Sunday Morning – Preserving the past – Elizabeth Rose Smith and her daughter Christine Brown

Our Ancestors is all about remembering and preserving the past isn’t Laura? Your cousin Suzan has shared some old photos and lots of information you alreary have.

This one is about Christine Anne Brown, your grandmother’s sister.

Elizabeth Rose Smith and her daughter Christine Anne Brown, about spring 1938

Elisabeth (Bettie) Rose Smith, daughter of Elva LaGasa, and her daughter, Christine. Probably in Tacoma.


Looking at old photos has been my passion since I was a child. Sharing photos and letting them talk to us is what I do on Our Ancestors since 2009.

An older Christine Anne Brown with her sister Virginia Ruth Brown circa 1946

Your grandmother Virginia never knew her grandmother Elva Lagasa born March 19, 1902 and who died June 15, 1934. Five years ago I did not know Elva had ever existed as well as her father Frank Lagasa and her four siblings we see here.

Elva Lagassa in family picture

Frank Lagasa with his children

Elva Lagassa’s photo is seen in the background on your grandmother’s wedding day on March 15, 1957.

Brown - Judy, March 15

On this next photo, Elva Lagasa is seen with probably her first child, your great-grandmother Elizabeth Rose Smith born on April 30, 1918. But I can’t be sure of it.

Elva Lagasse

This is another photo of Elva Lagasa and George Smith probably taken on their wedding day. I have yet to find when they got married. I would guess 1917.

George and Elva

Probably, because the only thing we can be sure of when we are looking for our ancestors on Our Ancestors is that we are never sure of all the information we find. Never being sure has never deter me to look into the past.

I soldier on…