André Meignier dit la Gaschette

That’s what’s Romain Becquet wrote in the marriage contract!

I finally have a copy of the contract.

It’s undeniable what notaire Becquet wrote. André’s father’s name Michel, seen below, shares the same way the CH was written back then.

However that’s the only document where the dit name La Gaschette is found which is why I still believe notaire Romain Becquet was probably a little hard of hearing. If André’s dit name was really la gâchette, then why every other document of his descendants I found we see dit l’Agacé, dit Lagassé or dit Lagassée?

I guess we will never know if Romain Becquet was a little hard of hearing or André had a speech impediment with the “s” sound?

A Day in a Life – 2 June, 1900

1900 census McGilly Family

You learn so much with censuses.

You learn so much when you look for your ancestors. That’s why I have helped my distant cousin even though she might not be one after all.

You should know 23andMe isn’t foolproof.

I have tried to find our common DNA ancestor, but I hit a brick wall. All this research won’t be wasted though  because I know that someday another distant cousin will contact me.

Getting back to 2 June, 1900… The McGilly family is on that page as well as the…

To be continued…