Remember this picture Ron…?

All in the Family

Now look at this one…

Déjà vu…?

Then try this little montage…

Remember Ron that this house was for sale when you came to visit Ste-Anne…?

The man who restored this house bought it and is restoring it.

Are you still planning a visit this July?

Meet Paul’s Great-great-grandparents

I don’t know if Paul Dauphin had this picture of his maternal ancestors.

This picture was one of almost a thousand pictures scanned from the city hall’s archives. It belongs to Ginette Leclair who is related to the Leclair family.

This particular picture is part of Rosario Gauthier’s collection, one of best renown genealogists in Quebec. Rosario died in 2008 and was interred in Ste-Anne’s cemetery,

Rosario Gauthier would visit people in his hometown of Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines and would give them pictures of their ancestors. This is how we are now able to share this picture of Paul’s great-great-grandparents.

We owe Rosario a lot. He had more than 200 pictures in his collection and many people here in Sainte-Anne still have them.

I had seen the Lacasse-Charbonneau picture, but it was not that interesting… until two days ago when Paul Dauphin from North Carolina wrote a comment on this blog.

This is a beautiful story which is only beginning as Paul will discover when he visits us in July. Just like Ron Depatie and Doris Chaumont, he will be amazed at what he will see and find out about his roots.


Stay tuned for more…

Next time, I will show you two pictures Paul sent me and wants to share with you.


I Know Someone Who Is Going to Be Very Happy…

I did not have much to write about on this blog since I wrote about my good friend Ron Depatie  down in Ontario.

Well until this afternoon when someone wrote a comment…

Dear Mr. Lagacé,

My name is Paul Dauphin and I live in North Carolina.  I very much enjoy receiving and reading your blogs every day.  

My mother (Florence Charbonneau) was from Ste-Anne des Plaines.  Her father was Arthur Charbonneau and her mother was Alice Leclerc. 

Arthur’s father was Ovide Charbonneau (I enjoyed the hockey connection in one of your blogs).  She had two brothers: Remi and Flavien.  Flavien was a priest.  She also had a sister – Anita.  All are interred in Ste-Anne des Plaines, except my mother.  She is interred in St. Johnsbury, Vermont where I was born.

Ovide was married to Onezime Vezeau and their children were: Arthur (my grandfather), Joseph, Anna, Henri, and Rev. P. Albert.  

All this is to introduce myself and put into context why I am so interested in your blogs.  I will be visiting Ste-Anne this July around the 12th to the 14th.  My wife and brother and I will be going to the cemetery to pay our respects to my aunts and uncles as well as the ancestors that haven’t met.  I am also trying to get in touch with some of my relatives who I haven’t seen in over 30 years.

I would very much like to meet you if that is possible.  I have many photographs in which you might be interested in for your research.  I have two photographs of old houses in Ste-Anne – one is the house of Ovide Charbonneau and the other is of the house of François Charbonneau.

I have many other old photos of  people in Ste-Anne that I would gladly share.
I have pictures of Laure Estelle and Sylvio Léveillé, who are related and may be related to you? Also of Gerard and Rita Alari.  Rita and Laure Estell are Charbonneaus.

In any case I would love to sit and chat with you and buy you the beverage of your choice.

At this time I have booked rooms at the Hotel Best Western Plus St. Jerome.  If you have a better suggestion closer to Ste-Anne it would be greatly appreciated.  

I hope that you don’t mind that I wrote to you in English (much easier for me) but I can try to write you in French if you prefer.  I read and speak French moderately well.  

Hoping to hear from you,


I know some guy in Ontario with roots in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines who is going to be very happy to read my articles once more… and meet a 6th cousin.

News from New Zealand

I have been meeting so many nice people around the world since I started writing this English version of my blog about genealogy.

This time it’s someone’s daughter who was a pilot with the RNZAF.

She has a lot of blogs just like I do and she loves to post pictures.

One blog caught my attention.

It’s about her father, Flight Lieutenant James Evans Jenkins.

Wonderful stories and amazing pictures.


Click here.

I just wanted to share what she wants to share with others.