Alyce LaGasse has just written a comment…

I am a very very patient person…

If I wrote articles on the Lagacé family, it is because I wanted to share what I found about all André Mignier’s descendants who are living south of the border.

Alyce Lagasse found the article I wrote on December 18 and she wrote a comment.

She seems quite excited.

Oh my goodness… what a surprise to find a follow-up – yes, even if I discovered this 6 months later and the post was . . . 10 years ago. My interest is renewed – I do have relatives somewhere!

Yes, as per your blog, I am alive :):) and would love to know more.


This reminds me of how Doris was excited when she learned the things I told her about her ancestors.


As I write in my articles, everything is about sharing and sometimes you have to be very patient…

Alyce has been waiting for ten long years…

This will be a nice story.

Alyce looks like my aunt Fleurette…



3 thoughts on “Alyce LaGasse has just written a comment…

    • I don’t tell all on my blog. There is a follow-up story on this.
      I can write you a personal e-mail.

      Sir Pierre

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