Alyce in Wonderland

Alyce knew very little about her father’s roots.

David LaGasse 1935

57 years later, Alyce is now in Wonderland because she found her 3rd cousin Pierre who had her father’s file in his genealogy data bank.

Pierre is just amazing.

This is what Alyce told him.

Alyce does not know that three years ago Pierre was the one who knew very little about his father’s ancestors.

Not that his father had died at an early age like Alyce’s father. Léo Lagacé Junior had lived to be 69, but he had never talked that much about his parents Léo Senior and Juliette Métayer.

Léo’s parents

What Léo had told his son was sometimes confusing for little Pierre.

Pierre’s father died on August 27, 1995.

Strangely, he did not want to see his children before he died. He wanted to die alone. The doctor and the chaplain tried to convince him but to no avail. When his former girlfriend told him she was going to call his children anyway, he showed her his fist…

This is what Pierre was told when he came to the hospital in the afternoon to see his dying father.

Around 11 p.m., when his father was just about this leave this Earth to meet saint Pierre, he turned his head towards Pierre and looked at him.

Léo was blind because of his diabetes.

Pierre never knew if his father was still mad at him or not.

14 years later, Pierre’s sister, while visiting him, told Pierre that when she first arrived at the hospital on August 27, she told her father that his son Pierre was coming to see him.

With these words his father let out a sigh of relief.

Pierre’s sister thought she had told him that on the fateful day…

Sometimes it takes time to find things out.

Next time, Alyce will find out about her father’s roots.

Alyce LaGasse has just written a comment…

I am a very very patient person…

If I wrote articles on the Lagacé family, it is because I wanted to share what I found about all André Mignier’s descendants who are living south of the border.

Alyce Lagasse found the article I wrote on December 18 and she wrote a comment.

She seems quite excited.

Oh my goodness… what a surprise to find a follow-up – yes, even if I discovered this 6 months later and the post was . . . 10 years ago. My interest is renewed – I do have relatives somewhere!

Yes, as per your blog, I am alive :):) and would love to know more.


This reminds me of how Doris was excited when she learned the things I told her about her ancestors.


As I write in my articles, everything is about sharing and sometimes you have to be very patient…

Alyce has been waiting for ten long years…

This will be a nice story.

Alyce looks like my aunt Fleurette…


Remember Doris?

If Mike found something on Father Chaumont it is because Doris found me first on the Internet last year.

The story is all here. Click here for the first article on this blog…

Doris went to Louisiana on April 2nd. She had been invited by Narcisse Chaumont’s descendants.

This is no April Fool’s day.

She sent me a lot of pictures some of which were about crawfish!

I am not that much crazy about eating crawfish.

I made a pact with them. I don’t eat them and they don’t eat me.

Doris also sent me a picture of a baby alligator…

Cute as a button…

I still prefer cats though.

But among the pictures she sent me, there is one I like the most.

Cute as buttons…

It is Alice.

Doris told me Alice was 90 years-old and she was still driving her car.

She also speaks French.

Oo… La… La…

Alice is Narcisse Chaumont’s great-granddaughter.

To learn more about Narcisse Chaumont click here.

Small world isn’t.

But there is much much more… to Narcisse Chaumont born in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines on April 18, 1815.

Come back next time.

I will follow up with Mike’s ancestors… with a little help though

Mike agrees to follow up on the story of Marie-Jeanne Ducharme born in 1906.

I think I found the family in the 1906 Manitoba census and also in the 1911 census.

I sent Mike an e-mail about what I found and I am waiting for a reply before I can proceed.

On another note, I visited Manitoba in 1976.

My wife and I were on our honeymoon. We stayed at a camping ground north of Winnipeg.

I can’t remember the name, but I remember there were a lot of mosquitoes and some campers were noisy after 11 pm.

By the way, Doris says she does not mind if I tell the little anecdote about our e-mail exchange.

See you next time.

Mike wrote me this…

One of Mike’s ancestors was baptized by Father Chaumont. He wrote a comment last time and sent me the document.

Hello Pierre,

Thank you for your quick response.

My sister and I have been doing a fair amount of searching in regards to our family history and know how each piece of a puzzle can make a great difference in such searches. I am sending you a scan of the document. Our family has traveled much over the years between Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba.

I am attaching the document for your information. I would love to see the article once you have finished it.

Thank you again


Here is the document in question…

Each time someone writes me a comment, there is something extraordinary that comes out of it.

Remember Doris Chaumont

Well she is the person responsible for having this English version of my blog on genealogy.

Doris wrote me yestesday. She went to Louisiana and she met descendants of the Chaumont family that was living in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines back in the 1800’s.

Our e-mails exchange was so funny, but I can’t tell you about it unless Doris agrees to do so.

So where this story will take us to, I don’t have the slightest idea.

I am so excited…

I just got a comment about Father Chaumont.

Things were pretty quiet on my English version of my blog about genealogy…

Click here to read the article I had written about Father Chaumont.

Hello, we are looking at our ancestory and found a birth record for our great grandmother. Here is how it reads. You will see Revd Joseph Chaumont listed on the form. I hope this helps you.

When born: November 6 1906
Where born: St Laurent
Name: Marie Jeanne
Sex: female
Name and Surname of Father: Edward Ducharme
Name and Surname of Mother: Virginia Chaboyer
Occupation or calling of father: Blacksmith
Name of Doctor in attendance or of Midwife or other person if no doctor: Mrs Chaboyer
Name, Description and Residence of Informant: Revd Joseph Chaumont St Laurent
When registered: November 9 1906
Signature of Clerk: [illegible]

I sent an e-mail to see if I could get a copy of the document…