Is your ancestor’s name Joseph Sauvé?

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Is your ancestor’s name Joseph Sauvé?


Well finding your roots might be somewhat difficult unless you are addicted to genealogy.

You see the given name Joseph was very common in French Canada, and since people named their children after their father, grandfather or great-grandfather… Joseph became even more common.

Furthermore, to add to all this, the name Joseph was also given before the given name to all male child.

Go figure…

Anyway, this is what I found… in the 1852 Canadian census in Coteau-du-Lac, Vaudreuil county, in the province of Quebec…

Vaudreuil (county)
St. Ignace parish
Coteau du Lac

Sauvé, Joseph    Cultivateur  St Ignace    36    M
Leduc, Mathilde                       Ile Perrot   32    F
Sauvé, Arthur                          St Ignace    17    M
Sauvé, Philomène                    St Ignace    10    F
Sauvé, Honoré                         St Ignace    8    M
Sauvé, Marie                            St Ignace   5    F
Sauvé, Marguerite                  St Ignace   2    F

So our Joseph Sauvé, Honoré’s brother, had his two sons baptized this way…

Joseph Arthur Sauvé (1835)

Joseph Honoré Sauvé (1844)

The girls had the name Marie put in front of their given name when they were baptized…

Marie Philomène (1842)

Marie Marie (1845)

Marie Marguerite (1850)

So you see, when we came across the marriage of one Joseph Sauvé, Denis and I were asking ourselves…

Had Joseph Arthur been married three times..?

We had found a marriage in 1883 of a Joseph Sauvé whose parents were Joseph Sauvé and Mathilde Leduc.

We knew that Joseph Arthur was married first to Félicité Legault, then to Victoria Brassard.

Was he married a third time to Hermina Fournier…?


Joseph Arthur had only been married twice.

It’s his brother Joseph (Joseph Joseph), born in 1861, who married Hermina Fournier in 1883 in St-Zotique.

We find Joseph Sauvé with his wife Mathilde and their last child, Joseph, in the 1861 Canadian census…

Name:      Joseph Sauvè
Gender:     Male
Age:     67y
Calculated Birth Year:     1814
Birthplace:     Quebec
Marital Status:     Married
Occupation:     Cultivateur
Ethnic Origin:     French
Religion:     Catholique
Head of Household:     Joseph Sauvè
Born During Last Year:
Census Place:     St-Zotique, Soulanges, Quebec, Canada
District Number:     74
Sub District:     C
Page Number:     42
House Number:     1074113
Family Number:     208
Digital Folder Number:     4464304
Image Number:     00551
Film Number:     1375843
Library and Archives Canada Film Number:     C-13207

**Household**    **Gender**    **Age**
Joseph Sauvè     **M**     67y
Mathilde Sauvè     **F**     62y
Joseph Sauvè     **M**     20y

Joseph Sauvè (Sauvé) was 67 in 1881 and his son Joseph Sauvè was 20 years old.

So all this makes sense.


Let’s recap…

Joseph Sauvé, born in 1861, son of Joseph Sauvé born in 1815, son of Joseph Sauvé dit Laplante, born in 1785, married Hermina Fournier in 1883.

So it could not have been Joseph Arthur born in 1835 who married Hermina. It was his brother Joseph who married Hermina, born in April 1861, in Notre-Dame church, in Ogdensburg, New York.

Now the only thing missing are some wedding pictures… but I think I have a good lead.

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I do hope Joseph’s descendants did not put my favorite niece wedding picture in the garbage

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