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Dennis Lagasse II

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Lost Ancestors

Why I have been writing so much since 2009…

Our Ancestors

That could have been the title of this blog I created back in September 2009.

There are so many lost ancestors out there to be reunited with.


I have got little clues about this young man who might be related to Phoebe Alexandre.

Could he be her husband Charles Lestage?

Phoebe Alexandre

Phoebe was a lost ancestor back in 2010 on a picture of sisters taken in the late 1890s in Bristol, Connecticut.

Phoebe Alexandre and Myra Alexandre - sisters

Little by little lost ancestors came to life on Our Ancestors.

First with Myra Alexandre.

possible Malvina Lagasse late 1890's Bristol, Conn.

young Myra Alexandre daughter of Philomene Lagasse and Jean-Baptiste Alexandre

Myra married William Archambault.

Myra Alexandre and William Archambeault

Myra’s and William’s descendants connected and shared a lot since they had a lot to share.

My new found third cousin has very little to share about what she knows on her great-grandmother Phoebe Alexandre seen here from Joe’s collection.

Phoebe Alexandre

But that’s okay. People can’t share what they don’t have.

Maybe in five years from now someone related to Phoebe’s…

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A French Canadian Family – Augustin Noel and Sophia Allaire

A blog about genealogy

Ellen's Family Quilt

“Nobody knows” – as the saying goes.  It has been almost half a century, and I still don’t know where my 2nd great grandfather was born!  Over the years I have met and corresponded with many relatives.  It has been an enjoyable journey, and even to this  day, I come across new found cousins with information.   I have also become involved with DNA research, and possibly this will be the key to finding the information I am seeking.

“The old-timers have departed this earth, and now I have become the “old-timer”!

Let me start at the beginning:

Augustin NOEL (Austin Newell) and Paul NOEL(Newell) came to America from Canada in the late 1840’s. They lived in the Blackstone River Valley area of Massachusetts for about 10 years (1850-1860).  Augustin married Sophia ALLAIRE (Allen) in Millbury, Massachusetts on February 16, 1852.  According to Augustin NOEL and Sophia ALLAIRE’S marriage record, Augustin’s father’s name was Jean and his mother‘s…

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How I met Bernadette on Family Search?

I had little to go on, but I guess I was lucky.

I am trying to find out about my father’s  family. He is ***. He was born and grew up in and around Boston Massachusetts. His mother we do not know anything about. Their is a Bernadette Moreau.

Click here.


Source Family Search



Then the floodgates opened wide with Bernadette’s twin sisters and her mother’s name!


Click here.

See you tomorrow…

See you  tomorrow…

This  is  how this search began last night when I left this final reply to someone who had sent me this private message using this post

I am trying to find out about my father’s  family. He is ***. He was born and grew up in and around Boston Massachusetts. His mother we do not know anything about. Their is a Bernadette Moreau. She married a man called Phillip Moreau in we think France. Some of the people in your blogs look a lot like I do and my father. There are no pictures or info. Do you have the last names in your family tree that I have posted above? Sure do appreciate any help you can give. I would like to let my two sons have something of both sides of the family. Let me know if you do or don’t.. Enjoyed your blog a lot! Thank you so much.

Who was I kidding?

I thought I had gotten over my addiction for people’s ancestors.

But I got curious and started looking for Bernadette Moreau on Family Search.

The more I looked, the more I found out about Bernadette and her ancestors.


Click on the image to have a closer look.



Click on the image to have a closer look.

To be continued?


How it all started…

About whose headstone it was…




Our Ancestors

This is the picture that is hanging on the wall of my office.


Édouard Métayer

It is the picture of Édouard Métayer. He was a fireman and made captain in 1911.

Édouard is the father of my paternal grandmother Juliette Métayer.

Édouard died on April 2, 1928, on the eve of his 34th anniversary as a Montreal fireman.

The only memory I had as a child was a framed picture of this fireman in an old apartment on Mentana Street in Montreal back in the 1950s.

My grandparents were living there. My grandsparents were poor and I knew little about them. My grandmother Juliette had told me that her father, Édouard Métayer, had died when he tried to stop the horses while responding to a fire alarm. The horses were scared by a train that was coming.

Édouard died a month later.

That is all I knew. At that time…

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Memories of My Mother.

Memories of John’s mother


I don’t think I have as many memories as I could have had of my mother. Not when I was growing up. Not as many as my sisters, maybe. We lived on a farm and I spent most of my life outside playing or fighting with my brother. We had a treehouse and it was all enclosed with old hessian bags and we could sit up there for hours and take shots with the .22 at crows or make little roads in the sand up on the hill for our toy cars. My baby brother came later. If I wasn’t with my brother I was out with my father on a tractor or in the sheep yards. I didn’t spend a lot of time inside. My mother did. But there are some things I remember and as I got older there were some more.
Before we moved to the bush…

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