Urbain Aubé, tanneur, the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten

Final post on my latest compulsive research…

I always travel back in time to look for people in the Land of the Forgotten.


1852 famille Urbain Aubé

1852 Canadian census

In 1852, Urbain Aubé was a tanner in Beloeil, Quebec. He was 36 years-old, and was married to Lucil (Lucille) Trudeau who was 38 years-old.

The children were as follows…

Lucie, 11

Philomène, 10

Marie, 7

Émilie, 4

Alphonsine, 2

Lucie Aubé would later marry Adelphis Spaulding. Do you remember those two names?

Nine years later, Urbain Aubé was still living in Beloeil with his wife and two children, Alphonsine and Alphonse, and Lucille’s parents, Antoine Trudeau and Marie Dufault.


1861 Alphonse Aubé

Lucie Aubé had married Adelphis Spaulding in 1860, and Philomène Aubé had married Hilaire Benoit also in 1860. Émilie would married Napoléon Jolet in 1865.


Émilie Aubé 1847-1927

source Internet

I found nothing on Marie nor on Alphonsine.


Alphonse would later marry Elisabeth Leclerc, probably around 1878, and have at least three children: Lucie (1879), Walter (1891) and Clarence (1896).

You remember Alphonse Aubey don’t you?

1910 Alphonse Aubey

You are probably now tired of reading all this and looking at dead people who were in the Land of the Forgotten.

That’s the reason I want to write shorter posts whenever possible.


1880 Urbain Aubé

In 1880, Urbain Aubé and Lucie Trudeau were living with the Spaulding family.

Dead people?


Land of the Remembered from the Book of Life…