Dennis IV’s pictures

You must know by now how much I like old pictures.

Dennis sent me these Friday night.

They were not that clear, but I didn’t mind at all.

It was like a big family reunion.

These pictures were taken in the early 1900s. I think I recognized some people…


I know Sandy and Joe will.

Click on each to zoom in.

Lawrence Lagasse

I knew Harry Lagasse had a second son whose name was Laurent or Lawrence.

The first one was Gerard seen here.


Dennis IV broke the news when he sent me these.

The plane was a WACO 10.

I don’t know if Harry had any other children.

It must have been a terrible news for Anna Campbell, Lawrence’s mother.

I don’t have any more information about this family.

Maybe someday someone will write me a comment like this person who said Gerard Lagasse was his grandfather.

This is what he wrotes…

Hi Pierre
I am the first son of Gerard H Lagasse and would be glad to share info. with you.


He never wrote back.

I probably scared him away with all this genealogy thing or his computer broke.

Click here…

Harvey L Lagasse Jr

At first, I thought Harvey L Lagasse was the son of Harvey, the son of Dennis III.

Harvey is the second on the left.

Harvey Louis Lagasse Senior married Maude Powe. This Harvey is not the son of Dennis III. 

This is picture of Harvey with his wife Mae.

That’s the only thing we know about Mae.

Harvey is seen here with  his father Dennis III and his brother Victor Philippe.

I know a lot don’t I?

It’s because I dig a lot…

Want to know more?

What about Victor Lagasse and Alice Myers and Harry Lagasse… and Anna Campbell.

Harry is in this picture with his little baby boy Gerard.

Look at those ears…

Harry would have a second son, Lawrence. I will tell you more about him next time.

As I said, it never stops when you are searching for your roots, but I could never have imagined that I would find someone whose name was also Dennis… 

Dennis Lagasse IV or Dennis LaGachette IV.

What about Harvey L. Lagasse Jr?

Well he is related to us. His grandfather, Louis Lagasse, was Dennis II’s brother.

Someday someone will write me just like Dennis IV did and he or she will be amazed by what I know about his or her roots.

Genealogy is not my forte

You know, genealogy is not my forte, aviation and World War II is…

When searching for my roots, I stumbled upon this story of Harvey L Lagasse, a bombardier with the U.S. Air Force.

I was somewhat curious.

Read this book excerpt…

So I dug deeper into that story…

And deeper…

Click here.

Harvey L Lagasse Jr

2nd Lt Bombardier 758 Squadron
MACR: 10719
2nd Lt Harvey L Lagasse, Jr served as a Bombardier in the 758 Bomb Squadron on Lt Jerry A Cullison’s B-24 crew that was shot down on 459 BG’ Mission 95, 8-22-44 to bomb Blechhammer, Germany O-R, flying in “The Moron” Serial # 42-52344. He had flown in B-24s “Hard To Get” and “Beats Me Mack” before being shot down in “The Moron”.He along with his crew, became POWs and the crews’ POW treatment is well related in Ernest Liner`s story as a Gunner on this crew and their being shot down.

Now, how is this Harvey Lagasse related to all of us… us Lagasses I mean.

Come and see me tomorrow since now you know what is my forte…

Meet Levi Napoleon Lagasse

In 2010 when I was searching for my roots, Levi Napoleon Lagasse was just a name. His father whose name was Dennis also was just a name.

It took some time, but I finally found Dennis III’s descendants.

Now Levi is my new found first cousin.

His son Lionel is my second cousin and his son Dennis IV is my third cousin just like Sandy.

Like her, Dennis is sharing what he knows about his family and I share with his relatives like Nicole.

This has been a wonderful trip down genealogy lane…

Levi died in 1964 just like my grandfather Léo Lagacé Senior.

Like Levi Napoleon Lagasse, my grandfather Léo Lagacé Senior liked cigars…

Levi was Léo’s nephew.

I don’t believe they ever met.

Dennis Lagasse III’s five sons

Great news…

We have found Gabriel Gilles Menard’s son. We will keep you posted on this.

As for this next picture sent to me by Dennis IV…

It’s somewhat precious…

We see Dennis III’s five sons.

Joseph Lagasse, the youngest, is in front.

Levi Napoleon Lagasse, Dennis IV’s grandfather, is on the left…

Then we have Harvey, Victor, Dennis III and Harry.

That picture was probably taken in the early 1920s.

Dennis III would died in an accident in 1922.

This is the obituary I had received from a descendant of Dennis III.

Mr. Lagasse was a man of quiet disposition, steady habits, devoted to his home and family…

Precious information for someone digging his or her roots.