Joe from California…

It is worth the effort writing this English version of my French blog on genealogy.

Joe sent me an e-mail after I sent him a message on the My Heritage Website.

I told him I had a picture of Appolline Poissant.

Joe is related to Appolline Poissant the wife of Georges Landry. I sent him what pictures I had.

I posted several articles about the Landry family.

My grandfather was first married to Maria Landry, Georges’ granddaughter, before my grandfather disappeared in the 1920’s.

I always taught Maria had died and that my grandfather, heartbroken, had left for Montreal and remarried in 1926.

The story was quite different and I posted it on this blog.

Someone wrote a comment about the Chaumonts…

Some wrote me a a comment in this article…

Here is the comment:

I was wondering where is the grave of Narcisse Chaumont.

He is my great-great-great grandfather, which I trace by his son Sebastien, and Sebastien’s son Adraste who is my great-grandfather.

Doris Chaumont has a genealogy site about her ancestors. I know a lot about her Chaumonts ancestors but she knows a lot more.

You can pay her a visit here at this address…

I will tell Doris someone down in the States is looking for his ancestors.