Meet George

If you have been reading my blog since the end of April, you know that Alyce said that her grandfather Idala Lagasse had five sons.

She only knew the identity of two them: Samuel and of course David who was her father.

Alyce and I managed to find the identity of all of them.

Alyce told me the family lost track of George.

Alyce managed to get some information with the help of another Pierre.

He is Peter Lagasse and he sent her this precious information…

Name: George Louis Lagasse
Social Security #:117038055
Birth Date: 14 Jul 1907
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Death Date: 23 Aug 1985
Death Place: San Bernardino
Mother’s Maiden Name: Quentin

This confirms what we knew about George. His mother’s maiden name was Quintin, he was born around 1907-1908 in Massachusetts according to the 1920 U.S. census.


Alyce, Pierre, and Peter have teamed up, and George has now been reunited with his four brothers.

Finding George was quite something.

This is the story of a great family reunion, but it is the only information we have found about George.

If you want to team up with us and share what you know about him, click here to send me an e-mail…

Next time, we will meet Rudy and his wife Emma and try to find his descendants.

Rudolph (Rudy) Lagasse and his wife Emma

The whole picture

Alyce LaGasse and Pierre Lagacé did not know each other last April.

Pierre Lagacé in 2009

Pierre Lagacé in 2011

Alyce LaGasse

Now they know all there is to know about Idala LaGasse’s ancestors and his descendants…

Idala Lagasse

Well most of them.

Alyce and Pierre know that they are not close relatives of Emeril Lagasse.

Emeril Lagasse

They have put a lot of effort in their search for Idala’s sons since last April.

With Alyce’s help, Pierre has finally found the identity of all of Idala’s sons.

There is no Marc LaGasse after all, unless Anthony was also know as Marc Anthony or Anthony Marc.

In our search for Marc or Anthony, we have finally found George Lagasse.

This picture was taken around 1926-1927.

George is on the left. He wears glasses.

Idala Lagasse and Albina Quintin were married in 1890 and had 15 children:

Idala (1890-1891)

Joseph (1891-1892)

Regina (1892-1892)

Rose (1894-1974)

Parmelia (1894-1903)

No given name  (1895) died at birth

Diodore (1898-1898)

Hector (1900-1900)

Anthony (1901-2005)

Samuel (1902-1974)

Florence (1904-?)

David (1906-1953)

George (1908- 1985)

Rudolph (1909- 1980) Rudy

Cecile Beatrice (1913-1915)

Albina died in 1914 at the age of 42.

This is her death certificate.

She died in St. Luke’s Hospital. The cause of her death is general septicemia following phlebitis of both femoral veins.

The Lagasse family must have been devastated.

Alyce’s father was 8 years old at the time. He was old enough to understand what was happening.

Idala had six children to care for.

His daughter Rose was already married to Eugène Moreau. They got married in 1912.

Alyce told Pierre that the children were put in an orphanage and she had precious documents to prove it.

June 13, 1918

March 20, 1919

George was also put in an orphanage…

Alyce said the family lost track of him.

This is the reason why George is not in this picture…

Rudy, Samuel, Idala, Anthony and David

But Alyce found George with the help of another Pierre…

Next Monday, we meet George with the help of Peter Lagasse.

Samuel’s little girl called me…

Alyce made contact with one of Samuel’s daughter.

This is what I sent Alyce so she could send it to her.

Alyce found the two daughters of Samuel Jean-Baptiste Jacques Lagasse and Marie-Anne Lepage. Marie-Anne’s ancestors were from Rimouski, Quebec. Dolores died in 2003 but Claudette is still alive.

Claudette phoned me from Florida and we talked for 58 minutes about her parents and her family. As Alyce, Claudette knew very little about Idala LaGasse but what she knew she shared with me. She told me she had some pictures and that I should contact one of her sons because she is not that good with computers.

I told her I was going to send her son Alyce’s pictures so she could have them. This is such an amazing story with two amazing third cousins finding another cousin.

We talked a little about Emeril Lagasse. I told her he was only our 8th cousin and that we were closer. After a 58 minute conversation, Claudette and I were closer than ever.

Next monday, the whole picture…


Why only next Monday…?

Learning things about your roots can be sometimes hard and very painful.

I know… I have been doing this for the last three years or so.

So we are all going to take a deep breath and come back on Mondays from now on.

My grandfather was a compulsive gambler… so I have to watch out for my genes.

I am leaving you with this picture.


And this one I can’t show you…


Every picture tells a story.

See you on Mondays.

Idala was a humble man…

How do I know this…?

I can feel it in my bones.

Idala was certainly a humble man and I know all this publicity makes him very uncomfortable.

Idala Lagasse


He was a carpenter by trade just like my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé.

Stanislas changed his name to Dennis Lagassee when he emigrated to the United States in 1889 with his family much like hundreds of thousand other French-Canadians in the 19th century.

I knew nothing about my great-grandfather Stanislas two years ago. My father Léo Junior did not talk much nor did his father Léo Senior.

I even wonder if my father knew anything about his grandfather Stanislas.

What I know is that my father was not a family man because when my grandfather Léo Senior died in 1964, my father who the eldest son cut ties with his brothers and sisters.

In 2008, Val d’Or Lagacé, a complete stranger,  sent me an e-mail with my grandfather’s death certificate. Léo Senior’s mother’s name was on the document: H. Alexandre.

acte de deces leo lagace senior

With only this small clue I was able to go back in the past and link with André Mignier. In 2009 I reunited with some of my father’s brothers and sisters mostly with Jacques and Fleurette.

The whole story is here if you want to read it…

Alyce found me in April 2010 and she hit the real jackpot.

Many more descendants are now hitting the jackpot…

Claudette in Florida, Randolph and Marc in Tennessee, and probably yourself because you are reading this article while you were searching for Emeril Lagasse in order to find out if you were related to him. Emeril is my 8th cousin and he is rich and famous. Emeril does not know it but many people come here when they type Emeril Lagasse genealogy on Google.

I am the third in line. I did not do it on purpose.

Alyce on the other hand is my 3rd cousin. I never asked her if she was rich and famous. I know she is a wonderful human being because I can feel it in my bones.

Now getting back to our humble carpenter, Idala would probably like to talk more about his family, his grandchildren, and his great-grandchildren…

So let’s talk about it a little… by starting with this picture Alyce sent me last week.


The only clue is the date and a strong presumption Idala is there in the picture.

But where is he?

Alyce does not think Idala was rich enough to own a house.

This morning Alyce sent me more pictures… and I saw the light.

Next Monday I will show them to you.

Hey what going on down there…?

This is probably what Idala is telling everyone nowadays in paradise.

Idala is fast becoming a rising star in paradise just like Emeril Lagasse is a star down on Earth.


Meet Idala, Alyce’s grandfather.


With the help of her new found third cousin Pierre, Alyce has gone on a wild search for Idala’s descendants.

She said Pierre was amazing but Pierre thinks Alyce is amazing too.

He had warned her but she did not listen to him. The call of the wild is too strong.

This is why Pierre said that they were like wolverines.

In her search for the identity of Idala’s sons, she found information about Samuel LaGasse’s descendants.

She started with this picture and the info she had and went on a hunt.

Samuel LaGasse and Marie-Anne Lepage

Alyce found the names of the two little girls. She even has the name of Samuel’s lovely wife.

Come back next time to learn how she did it and a whole lot more…

Remember Diodore LaGasse?

Remember Diodore?

Well this man is not Diodore.

Diodore died when he was an infant.

I just found out about it while searching on

I had found his baptisimal certificate in Notre-Dame-des-Anges parish. Diodore was born on March 11, 1898.

Diodore died when he was 6 months old.

Name: Diodore A. V. Lagasse
Gender: Male
Burial Place: New Bedford
Death Date: 16 Sep 1898
Death Place: New Bedford, Massachusetts
Age: 0
Birth Date: 1898
Birthplace: Canada
Father’s Name: Idola A. Lagasse
Father’s Birthplace: Canada
Mother’s Name: Albina Quinton
Mother’s Birthplace: Canada

I learned a lot more while conducting research on Idala Lagasse.

I found out he was married in 1890 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Groom’s Name: Idala Lagasse
Groom’s Birth Date: 1870
Groom’s Birthplace:
Groom’s Age: 20
Bride’s Name: Albina Quentin
Bride’s Birth Date: 1871
Bride’s Birthplace:
Bride’s Age: 19
Marriage Date: 10 Nov 1890
Marriage Place: New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts
Groom’s Father’s Name: Pierre
Groom’s Mother’s Name: Melissa
Bride’s Father’s Name: Noe
Bride’s Mother’s Name: Esperance

With this new info, we will have to start all over again with this picture…

Idala’s sons

And this one…

Idala’s sons

And this one…

Idala and sons

Alyce told me about Idala’s sons:

and probably someone named Marc.

Samuel and David have been identified,

Samuel LaGasse

We have to identify who are the others.

Come back on Monday.

Groom’s Name: Frobe Lagasse
Groom’s Birth Date: 1876
Groom’s Birthplace:
Groom’s Age: 21
Bride’s Name: Valida Forand
Bride’s Birth Date: 1875
Bride’s Birthplace:
Bride’s Age: 22
Marriage Date: 07 Jun 1897
Marriage Place: New Bedford, Massachusetts
Groom’s Father’s Name: Adolphe P.
Groom’s Mother’s Name: Melanie B.
Bride’s Father’s Name: Desire
Bride’s Mother’s Name: Philomene Sucier
Groom’s Race:
Groom’s Marital Status:
Groom’s Previous Wife’s Name:
Bride’s Race:
Bride’s Marital Status:
Bride’s Previous Husband’s Name:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M02808-8
System Origin: Massachusetts-EASy
Source Film Number: 1843701
Reference Number: item 1 p 231
Collection: Massachusetts Marriages, 1695-1910

Pictures, pictures and more pictures…

Try this one for a starter…

Click on the image to zoom in.


Alyce says this is Idala’s farm house in 1921.

Alyce knew little about who was in the picture so we will play History Detectives…

Alyce said his father is in this picture.

This is David.

David LaGasse

We must assume David is with his brothers.

Since David was born on May 26, 1906, we can date the picture at around 1926-1927.

We know that Diodore is the first son. Diodore was born in 1898.

This would be Diodore. He seems to be the eldest one.

Diodore LaGasse

What about the other brothers…? I know that there is Anthony, Samuel and Rudy.

This is where I would need the help of the man in Nashville.

I have sent him two e-mails and I have not received any reply.

I am a very patient person, and since Alyce has kept on sending me more pictures and documents about her father, I can wait.

Alyce has been searching hard… and sharing a lot

Alyce has been waiting for ten years to learn more about her father. Now it is her turn to help me in my search for André Mignier’s descendants.

Alyce went on the trail of other descendants of Idala Lagacé. She sent me an e-mail. She thinks she has found another descendant living in Nashville.

This is going to be fun… if he replies to my e-mail.

Speaking of fun… I have a lot of fun with Alyce’s pictures…

This one tells it all about her father…

This picture was taken in October 1935.

There is always a sad side to a beautiful story.


Band of Brothers…

Alyce who lives in Wonderland, U.S.A., sent me this picture…

Click on the picture to zoom in.

His father is photographed with his brothers.

David is the young man on the left in the second row.

Here is what I had in my genealogy data files one year ago. At that time I knew nothing about Alyce in Wonderland.

Idala Lagacé had these children:

Rose (1894)
Parmelia (1895)
Diodore (1898)
Anthony (1902)
Samuel (1903)
Florence (1905)
David (1906)

Alyce gave me this supplementary info about Idala’s children…

Anthony’s son is Randolph (Randy).  I think his wife is Mary and they lived in Nashville…
Rudy  – Rudy’s sons are Richard and Russell.    We think they live in New Jersey
Cecilia (dec. )

Come back tomorrow for more…

Alyce is getting addicted to genealogy.

I should have warned her. There is no cure…