Final chapter

Ron Depatie would have never thought that his simple question about Joseph Euclide Depatie, the son of Léon Dépatie and Sophronie André, would trigger some kind of genealogical tsunami.

Tuna what…?

You never know down the long and winding road of genealogy what might come up.

It’s just like Odette Clouthier and Denis Cloutier who found a far distant cousin, or Mac (Mary Alice) who found someone as crazy as she thinks she is, even though she’s not that crazy after all…


Tomorrow is my birthday so I have to finish up this soap opera and start something new on New Year’s Day.

So I figure this…

Obéline or Eveline Lanthier, Fabien’s second wife, died when she gave birth to her last child Lucia.

Fabien had 11 children to take care of back in 1897.

He had to find a new wife.

In the 1901 Canadian census, Lucia is said to have been born on July 14, 1897.

Sauve Fabien?     M           Head     M     Jan 26     1851     50
Sauve Lola     F           Wife     M     Mar       1864     37
Sauve Hanah     F           Daughter     S     Jul 1     1889     11
Sauve Rosanna?     F           Daughter     S     Jul       1892     8
Sauve Albert     M           Son     S     May 5     1893     7
Sauve Alfred     M           Son     S     Mar       1895     6
Sauve Lucia     F           Daughter     S     Jul 14     1897
Sauve Honora     F           Daughter     S     Apr 25     1900     10 mos.

Source Information:
1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict:    Lancaster, GLENGARRY, ONTARIO
District Number:    62
Subdistrict Number:    d-6
Archives Microfilm:    T-6468

We know that “Lola” has to be Sophie André and that Honora is most probably an error on the enumerator part and is in fact little Honoré Sauvé.

Fabien Sauvé married his third wife Sophie André on September 21, 1897.

That’s two months after Lucia’s birth.

We must then safely assume Eveline died when she gave birth.

Little Lucia Sauvé would go on her life and marry Jean-Baptiste Levac in 1917.

I wish I had a group photo of their marriage to show you all these people… Fabien, Sophie, Honoré, Albert, Alfred, Rosanna, and Anna…

Who knows?

Someday I might get an e-mail or a comment on my blog just like Ron did.

This is the only reason why I wrote this soap opera.

So let’s recap…

Fabien Sauvé married three times unless this person who posted a message in 2000 knows something we don’t know…

Hi Deborah,

Fabien Sauve is my great-grandfather. His daughter Blanche from his fourth marriage was my grandmother.

I have some information but not everything.

Fourth marriage!

Remember we are never 100% sure.

Tuna what…?