Dowsett’s War, Part 2

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Part 2…

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Once I had the tip from my mother that my great-grandfather may have served in the Boer War, I went hunting for any records.  Sadly, I found no record of him in any of the records at either the National Archives or the War Memorial.  There were, however, other items at the Memorial that related to other Dowsetts, a handful from both of the World Wars.  It didn’t surprise me that there were others, but there were two Dowsetts that both saw active service at Gallipoli so I kept looking around.  There was an Arthur (Jack) Dowsett from a relative’s Ancestry tree that I had seen, and now I had come up with a citation for Jack Dowsett at the Memorial and war records for a J A Dowsett at the Archives.

After sifting through the records for his enlistment details and any family information, comparing data from a few…

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Dowsett’s War – Part 1

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Fascinating research

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A couple of years ago while watching the late news one evening I caught the TV spot for’s free trial membership. Having had more than just a passing interest in my genealogy and heredity since doing a high-school research project on my family tree, I decided to sign up and look into it.  Little did I know an amazing journey into my family history was awaiting me.Ancestry com

In my mid twenties I had spent considerable time reading about the history of my Scottish ancestry through my father’s side. I knew that my paternal grandfather Robert Hay along with his siblings had come from the Portobello area of Edinburgh and had migrated to Australia with their father in 1926. I also knew that my maternal grandfather Roy Dowsett and his brother Doug had served for Australia in World War II.  Beyond that, I knew nothing substantive about either side of…

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Grand papa in Saskatoon and friends.

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Wish he was my Grandpa…

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Many a time an often, for the sake of illustrating a post I have gone willy nilly to Mr Google and his ilk and nicked a pic. Sometimes the pic I nick is quite close to the point and sometimes it isn’t. Grandpa was a Chaplain with the Mounties, of that the family myth asserts. Make sure you look at all the pics. The last one is magic. So, herewith are a few pics that he shot for himself. The picture is on a magic lantern slide and you can see the cracks in the glass. Putting on snow shoes.   IMG_9064EditedWMCi-1   Pretending he is at the Nth Pole. IMG_9013 Some of his parishioners. IMG_8992 Him on the horse. Don’t know who t’other is. IMG_9002IMG_9015 (1) He’s got a gun. IMG_8970 (1)Like in an old movie.IMG_9020

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I met another descendant of Calixte Euchariste Chaumont…

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As a footnote to this reblog…

I never met Mr. Paul-Émile Chaumont after my first  visit.

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Post No. 3

If you live in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, you surely know Paul-Émile Chaumont…

He lives on 1st Avenue, a stone throw away from Richard Lauzon who lives on boulevard Sainte-Anne. Mister Chaumont phoned me Wednesday night. I was washing the dishes.

He said something about Doris Chaumont and I did not quite understand what he was talking about…

I thought he was the other Doris Chaumont, another descendant of Calixte, who lived in the Trait-Carré. Doris and I had gone with Yvon Lauzon to see him right after our litte genealogy breakfast last Saturday.

He was not home and we did not have time to go back and see him before Doris got back to Ottawa.

Paul-Émile Chaumont told me that his father Adrien Chaumont was Joseph Chaumont’s brother, the great-grandfather of Doris Chaumont.

I asked him if I could meet him. He said anytime I wanted to….

For me…

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Welcome home Louisiana… Prairie Soileau

Pierre Lagacé:

How I got carried away about this spin-off blog when I heard the kind of music played in Prairie Soileau…

Seeburn if you are still reading this blog, just drop a comment…

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Post No. 2

You have certainly read my article on Doris Chaumont’s visit to Ste-Anne-des-Plaines…

If you did not then click on the link just above.

Doris asked me if I could translate the article I wrote in my French blog Nos Ancêtres…

She told me Seeburn Chaumont could not read French, so I translated it in English.

Since people in Louisiana are so excited about the Chaumonts living here in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines and elsewhere in Canada, I have decided to create an English version of my blog  just for the Chaumonts in Louisiana.

So here we go… with my first article.

If you live in Louisiana, I guess you know where I took part of my title for my article.

I know people here in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines had not a faintess idea.

So I wrote this article for them in French

Now listen and start dancing…

Prairie Soileau

Doris had sent me…

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