Why I Want to Remember Rossie?

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Why I want to remember Rossie on Our Ancestors?

Rossie never married and only had his sister Claire’s descendants to remember him.

Maybe I want to write about Flying Officer Ross Eveleigh Johnson because the person who took this picture wants to know more about that young man…?

I contacted that person to get permission to use it on Our Ancestors. I told that person a little about what I was doing on Our Ancestors, and I sent a few photos shared by Nicolas Paquin.

This is one of them.

I colorised it two days ago in my spare time.

Then I got curious about the other pilots… The pilot of the right died on July 18 1944, four days after Rossie. The pilot beside him is H.G. Dawber DFC. He told his story on Memory Project. You can Google his name and find more about him.

Searching on Google is something I do a lot to find information I have been using on Our Ancestors. People searching information about their ancestors on Google usually end up here.

This is post 1499.

Next time more about this young man who like more than 19,000 Canadian airmen never grew old.