Isaïe Sauvé: Honoré Sauvé’s and Julie Leroux’s first child

I don’t usually post anything on weekends… except when I promise something important on Fridays…

Thank God for Fridays…

This is Isaïe Sauvé.

This photo was one of the many photos my aunt had in her two plastic grocery bags stashed away in the back of her closet in her room on the second floor…

These photos will never find themselves among the trash in a garbage truck because I scanned them all.

When I scanned this particular picture in 2007, I never realized at the time that I was going to post it someday on a blog.

I did not even know what was a blog back then.

This is my 126th article on this blog on genealogy.

This is not that much when you compare how many articles I wrote on the French version of my blog on genealogy.

More than 800 articles more or less since January 2008.

So you see, genealogy can become somewhat compulsive or addictive…

There is so much to write about…

Like Isaïe Sauvé, Honoré’s and Julie’s pride and joy.

You learn so much when you search for information like Isaïe who got married three times.

Also, you might find who was present at Honoré Sauvé’s and Julie Leroux’s wedding.

Do you want to take a wild guess?



You’ve guessed right…

Joseph Sauvé!

Odette’s ancestor!

Here’s the proof.

Click on the image to zoom in

Joseph Sauvé was a witness to his brother Honoré’s marriage, and probably his wife Mathilde Leduc who there to…

The marriage took place on November 8, 1842 at St-Ignace church in Coteau-du-Lac.



A view of St-Ignace church, it is located at 339 Le Fleuve road in the city of Coteau-du-Lac. The parish was founded in 1833, the first church was built between 1849 and 1854. It was destroyed by a fire on December 23, 1908. It was rebuilt and destroyed again by a fire on December 8, 1999. The walls survived and it was rebuilt with a different bell tower.


That was 168 years ago.

168 years later, two Sauvé descendants meet on the Internet and team up to discover more about their ancestors…

I wonder if Isaïe Sauvé looked a little like his uncle Joseph Sauvé…?

Or if Joseph Sauvé looked like his other nephew, my great-grandfather Léon…?

I will have to take a look in my plastic grocery bags…

That would be something.