Mission Impossible II – Antoine Sauvé dit Laplante

mission impossible

I have not forgotten about Antoine Sauvé dit Laplante.

Let’s just say I got stranded in Moscow, Quebec with my M.I. team.

mission impossible team

As I was trying to help Catherine with her Sauvé dit Laplante ancestor I had found this information on the Internet.

Explications concernant le nom de famille et des parents.

Sur l’acte de mariage le 30 avril 1804 à St-Constant le curé avait écrit mariage entre Antoine Majeur, fils d’Antoine Majeur et Marie Williams. Or ces lignes sont biffé et remplacé par “domicilié en cette paroisse”.. Il y a un contrat de mariage no. 352, rédigé le 28 avril 1804 devant le notaire Demers. Dans ce contrat est indiqué que les parents soient feu Antoine Magée et feue Lisette Laplante. Les enfants sont né avant 1817 sous le nom Magé, plus tard Laplante. Lors de son décès son nom est Laplante. Lors du décès de sa femme Charlotte Barré 20 ans plus tard son nom est devenu Antoine Sauvé. Denis Laplante a fait de recherches publiées dans le volume 48 des Mémoires de la Société Généalogique Canadienne-Française. Il vient à la conclusion que Antoine Majeur / Magé / Laplante / Sauvé se nommait probablement McGee et serait, de toute évidence, d’origine irlandaise. Les parents sont jusqu’à date inconnus. Inhumation de Antoine Laplante le 27 avril 1855, âgé de 77 ans, époux de Charlotte Barré de St-Clément de Beauharnois Source: Denis Laplante, vol 48 SGCF 1997 et propres recherches dans les registres paroissiales.

Corrections fait selon les commentaires constructives de Réjean Poirier –



I wrote this quick message to Cathy to tell her daughter that going to Libourne in France to see Pierre Sauvé’s birthplace would be a waste of time.


mission match

Hi Cathy,

For what I could find, Antoine Magee or whatever his name was written became Antoine Laplante or Antoine Sauvé dit Laplante. I could not see the parish register, but someone did and wrote about it.

Antoine’s parents might have been Marie Williams and Antoine McGee, but that is all presumption.

For what I know he was not a descendant of Pierre Sauvé because the priest would have written his parents’ names.
Sauvé had been a well-known name in Quebec since Pierre Sauvé and his numerous descendants.
There is no reason whatsoever to omit his parents’ name.

So the hypothesis of McGee is still alive, but no proof will ever be found.

I can invite you as a member on my private Ancestry site.

5 thoughts on “Mission Impossible II – Antoine Sauvé dit Laplante

  1. Hello Pierre, I am in need of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE team! I have been trying for 2 years to find my g-grandfather Christopher H Tedford who came from Ireland to Vermont thru Canada. To say I have been chasing my tail around in circles is an understatement! I have all the information from when he crossed at Alburg to his death. I am looking for info on he and g-grandmom Mary Ann Harris from Canada to Ireland and hopefully back thru the centuries. So, to take the team’s motto of “Start Small–Start Slow” I decided that just maybe since their son William was born at St.Jean (hope that is in Quebec) in 1852-53, there might be some record there of his birth with some info on his parents that may be of some use to me. As always thank you for any help you may be able to give me. Judi

    • Hi Judi,

      I will post this comment in full view so my readers will see it.

      We will go from there even though this one seems to be an impossible mission.

    • If the information is still needed… I am the one who unsolved the mystery about Antoine Sauvé dit Laplante or Antoine Laplante. Just saw this message on the internet.
      If you want to ask a question….

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