Having fun down South…

with the weather I mean?


Fox News

That bad weather you are having down South is not our fault… here in French Canada.

We have nothing to do with it.

French-Canadians are mostly fun people… and very friendly specially when it comes to genealogy.

You don’t believe it…?

Ask Ron.

Ron and I

You see 900,000 French-Canadians emigrated to the United States in the 1800s and the 1900s. Ron emigrated to Ontario when he was young. He found his roots in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines and I showed him around town.

Ron wants to come back to Quebec very badly…

Eileen Katherine Sovie

This is one of the descendants of someone who moved to the United States in the 1800s…

Eileen is very special, so is this picture.

Eileen Sovie is very special to Odette Clouthier.

You see, Eileen Sovie is Odette’s grandmother.

As I said yesterday, Odette has been looking for her roots since 2000, and she knew a few thing about her grandmother’s lineage.

With what she knew, and with the help of Denis, her 2nd cousin, I was able to link Eileen Sovie to Joseph Sauvé and Mathilde Leduc.

Joseph Sauvé, as you must know by now, was Honoré Sauvé’s brother.

I had found everything about my great-great-grandfather Honoré back in 2007…

That’s great-great Pierre

Honoré looks a bit like me… if you take out the glasses… and take a little bit hair off the top.

I share something more than common ancestors with Odette.

Call it pride.


Click on the image for a larger view

Being proud of our ancestors, and in a way, bringing them back to life by remembering them even though we never saw them in real life.

Honoré died in 1899, but his memories live on thanks to that picture.

We don’t have a picture of Joseph Sauvé nor his son Arthur Sauvé, nor his grandchild William Sovie, nor his great-grandchild Otis E. Sovie… but we have Eileen’s picture.

But I am sure there are some pictures somewhere in an old box in an attic.

I hope people won’t throw these precious photographs in a garbage truck when their owners die. I have seen that a lot.

Next time, I will show you some old pictures of the Sauvé family.