Thank you for getting back to me…

Updated March 14, 2021

My new found distant cousin Sandy posted a message on my new Ancestry family tree page. I had decided last month to migrate my family tree from My Heritage to Ancestry. Sandy must have been all excited when she found out that another Lagacé had information on her ancestors and that he wrote back so quickly.

Hi Pierre,

Thank you for getting back to me. With your information online. They match up to my family tree.

Last year a cousin gave me quite a few photos of the Lagasse line. And I have been researching them with where they were taken. They are from Bristol, Connecticut and Rhode Island. And I have just cleared up a mystery on the Dennis Lagasse  person as he changed his name from Stanislas Lagasse who married Henriette Alexandre. I have been going round and round with the name Dennis Lagasse.

I think the photos I have are from this family. Not sure of the names, but they are taken in Bristol, Connecticut. I have gotten all the way back on our line. Lots of information. I have researched the whole line that was in Fall River, Massachusetts and New Bedford, Massachusetts, and Bristol, Connecticut on the Lagasse line.

My line from Stanislas Lagasse and Onésime Cadieux. Their child  Pierre Lagasse married Mathilde Leblanc.

Click on the image

Pierre Lagasse and Mathilde Leblanc’s child was Julian Wilfred Lagasse.   I am sending a photo of him with brothers and one I am not sure of.

Sitting: left is Julian Wilfred Lagasse and Joseph Lagasse is to the right.

I received them from his son Edmond and his wife.  When she passed away then their children gave them to me. I also have a photo of Pierre Lagasse married to Mathilde Leblanc. If you would like to see the photos I have then I will send them along to you.


If you have been reading my blog, then you know how crazy I am about photographs… See you next Monday with more photos from Sandy’s collection and more about the mysterious Dennis Lagasse.

Got a new distant cousin…

When I came back from my four day vacation in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region in Quebec, I had 82 e-mails in my inbox.

I had one from Sandy.

She’s a Lagasse and she has been looking for her ancestors since 1985.

She knew my grandfather’s name.

Now Sandy knows a whole lot more about Leo Lagacé Senior, and I know a whole lot more about my roots.

A beautiful story.

Come back for more every Monday.