is Koji?

He is someone whose karma clicked on the “I Like Button” on this blog or was it on one of my nine other blogs?

Koji used to call me Sir, but I didn’t mind that. Now we are on a first name basis…

You see Koji and I have a lot in common although not everything.

I really like Koji’s sense of humor. I am older by a few years, and my father never served in the military unless you consider being a fireman as a kind of soldier who fights fire.

Léo Lagacé


Koji owns a Mustang…

Nice car…

I drive a 2012 Camry Hybrid.

Nice Japanese car…

Koji likes warplanes especially the P-47.

Big powerful plane.

I don’t have any preference, but let’s say I have a little keen interest in De Havilland Mosquito Night Intruder flown by RAF 23 Squadron in WWII.

Koji has a blog…

Well, I have 10 up to now!

Koji says that he is not a writer. I am not a professional writer either…

Koji is interested in his ancestors…, but then he’s of Japanese descent.

I am a French Canadian that has been interested in everybody’s ancestors since 2008, but I then would not mind being Japanese.

Koji met WWII veterans and he befriended some, and he wrote about them in a way you can’t start to imagine. 

So did I, in my own way, first in French, my mother tongue, then in English.

Click here.

Koji loves to look at old pictures and then he loves retouching them…

I will pass in this one (pun intended).

Koji tries to find the whos and the whys of some pictures in his grandmother’s album.

Some people reading  his blog would call him crazy to write the way he does. I like to call myself crazy sometimes.

I would call Koji just a tad curious.

Click here first and then here to fully understand how the human brain functions.

I could go on and on… with what Koji Kanemoto and Pierre Lagacé have in common, but then you would not find the time to devour his blog like I did last week, reading all his posts in just one day, and discovering his great sense of humor. Some people would call me crazy.

I would call mysekf just a tad curious.

Gyoza Anyone?

Click here. 

It’s my 64th birthday today (remember you were supposed to read this on December 31st).

Click here.

Tomorrow is a brand new year. It’s a good  start to renew all over again on those forgotten resolutions like clicking on all my hyperlinks on this blog.

It’s never too late.

As a footnote to all this, Koji Kanemoto lives in Hawaii.

I don’t!


Tomorrow we are expecting another big snowstorm here in Quebec.

Boy I sure wish I had Koji’s sense of humor and live somewhere else.

Merry Christmas

Judy Giguere sent me a beautiful e-mail with beautiful images.


I will be making a conscious effort to wish everyone
a Merry Christmas this year …
My way of saying that I am celebrating

The birth Of Jesus Christ.

So, I am asking my email buddies,
if you agree with me, to please do the same.

And if you’ll pass this on to

Your email buddies, and so on… maybe we can prevent one more
American tradition from being lost in the sea of “Political Correctness”.

Merry Christmas Alyce LaGasse where ever you are right now…

Merry Christmas Peter Smith where ever you are right now between Asia and Little Snoring…

Merry Christmas George Stewart in Hamilton.

Merry Christmas Thinkingshift somewhere between NZ and God only knows…

Merry Christmas Koji in beautiful sunny Hawaii…

Merry Christmas Pacificparatropper

Merry Christmas Chatter Blog…

Paul D. and La Wanda in NC… 

Joe T. and Lise in Connecticut…

Frank Archambeault in Connecticut…

Sandy L. in Massachusetts…

Robin on the West Coast…

James in Memphis, Tennessee…

Ron Depatie in Ontario who’s addicted to this blog… and wants to know about some of his maternal ancestors…

Marylin Lagasse in Alberta I guess…

Seeburn Chaumont and Pinkie from Louisiana…





Dennis IV and his father Lionel…

And a whole lot more people who made this year a great year… ancestors wise.



And a very Merry Christmas to Judy Giguere in Connecticut…

Merry Christmas to all my readers… and my friends…

and to those who will suffer so much during Christmas time.

Humor from a serious genealogist…

Sea Genes

A Mental Family Tree
A Mental Family Tree

The following is an interesting snippet found while looking for information about someone in a newspaper. An image of the piece follows.

A Mental Family Tree

We were talking in the schoolyard about our family trees,
And Gertrude said hers could be traced to Sir Horatio Freeze;
And Rufe said he’d descended from the governor of a state;
And Louie mentioned ancestors of hers about as great.
While Reggie said his lineage embraced a lord, he knew;
And Nell from her great-great-grandsire obtained her blood so blue;
But neither of the little Smiths could say a single word;
For them to boast their ancient name of course would be absurd.
Then teacher smiling slightly said that she was much inclined
To think that there was such a thing as blue blood of the mind.
That those who studied hard (and here she beamed on Tommy…

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Written from the soul…

Masako and Spam Musubi

Although my Aunt Shiz passed away ten days before my son and I were to travel to her childhood home in Hiroshima, I believe it was her caring soul that made our journey eerily complete.

Time for heebie-jeebies.


Like all but one of the siblings, Aunt Shiz was born in Seattle in 1916.  My grandparents operated a barbershop as mentioned in “Masako and Spam Musubi“, the first story in this blog.  In the picture below likely taken early in 1918, she is standing in front of her mother Kono at their barbershop in Hotel Fujii near King and Maynard in downtown Seattle.  Grandma Kono is smiling while looking on; she appears to be holding a straight razor.  My relatives tell me Grandma was great with the customers and gave excellent shaves. (If it is a straight edge razor, she’s holding it in her left hand. We have a number of lefties…

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Lauren Rousseau 1982-2012

All the media in the U.S. paid homage to Lauren Rousseau.

In Canada and in Quebec also because she had French-Canadian roots.

Lauren Rousseau


A teacher affects eternity; he or she can never tell where his or her influence stops.

-Henry Adams, historian and teacher (1838-1918)

Lauren Gabrille Rousseau, 30, teacher

(AP) — Lauren Rousseau had spent years working as a substitute teacher and doing other jobs. So she was thrilled when she finally realized her goal this fall to become a full-time teacher at Sandy Hook.

Her mother, Teresa Rousseau, a copy editor at the Danbury News-Times, released a statement Saturday that said state police told them just after midnight that she was among the victims.

« Lauren wanted to be a teacher from before she even went to kindergarten, » she said. « We will miss her terribly and will take comfort knowing that she had achieved that dream. »

Her mother said she was thrilled to get the job.

« It was the best year of her life, » she told the newspaper.

Rousseau has been called gentle, spirited and active. She had planned to see « The Hobbit » with her boyfriend Friday and had baked cupcakes for a party they were to attend afterward. She was born in Danbury, and attended Danbury High, college at the University of Connecticut and graduate school at the University of Bridgeport.

She was a lover of music, dance and theater.

« I’m used to having people die who are older, » her mother said, « not the person whose room is up over the kitchen. »

The principal’s husband had Lauren in his class when she was in Grade 4.

Lauren Rousseau child

Double tragedy for husband of dead principal as 1994 class photo shows he once taught Lauren Rousseau – a teacher who was also murdered at Sandy Hook

The family of slain Newtown principal Dawn Hochsprung have suffered a double tragedy after it emerged that they were close to another of the victims. George Hochsprung taught Lauren Rousseau when she was in fourth grade and considered her a ‘family friend’, relatives have revealed. He and Dawn liked her so much that they even put in a good word at her school, Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, and got her a job.

principal and husband

Lauren was the same age as one of my sons who had his birthday yesterday.

What went so terribly wrong on December 14, 2012?

The NRA had the answer today (pun intended).

The N.R.A.’s plan for countering school shootings, coming a week after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., was met with widespread derision from school administrators, law enforcement officials and politicians, with some critics calling it “delusional” and “paranoid.” Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, a Republican, said arming schools would not make them safer.

Great reading while looking at the snow storm outside my windows.

Masako and Spam Musubi

Jeans are really made by Calvin Klein.  Tight.  Unfortunately (or fortunately if you’re lucky), they follow your body lines.   A deviation from your body lines is not possible.

Oops.  Old age.  Genes is the topic.  Duh.  Genes follow your (family) lines.  Deviation is not possible.

There’s something about genetics that is pure fascination.  People will like you because of your genes.  People will hate you because of your genes.  Regardless, you got them from somebody from up the line.

There is an orchestration in genetics which is more difficult to discern as generations pass.  But genes don’t conk out.  Genes are the only unbroken thread that weaves back and forth through all those cemeteries – or urns in my family’s case.

My grandmother Ikuyo Shibayama (on my mother’s side) was born in 1903; her parents were of samurai heritage.  Believe me, my mother drilled that into my head.  Brainwashing was…

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