Alyce LaGasse has just written a comment…

I am a very very patient person…

If I wrote articles on the Lagacé family, it is because I wanted to share what I found about all André Mignier’s descendants who are living south of the border.

Alyce Lagasse found the article I wrote on December 18 and she wrote a comment.

She seems quite excited.

Oh my goodness… what a surprise to find a follow-up – yes, even if I discovered this 6 months later and the post was . . . 10 years ago. My interest is renewed – I do have relatives somewhere!

Yes, as per your blog, I am alive :):) and would love to know more.


This reminds me of how Doris was excited when she learned the things I told her about her ancestors.


As I write in my articles, everything is about sharing and sometimes you have to be very patient…

Alyce has been waiting for ten long years…

This will be a nice story.

Alyce looks like my aunt Fleurette…


7 thoughts on “Alyce LaGasse has just written a comment…

    • I don’t tell all on my blog. There is a follow-up story on this.
      I can write you a personal e-mail.

      Sir Pierre

  1. For Alyce:
    I grew up in New Bedford but dad’s family was from Fall River…pépère was Joseph Aurelian Lagasse and mémère was Irene LaForest (ste alexandre ÇA and Fall River)…never heard of David but we must be in the mix somehow. Pépère had an ice business on Lake Watuppa 1900s-1920s. Dad born 1923-1999…

    • All Lagacés are related even when the name is written differently.
      There is one exception with some Lagacés down in Louisiana where the ancestor immigrated in the 1850s,

    • Name:Aurelius Joseph Lagasse

      [Aurelius J Lagasse]

      Declaration Age: 39 

      Record Type:Declaration

      Birth Date:10 Aug 1895 

      Birth Place: St Alexander, Canada

      Arrival date: Jun 1897 

      Arrival Place: Newport, Vermont

      Declaration Date: 23 Aug 1934 

      Declaration Place:Boston, Massachusetts, USA

      Spouse:Irene married 3 Nov 1920 Fall River, Massachusetts

      Declaration Number:250524


      Ronald 18 Mar 1922, 

      Fernand 23 Jul 1923, 

      Janine 24 Jan 1924, 

      Marilyn 13 May 1932 all in Fall River, MA

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