Friday, December 25th, 1907

Old photos…

Sometimes this is how I will get addicted again to old photos and start writing about them on Our Ancestors.

I still don’t know when I will stop doing it…

I had this message earlier in June.

Hello Pierre

Edgar Hamilton was my great uncle. I was pulling some info off Bonnie Ellis’s tree…. Harold Ellis’s mother was the sister of my great grandmother, Cora (Alvord) Hamilton. Anyway, I saw your name and that you have an interest in Eva (Dube) Hamilton.

May I ask what the connection is? Thank you,


This photo was shared in 2015 by Bonnie Ellis on Ancestry, and I never wrote about it until today.

Grandma and Grandpa Alvords Golden Wedding Anniversary

Grandma and Grandpa Alvord’s Golden Wedding Anniversary 25 Dec 1907

Bonnie Ellis had added this caption.

As written by the hand of Marion Ellis: Great Aunt Mary Carpenter, Buela, Cousin Wilfred Hamilton’s 1st wife, Cousin Wilfred-Reverend Hamilton, Fanny, Newton’s wife, Father, Aunt Mary, Grandpa. Grandma, Mother holding Earl, 9 months old, Cousin Newton, Clarence, Marion, Oliver, Cousin Edgar.

Last year, Bonnie Ellis and I had exchanged several messages on Ancestry about this photo and then some more.

Alvord sisters

Florence and Mary Alvord

Florence Alvord Ellis

Florence Alvord

Brockton Fair Dining Tent

On this last photo, Marion Ellis had written…

Mother no 5, Mrs Florence Beals No.8, Marion No.9.

How is all this related to me?

Edgar Hamilton is the little boy, front row on the right, on that family picture taken on Christmas Day in 1907.

Edgar Hamilton married Eva Dubé, daughter of Eugène Dubé and my grandaunt Lillie Lagasse who I believe are on this old photo with two of their children.

Most probably Lillie Lagasse and her husband Eugene Dubé.jpg

Eva Dubé could be the little girl…

Here Eva Dubé is seen with her friend Marion Ellis.


Eva Dubé Hamilton is the one who had answered all of Jennette Rockwell Hamilton’s questions about the Hamiltons, first by sending her a postcard.

Numérisation_20200627 (8)

Numérisation_20200627 (10)

Please be patient. Sincerely and love to all

Aunt Eva.

This is part of what Eva sent in 1978…

Numérisation_20200627 (2)

Numérisation_20200627 (3)

Numérisation_20200627 (5)

The other pages have personal information on living people so they won’t be posted here.

Sharon had shared these pages last week and I have added all the information I did not have on the Hamiltons. Sometimes this is how I get to enter new information about your ancestors on my family tree which has now more than 53,000 names.

Why have I been keeping doing this since 2010?

Maybe because of this?

I don’t know why I will keep on doing this…

Have you started digging for old pictures…?

This post was written more than 9 years ago.

You should because they are not going to be around forever you know…

Remember this one I had posted?

Does not mean much to you…

But there is a story behind this photograph and this one also…

It’s about little Simonne. She’s the little girl on her father’s lap.

Venance Paiement, the father on the left, died in 1918 and Rosina Quesnel was left with eight children to care for.

End of post

This is how I started to write about my maternal grandmother Rosina Quesnel’s ancestor Antoine Quesnel. Writing about Rosina Quesnel was how I was contacted by Amy who then shared pictures of her ancestors and brought them from the grave.

So anytime you want to know more about the Quesnels, just write a comment below.

Until then…

Meet Florence Alvord on this mysterious old photo.

Florence Alvord Ellis



When to Stop Searching…and Writing About People’s Ancestors?

Reminiscing about what I had written a few years back on this blog last May, I got thinking that some people only have a passing interest about those who passed away a long, long, long time ago…

I still can’t believe I was doing all this on Our Ancestors since September 2009 like getting excited with old photos like this one.


I know Amy is still reading this blog and that’s the reason I will keep on writing even when people only have a fleeting interest.

This being said…

I found someone whose interest isn’t fleeting.

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Saturday Morning June 27, 2020 – Little Eva

I have written a lot about your ancestors on Our Ancestors.

Most probably Lillie Lagasse and her husband Eugene Dubé.jpg

This is post 1565.

This time I will be writing about what Eva Dubé wrote Jennette Rockwell Hamilton in 1978.

Above is what I believe were Eva’s parents Eugène Dubé and Lillie Lagasse. I am still not 100% sure they are Eva’s parents.


What I am sure of is that this is Eva Dubé with her friend Marion Ellis on the left on this montage I had made a year ago trying to figure out who was the little girl with her parents.

Eva Dubé montage

The mother would be my grandaunt, the sister of my grandfather Léo.

Léo Lagacé Senior

Our Ancestors is always about sharing information on your ancestors, and this post is about sharing what Eva Dubé wrote Jennette Rockwell Hamilton in 1978.

Numérisation_20200627 (8)

Numérisation_20200627 (10)

To be continued…