Strike one!

My great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre was not on this old picture.

Henrietta Alexander is on the left with her daughter Amy Henrietta Frances Eccles. Amy Henrietta Frances Eccles, born in 1874, married John Knox McClintock. The older woman is Dora Knox most probably related to John.

Sometimes we jump to conclusions. I did a lot of jumping since 2007 and I have learned to triple check what I find. Checking all this led me however to learn more about the Malloy family whom I wrote a lot on this blog.

Francis Malloy was born in 1909. He is Patricia’s father.

I wonder if Patricia still reads my blog.

Francis’ parents placed him in an orphanage, and he never knew why. Now I think I know.

And maybe I know a lot more about these old pictures my third cousin Joe in Plainville had in his collection…

Strike two?

The January Pause

Sometimes you need to pause when you have received so many gifts and start reflecting on those 91 gifts sent by Susan…

Rose Marie Louise Bernadette Lagasse (1894-1973)

Eugène Moreau et Rose Lagacé

I can’t remember who sent me this picture of Eugene Moreau and Rose Marie Louise Bernadette Lagasse who was Idala Lagasse and Albina Quintin’s daughter.

Idala 1930

Idala Lagasse


Albina Quintin

I met Idala in 2008 for the first time. We met on the Internet on a page of the 1901 Canadian census.

1901 Idala Lagasse

Census information are often misleading especially with dates and how names were spelled. Idala Lagassé was there with his wife Albina and two children, little Rose and Parmilias who I would find out later was Parmelia who died on December 30th, 1903.

I thought I might be somehow related to Idala.

Back in 2007 I did not know who were my paternal ancestors so I was looking everywhere for every little bit of information I could find. Idala was one of the sons of Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David.

descendants Pierre Lagacé

Could Idala and I be related?

Then in 2010, Alyce, one of Idala’s granddaugthers, and I connected through the Internet. That story started here if you want to read it. This is how two 3rd cousins met virtually to remember lost ancestors.


Last week, Alyce shared these small pictures her sister had found. I got all excited. Idala was smack in the middle.


But I could not figure out who were the woman on the left and the young lady on the right. I thought first Albina Quintin was on the right. Albina died December 1st, 1914 leaving Idala with seven children to care for.

Albina Quintin death certificate

Looking at the children’s birthdates I was able to identify who were these people.

children of Albina Quintin

Little Rose was there with all her younger siblings!

Rose Lagasse

family of Idala Lagasse and Albina Quintin

I know some of my readers are Samuel’s descendants. I hope they will be excited to see young Samuel Lagasse.

Samuel Lagasse (2)

Samuel Lagasse

Samuel LaGasse and Marie-Anne Lepage


I know I would be thrilled to see my grandfather with his family in the 1900s. To be thrilled one day is why I have been writing this blog since 2009.

Making other people happy is another reason.


This is post 1245.

Merry Christmas

Descendants of Pierre Lagassé and Marcelline David

Very few people know they are descendants of Pierre Lagassé and Marcelline David.

I am not one of them…

Strange isn’t to have searched for these people’s descendants since 2009?

Blanche and Edward

Blanche Lagasse is holding her son Edward Louis Robitaille born in 1921. Her mother Valéda Forand is behind her. The other women is Philomène Lussier,  Valéda’s mother.

Not much interesting unless you know who these people are on a picture dated around 1922…

Who was Edward Louis Robitaille?

Edward Louis Robitaille

Find a Grave

Here’s Edward with his sister Dolly.

Edward and Dolly

Dolly and Edward

Here’s Dolly with her father Louis Robitaille.

Dolly and Louis Robitaille

This is Louis’ father…


Jerry Robitaille

This is my file on Blanche Lagasse.

Blanche Lagasse's file

Blanche’s father was Frobe Lagasse.

Here’s Frobe with his family.

Frobe Lagasse's family

Blanche, Frobe, Laurent, Joseph Norman, Valéda Forand

Blanche is the little girl on the left. Blanche, born March 15, 1902, left this world on January 9, 2002.

But did she really leave us?

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

Blanche in the summer of 1903 with her mother Valeda Forand holding her…

Why are we searching for our ancestors?

Post no.1080

I am always thinking about stopping you know.

Why are we searching for our ancestors?

To link past generations to future generations…

At least this is what I have been doing since 2008, first on Nos ancêtres, a blog written in French, then this one you are reading right now.

I always reflect upon what I am doing here writing post after post after post on “dead” people.

Just linking past generations to present generations so they will in turn share what they know to future generations…

The problem is getting the right ancestors which is  not  always easy.


André Mignier dit la gâchette…?

Are you sure?

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières Illustrator Francis Back

Was André Mignier’s nickname really La gâchette?

Gilles Tremblay who has done extensive research thinks otherwise.

Pierre-André faisait donc partie de la « compagnie de Alexandre(Isaac)  Berthier,  Sieur de Bellechasse et de Villemur qui avait été détaché à bord du Brezé du régiment de Laillié »[59],  André comme tous les soldats Français portait un surnom, donné généralement par un des officiers de la compagnie, qui correspondait soit à un trait de caractère, une caractéristique physique, une manie, un défaut ou une qualité etc. qui caractérisait un soldat par rapport aux autres.  Pierre-André semble être connu sous deux surnoms.  Du côté de sa descendance américaine  on lui attribue le surnom de La Gâchette[60] (trigger).  Cependant, rien ne permet de croire qu’il portait ce surnom.  Du côté canadien, Pierre-André portait le surnom de l’agacé.  Était-ce parce que tout le monde s’amusait à l’embêter ou est-ce qu’il se sentait embêter par tout le monde?  Ceci restera certainement un secret.  Or, ce surnom se retrouve sur une des cartes de Gédéon de Catalogne de 1709, qui montre la concession de la Rivière-Ouelle.

I had read his essay on André Mignier but never noticed that part until a distant cousin pointed out this week…

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Little Ethel

The Gosselins

Collection  the  Tillman  family

Little Ethel is the little baby girl on this picture.

Little Ethel is going to prove a point in all that I have been doing since 2009 on this blog. This is going to be quite long, but Jen can’t hardly wait.

Well I think she can’t…

Still looking you know…

And still trying  to  figure  out  who’s  who?

After five years!


Libbie’s daughters

Trying  to  identify  people  on old pictures  isn’t that easy even if I know this is my great-grandaunt Philomène Lagacé. 

Libbie had six daughters: Philomène, Flavie, Agnes, Helen, Myra, and Marie Elmire. On that montage made in the late 1800s, I sure about three daughters: Helen, Myra, and Marie Elmire. But I just can’t positively identify Philomène, Flavie, Agnes.

Is that all important?

That’s the question I have been asking myself since I wrote  my first post  on this blog.


Lost Ancestors

That could have been the title of this blog I created back in September 2009.

There are so many lost ancestors out there to be reunited with.


I have got little clues about this young man who might be related to Phoebe Alexandre.

Could he be her husband Charles Lestage?

Phoebe Alexandre

Phoebe was a lost ancestor back in 2010 on a picture of sisters taken in the late 1890s in Bristol, Connecticut.

Phoebe Alexandre and Myra Alexandre - sisters

Little by little lost ancestors came to life on Our Ancestors.

First with Myra Alexandre.

possible Malvina Lagasse late 1890's Bristol, Conn.

young Myra Alexandre daughter of Philomene Lagasse and Jean-Baptiste Alexandre

Myra married William Archambault.

Myra Alexandre and William Archambeault

Myra’s and William’s descendants connected and shared a lot since they had a lot to share.

My new found third cousin has very little to share about what she knows on her great-grandmother Phoebe Alexandre seen here from Joe’s collection.

Phoebe Alexandre

But that’s okay. People can’t share what they don’t have.

Maybe in five years from now someone related to Phoebe’s daughter Lucille will find my blog and start sharing…

Lucille Lestage

Sweet Sixteen Lucille Lestage