Who’s that girl…? Season 1, Episode 1 – Desperately seeking people…

One more old photo shared by Dennis Lagasse IV…

There is handwriting on the front…

The other girl
on here is my
shop mate. She is
coming over to the

There is more handwriting on the back!


Dear girls

At home safe and had a fun time thanks to all of you girls. I have to wait until I find out each of your names before I can write to you personally. Your brother came as far as Plainville with us girls. If there is a dance in Compounce Saturday night please ask Harvey to go so we can have a dance with him. Say girls, Did I spell your name right well never mind the next time I will spell it correct. Hoping to hear from you again. I remain Yours

P.S. Please write and give me some of the girls names. I can’t remember any of them only yours.


Elizabeth Fagan 249 High Street

This is so exciting isn’t?

And I know now how post cards were made!

I must find out who was this Elizabeth Fagan and I have asked my alter ego to step in…

Well mes amis, this will be most intéressant…

To be continued…