Well I was wrong…

As an amateur genealogist it does not bother me when I am wrong.

It did not take me 10 years to figure out who this beautiful young lady was after all.

87389170_10218684029106457_1306780538958249984_n (3)

This beautiful young woman was posing on this photo shared by my distant cousin Dennis this week. She is next to my “newly found young” grandfather Leo with his wife Maria Landry in front of him.


Top row (L-R) Adéla L’Héraut is the wife of Philippe Lord; Léo Lagacé is my grandfather who had married Maria Landry in 1912; Cléophas Deslanges is a widower who later would marry Marguerite Lagacé in 1919; Philippe Lord husband of Adéla L’Hérault married in 1914; Éva Côté sister of Éméline Côté, Adélard Lagacé, brother of Léo, he was married to Éméline Côté.

Sitting: Maria Landry wife of Léo; Yvonne Lagacé, daughter of Adélard and Éméline; Marguerite Lagacé is the sister of Léo and Adélard; in front of Marguerite is Laurette Lagacé daughter of Adélard and Éméline; next her sister Annette Lagacé; Éméline Côté wife of Adélard Lagacé

I still have to figure exactly the date when this photo was taken and by whom. The key to finding her was this old photo also shared by Dennis.

My grandfather is on the left and his cousin Philippe Lord is on the right. I would guess this post card photo was taken around 1908. Both men look younger than the 1916 photo. Léo Lagacé would marry Maria Landry in 1912 and Philippe Lord would married Adéla L’Hérault in 1914. It would be normal that they bought their wives to visit Marguerite Lagacé.

Philippe was the oldest child of Philippe Lord and Marguerite Lagacé. Philippe’s father died in 1905 the same year his younger brother Lucien was born. Lucien is the boy in front of his mother.

Albert Lord is on the right and Aldéi Lord is on the left. We are in St-Hyacinthe. Marguerite looks younger. Lucien looks to be around 8 years-old. I would date this photo around 1913 three years before the group photo.

I will try to find descendants for these people (except my grandfather’s of course) and write about their ancestors on Our Ancestors. That’s the least I can do to keep this blog active.

There is one question remaining though. Who took this picture?

I have a theory… François-Xavier Frégeau, Éva Côté’s husband, took it.

“We have enough fake news going around Mary.” (pun intended)

I won’t even try to identify this beautiful young lady. I am sure we will find out who she is 10 years from now.

87389170_10218684029106457_1306780538958249984_n (3)

This beautiful young woman is featured on this photo shared by my distant cousin Dennis this week. She is next to my “new found young” grandfather Leo with his wife Maria Landry in front of him.


I told Dennis I could kiss him when I saw all the pictures he had. There were also planes!

This is no fake news!


image1 (4)

Dennis and I share the same ancestor. He’s this old man.

Dennis Lagasse II

This old man was younger back in 1895 seen here with little Harvey and Marie the children of Dennis Lagasse III and Amanda Ménard.

Dennis Lagasse II (1842-1927)

The above is not the original because I spruced it up a little as a tribute to a family man.

Dennis, who likes to call himself Dennis IV, has been sharing his father’s old pictures his father had kept all the years in cigar boxes and other boxes. Without these old pictures I would not be writing Our Ancestors and you won’t be reading it.

Reading it is what it’s all about and also being able to reunite with lost ancestors like Mary’s ancestors.

Flavie and Myra Alexandre

So how do you read Our Ancestors?

Like an attempt to relive the past of lost ancestors and connecting the dots. This is another photo Dennis sent last night working “late evening oil”


Who do you think is the woman?


I will give you a hint…

montage Marguerite Lagacé



Brick walls… Nazaire Perron Take 2

Updated 24 July 2021

Something quite unexpected happened yesterday after I wrote my last post about brick walls

87415111_10218684029666471_8767731819849187328_n (2)

No Nazaire Perron is not on this photo.

Remember what I was writing yesterday?

Sometimes we get them. In fact almost all the time when looking for lost ancestors. My first brick wall was in 2007 while searching for my paternal grandfather. I knew almost nothing except he once lived in Connecticut. I had a few photos…

Well lo and behold loyal readers…!

Yesterday my cousin Dennis Lagasse IV shared newly found old photos of my paternal grandfather who I can vividly remember never spoke to me in my entire life.

He should have…

87454813_10218684029906477_1269357247662653440_n (2)

87983966_10218684029226460_3740825916775858176_n (2)

On this group photo I quickly identified where he was. My grandfather is on the left behind the woman smiling at us.


Then I quickly identified his brother Adélard who is on the right with his wife Éméline in front. Then came Maria Landry, my grandfather’s first wife he married in 1912. She is just in front of him.

I was able to date this photo since I knew who were the three children. They were Laurette, Annette and Yvonne Lagacé the daughters of Éméline Côté and Adélard Lagasse.

We see them on this photo I had that was taken in the 1950s.


Léo and Adélard came back to St-Hyacinthe in 1908 probably after their mother Henriette Alexandre had died in 1907.

Little Yvonne who was born in March 1911 is in front of Maria Landry. She looks to be about 4 or 5 years-old. So I am dating this photo around the summer of 1916.

The woman in the center is most probably my grandaunt Marguerite Lagacé, my grandfather’s sister who I am seeing for the first time. Marguerite was not a brick wall since I already knew a lot about her. She was first married to Philippe Lord who died in 1905. I think the man behind her must be Cléophas Deslandes whom she will marry in 1919. Cléophas Deslandes was a two-time widower first married to Malvina Choinière and then to Émérence Houle with whom he had many children. Émérence died in March 1916.

But I digress…

As for Marguerite she had four sons born between 1888 and 1905. His eldest son Philippe Junior could be on this photo with his wife Adéla L’Hérault whom she married in 1914 or these two could be siblings of Éméline Côté.

Which leaves me to figure out who is the mysterious young lady on the left.87389170_10218684029106457_1306780538958249984_n (3)


The young woman has to be Adéla L’Héreault.

Brick walls… Nazaire Perron

Sometimes we get them. In fact almost all the time when looking for lost ancestors. My first brick wall was in 2007 while searching for my paternal grandfather. I knew almost nothing except he once lived in Connecticut. I had a few photos…

My grandfather with my father and my uncle Marcel in a wheelchair.

My grandfather mortuary card…

I knew of course he was born in 1888, but I had no idea where he was born. I knew he was married to my grandmother Juliette Metayer of course, but I could not find any marriage act.

Little did I know back in 2007 that Léo and Juliette were never married!

That brick wall crumpled when someone helped me by sending this death certificate.

I had his mother’s name… H. Alexandre.

With this information I could find a marriage certificate in a genealogy database, but with a different bride’s name.

Maria Landry…!

I will spare you all the details, but Maria’s brother eventually kicked my grandfather out of St-Hyacinthe in the 1920s. The Landry family had never heard of my grandfather again until his grandson (that’s me) visited Maria’s nephew in 2009.

Although Antonio Landry never met my grandfather, he told me all about my grandfather’s antics he had heard from his family.

Antonio Landry
It is then I started writing about my grandfather on this blog. I wanted to find lost relatives and maybe lend a helping hand.

Hi Pierre
I am currently researching the Perron Family from Chicopee, Massachusetts. I have reached a brick wall with Nazaire Perron married to Celeste Demers. You have them in your tree but with no parents. Do you know any more about them?


Which brings me to brick walls, Nazaire Perron, and why I have him in my family tree on Ancestry even if he is only the father-in-law of a first cousin twice removed.

To be continued…

How to search this blog? – And much more…

Updated 19 October 2021

I know it must to hard to find your ancestor on Our Ancestors or one of your ancestor’s photo on the Internet, so feel free to ask because everything is free on Our Ancestors and its sequel Our Ancestors II.


Courtesy Dennis Lagasse IV

This is why I am posting this image so you can find the search button under the comment section.

If you type a name into the search box, you might find lost ancestors I wrote about. Of course if the name is “Sorel” then you might find articles I wrote on the town of Sorel in Quebec also…

More updates down here on the sequel to Our Ancestors.

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Geraldine Sorel – Redux II

Our Ancestors is about preserving the past for future generations.

Laura just wrote a comment about Geraldine Sorel. Geraldine is her grandmother. 

Hello, I am Geraldine’s granddaughter. I am interested in who might be doing this research.

In 2015 I had written once more about Geraldine Sorel in a post that was first written in 2013.

Laura’s comment rekindled my interest about Geraldine Sorel and how I came about to write about her.

This is the original post with the sequel written after.


Geraldine seems be have been the only child of Ernest Sorel (Sorell) and Amelia Alexandre (Alexander).


I don’t have a picture of Geraldine, but I know there are some out there. I have found the family in the 1940 U.S. Census now available online. Geraldine is 16.

1940 Ernest Sorel

There is a remote chance I will find some descendants of Amelia and Ernest. On April 3, 1940, Ernest Sorel (Earnest Sorel) was living at 211 Lafayette Street in New Britain, Hartford, Connecticut. He was an assistant foreman in a hardware factory. Ernest was born in Cambridge, Ontario, on August 2, 1891.

I know all about Ernest Sorel’s ancestors.

This information is now laying dormant…

One day it will blossom and make someone really happy.


The sequel written in 2015…

I am almost sure this is Caroline Ménard.

wpid-33fe2b6d-acf6-47b0-aea2-93150966943d.jpgShe was Amélia’s mother.


On this picture, the caption is wrong.


It doesn’t matter anymore. There were some wrong captions in the collection of old pictures Robin scanned in 2011, but it doesn’t matter anymore if we are almost sure this is Caroline Ménard.

wpid-33fe2b6d-acf6-47b0-aea2-93150966943d.jpgThe wife of Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II, the son of my great-grandaunt Philomene Lagasse.

1913 Philomene Lagasse

Doesn’t matter a bit…if some captions were wrong.

Mary was the sister of Agnes Alexandre Bleau

Intermission – Found on Facebook

The good side of Facebook…

When historians write about how Facebook, Twitter, etc… had changed the world will be fascinating to read if there are people still around to read it in 2120.

The above image was sent to me this morning by a Facebook friend knowing how history has always fascinated me even when I was a schoolboy.

This fascination led me to know more and more about history and how some individuals changed the world for good or bad.

It also led me to build model airplanes as a kid and leading me again to learn more and more about WWII.

I still build model airplanes.

Then in 2007 my world changed forever when my brother visited me with old photos.

I just had to know more about them and I started searching for my ancestors…

I then decided to share my research here on Our Ancestors in 2009. Then in 2010 I found Alyce who had written a message on a genealogy forum in 2000. Then I found Dennis who had written a message on a genealogy forum…

I found out that some people liked sharing their ancestors.

Our Ancestors is all about sharing and always will be.

I hope you will be reading this on Facebook…