The Ashleys

Never got around to talk about the Ashleys.

I believe this is the right time to talk about that family.

Ashleys are in fact Dufresnes and they are of French-Canadian descent.

Ida Ashley seen here on her wedding day is the daughter of Arthur Ashley and Mary Archambeault.

wedding Henry Combe edited

We know everything about the Archambeault family thanks to Carl and his brother Frank Junior who shared pictures and information.

Remember Frank’s kitchen notes…?

Arthur Ashley married Mary Archambeault on August 21, 1882, in New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts. They had three children that I found: William, Ida and Ernest.

The three children are on the wedding picture.

I found Ernest E. Ashley in the 1940 U.S. Census in Middletown, Connecticut with his wife Mary J. and two children, Frances M. and Robert. Ernest is the young boy in the first row.

William is just behind his sister Ida.

Wedding Ida Ashley

Almost all the people on this picture have been identified except for the young women in the back row.

So what about the Dufresnes? Arthur Ashley was the son of Louis Dufresne and Delphine Lépine.

I did not go any further on that search since I never got any request from any descendants.