Little Elva

Our Ancestors was created 10 years ago, and I decided to go public with my Ancestry tree last year. Yesterday morning when I opened my inbox I had a message from Ancestry. Then I had this comment on Our Ancestors.

My name is Laura.

While doing some family research on, I found that you have several photographs of my relatives, namely my grandmother Virginia Ruth Brown, her mother, my great-grandmother Elisabeth Rose (Smith) Brown, and my great-great-grandmother Elva Lagasa. I would love to know more about how you are connected to my family.

This is Little Elva.

Elva Lagassa in family picture

I had written about Little Elva and her family when someone else found Our Ancestors a few years ago and started sharing what he knew about his Lagasa ancestors who of course were Lagacés.

So I got working on that branch of Lagacés.

grandpa Lagasa's mother

I can’t remember exacty how many posts I wrote on Our Ancestors, but I know it’s a lot. Laura wants to get back on Our Ancestors and read what I wrote.

I might be mind-boggling Laura.

LaGasa, 1966 Nov 25

1940 Arthur J LaGasa

1900 Mitchell Lagasa and Delia Rock

Lagasa, Mitchel - marriage

Lagasa, Milton

Lagasa, Lillian

Lagasa, Joseph

Lagasa, Joseph L - marriage 1914

Lagasa, Joseph 2

Lagasa, James

Lagasa, Frank

Lagasa, Eliza

Lagasa, Delia

Joseph Lagasa 1841-1920

Joseph LaGasa

I think she will need some help…

The Frenzy Redux

I could not control myself, but I was not the only one who got carried away on Bob Barrette’s Facebook page on the Lagasse Family.

How can I stop when Keoni LaGasa put this on Facebook Wednesday night…?

John B Lagassa

He added this message.

I have been hooked on genealogy. Ever since I found out about my LaGasa (Lagace) Family. Yes the picture is of GG grandpa Joseph and family. My GGrandapa John B LaGasa Sr. Helped supervise the building of the Smith Tower in Seattle, WA. Front and center is GGrandpa John Benjamin LaGasa Sr.

John Benjamin Lagassa in family picture

He had this picture of Uncle Joe…

Uncle Joe

Again with this message… 

On the back of this picture it says Uncle Joe. So I am thinking this is GGrandpa’s Brother Joseph who in the family picture is top right.

Joe Lagassa in family picture

Keoni added two more pictures in his frenzy over old pictures. One person he thinks is Eliza Jane Wilson but she looks more like a daughter on the family picture.

duaghter Lagassa in family picture

Annie Lagassa?

Eliza Jane Wilson

Eliza Jane Wilson?

Some many questions about old pictures to feed amateur genealogists.

Lagassa children

Could this be Frank Lagassa and his five children according to the 1910 U.S. Census in International Falls, Koochiching, Minnesota?

Arthur Lagasse 10
Elva Lagasse 8
Bertha Lagasse 5
Richard Lagasse 3
Roy Lagasse 1

Does it really matter who these people are?

Of course it does matter!

Koeni LaGasa should not have posted more new pictures on the Facebook page…

But he did and posted even more.

Ida May Lagassa is easy identified in the group picture.

Ida May Lagassa in family picture

This is Ida May Lagassa. She is my 6th cousin twice removed. She is seen here with her husband Anson Elliott.

Ida May Lagassa

Anson Elliott and Ida May Lagassa

Here Ida is with her daughter Ethel.

Ida May Lagassa and child

Ethel Elliott and Ida May Lagassa

Ida Anson Ethel

Ida May Lagassa, Ethel Elliott and Anson Elliott?

Eliza in front of her home

Eliza Jane Wilson at home?

Eliza Jane Wilson close-up

Eliza Jane Wilson

Then someone else jumped in on the band wagon and linked Elva Lagassa the daughter of James Lagassa and Lois Rose Foreman or Forman.

Elva Lagasse

Elva Lagassa and her husband George Smith 

Could this be Elva Lagassa with her father James and her siblings…

Elva Lagassa in family picture

What do you think?

Does it really matter who these people were?