Blogging makes you lose weight!


This is a group picture of students I had back in 1991.

I was quite an impressive teacher with all that weight.

Underneath laid someone gentile as Koji commented yesterday.

You read the comments don’t you?

Pierre! OMG! Is that you with your students??? I didn’t know you were a teacher.

I’m sure they learned of sacrifices and bravery! And what did I do to deserve this?!?!

You are much too gentile, Monsieur…

Merci beaucoup! And you sure do know me!

That’s the fun part of this blog.

There is an anecdote to this picture posted on Facebook last week.

I got notified I was on a picture…



I read all of the comments on Facebook and I kept a low profile. Comments made were nice and not derogatory.

Then I dropped a few comments about my weight and my sense of humor (humour if you are English speaking).


No more commenting…

I believe some students never expected this, just like Koji receiving his award.

Teacher's Pet Awards


Second row on the right, the girl next to the boy with the Montreal Canadiens jersey…


I met her yesterday. She was with her kids and I was with my grandson in the same municipal park. She did not recognize me.

I told her…

You’re one of my students.

She looked at me… and I told her my name. She told her’s.

Then she remembered and said…

They don’t make teachers like you anymore.

OMG! Moi!

Moi, moi, moi…

This is my final Teacher’s Pet Awards.

I could do more but you have to know when to stop in life. I know I had a hard time stopping writing on this blog.

Having a classroom full of students raising their hands to give the answer to a question can be heartbreaking to a teacher who never wanted that some of his students would think he had some teacher’s pets.


23 years ago…


Teacher's Pet

Moi, moi, moi…

Who will be the 4th Teacher’s Pet Awards given to?

Who's Who

He writes about different subjects… from recipes to WWII veterans he met in his life.

He drives a Mustang and he likes P-47 Thunderbolt.

Can you guess who’s the 4th Teacher’s Pet Awards?

This is a link to recipes he wrote about.

This is a link to one WWII veteran he met and wrote about.

This is a link to Koji’s photos on Flickr. You should find his Mustang there.

This is a link to a P-47 Thunderbolt I wrote about?

Koji is an American of Japanese descent.

He wrote about his father, and his father’s brother.

Stories that will break your heart.

Stories he wrote with all this heart.


Families are the result of decades of relationships, twists of fate and world events.  It is unbelievable how one decision can ultimately determine how many descendants will be brought into this world…or what happens to them.

Twists of fate and world events can put siblings on opposite sides of a fence.  In my case, my uncle donned on the uniform of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II and died on Leyte. My father, although a US citizen like my uncle who was killed, was imprisoned in stateside “camps” during WWII by President Franklin D. Roosevelt – just one among over 110,000 Americans of Japanese descent. Dad then enlisted for the legendary 8th US Army’s Military Intelligence Service after being released from camp.  Two of my uncles also served in the US 8th Army during hostilities.

I hope you will find the stories and family photos intertwined with World War II to be fascinating.

Some home cooking, too!

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you will click on the links above and tell Koji you like what you see.

To you Sir my friend, it’s a honor to bestow this heartfelt award…

Teacher's Pet Awards

To Koji san

Sardonic? Who me?

Little old moi?


An unknown French-Canadian who never set foot in Florida with all those Canadian snowbirds.


Someone with deep roots in Deerfield, Massachusetts when two of his ancestors were captured in a French raid in 1704.

Moi, sardonic?

This almost unknown blogger who has been writing like crazy since 2008, and never received any bloggers’ awards except for being once nominated.


No way!

Teacher's Pet Awards


I have no malice.

Rosh is the third recipient.

She’s the one who had nominated me and gave me this crazy idea of creating a real genuine award.

A real genuine heartfelt award to bloggers who really need to be commended for what they write like Notes and GP. It’s easy to see through them through their blogs…

They are just open books.

They have so much to give.

Take the time to visit Rosh’s blog and discover a wonderful person with her first ever post. I would have never found her without her nominating me for an award.


Sardonic? Moi?


I have no malice inside of little old moi.

 I wonder if I should start a blog about little old moi…?

Being famous…

Some people will do anything to be famous.

To get their 15 minutes of fame.

It’s not my cup of tea.

I don’t have to be famous to get recognition.

You don’t have to be famous also to get some here on this blog.

In fact it’s the first criteria.

This is why I created this award.

Teacher's Pet Awards

Meeting beautiful minds out there on cyberspace has been the most precious gift I have received since I started writing blogs in 2008. It was about a recollection I had: a picture of a great-grandfather.

Édouard Métayer

I hope you have enjoyed some posts of my first two bloggers I have given that award.

I have many more in store for you.

All are picked at random as I wash the dishes. My wife cooks and I wash the dishes. She uses a lot of dishes and I have a lot of recollections from which I select one.

It does not matter if I am rich and famous.

In fact I am none of those.

Just a compulsive blogger who can’t stop washing dishes and having recollections.

See you next Monday for the 3rd Teacher’s Pet Awards.

Who will be the 3rd Teacher’s Pet Awards?

This time you will have to wait until June 9th.

I promised myself to ease up a bit on this blog, and let you enjoy the blogs of first two recipients…

Teacher's PetTeacher's Pet

         Notes to Ponder                                      Pacific Paratrooper

Make sense.

It also makes sense to comment on the posts that touches you the most.

I always take time to comment like commenting on this post from my virtual little sister Notes.

Sometimes we have to pay attention in life.

2nd Teacher’s Pet Awards – Pacific Paratrooper

Blogger’s note

I just could not wait till next Monday especially since Notes has not written about her award I gave her yesterday.

Teacher's Pet Awards

Maybe she will read this one. 

Den Umschlag bitte …

I can’t recall how I came to stumble upon this blog.

Maybe because of the glider picture seen here.

I know it was back around Christmas 2012 that I had found the blog.

I could not help reading in the same day all the posts that blogger had written since September 2012 about her father who was a paratrooper in the Philippines in 1944.

I did not know anything about paratroopers being in the Pacific War.

I knew nothing… nothing…


Was? Fallschirmjäger in den Pazifischen Krieg?
Ich weiß nicht…
(Babylon translation)

This is her first post.

The rest is just about history, the kind you don’t find in history books.

So GP you’re my second “random” Teacher’s Pet Award.

Now try guessing who will be the recipient of the third one…


With all my admiration…

1st Teacher’s Pet Awards – Notes to Ponder

I had a recollection after doing the dishes with my son last week. I get most of my inspiration from doing the dishes or when I take a shower.

Honest, you have to trust me about this…

Trust is everything in life and on this blog about genealogy!

I was just putting a leftover bell pepper in a plastic container. The bell pepper was orange in color which is not that important to be able to understand this post. What I had recollected about was the first time in my life I saw my first bell pepper, a green one which is also an unimportant information. I was visiting a friend and his mother was cutting a green bell pepper.

I was 10 years old which makes me a baby-boomer although my father never went to war and got killed. Something to ponder about isn’t?

Recollections was the title of a post from a blogger who at first I thought was a man.

I am a pretty bad judge of a blogger being a male or a female.

Our Ancestors is all about recollections and vice-versa. I have them all the time like the bell pepper anecdote. It reminded me of where I lived back in 1958.

After that recollection I had a flash.

How to tell the world about my favorite bloggers?

I was never a teacher’s pet nor as a teacher did I have any.


Teacher's Pet

I trust you 100% my dearest teacher..

I never had any teacher’s pets that I know of, although some of my students could have believe otherwise. Everyone was on the same level though some students would stand up amidst the crowd.


Teacher's Pet

I picked it all by myself from my own apple tree…

It did not matter because I loved them all.

This is my first “random” teacher’s pet award though some of my favorite bloggers could believe otherwise.

It goes to Notes for her post about recollections.

Click here.

Just write Notes a comment and let her know she won an award. I am sure it will put a smile on her face.

I will be back next Monday with my second Teacher’s Pet Award.

Teacher's Pet Awards

Please, please, pick me…