You can pass this message along to relatives who might be interested

This is a way to tell people to share what I know about their ancestors if they don’t share the same passion about genealogy as I do.

You can pass this message along to relatives who might be interested

I try not to be the pushy type.

Sharing a passion without asking anything in return is pretty strange isn’t?

Sometimes you have to jump in and see what lies underneath like the wealth of information I have gathered since 2007 in my family tree:

27016 people

2149 photos

Pretty awesome indeed.

Judy knows what I am taking about. I have been able to find her Moquin lineage as well as her Dubé lineage, and her Giguere lineage.

Now, do you remember this picture Judy sent?

Judy is the one who unknowingly guided me to some of Lillie Lagasse’s descendants when she sent me this picture.

Or is it Aurelia who is guiding her?

I just hope I won’t be scaring these new descendants away with all this passion and all those cemetery headstones!

Hé salut Jules…

Hi there neighbor!

This is probably what Frank Lagasse said to Jules Moquin when he went to work in the morning on June 25th, 1900. 

They were both neighbors.

Frank Lagasse was a carpenter and Jules Moquin was a laborer working at the Ingraham factory.


I hope Frank Lagasse and Jules Moquin got along well.

I found Jules Moquin in the 1900 U.S. Census when I first started looking for Judy’s ancestors.

Just for the record, Judy is the 1st great grand niece of the husband (Eugene Dube) of my grand aunt (Lillie Lagasse) who I knew little before Judy wrote this comment…

Not sure if I can help.
Jules Moquin was my great-grandfather.
He was born in Canada, married Marie Dube.
I believe there are Lagaces somewhere in the family line, but I’m not sure where.
Can you, or anyone else offer any insights on Jules and Marie?

She offered her help and she wanted also to get a little help if possible with her ancestors.

Judy and I are not blood relative.

Well not yet.

I was startled to find her great-grandfather Jules Moquin so quickly.

There he was with his family living in Bristol, Connecticut, on the same street as my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse (1842), son of Dennis Lagasse (1816).

Dennis is at line 97 on the page and Jules is at line 62.

Let’s take a closer look…

Jules Moquin is there. He is about 36 (the census is not precise on birthyears). His wife, Mary (of course she is Marie Dubé) is 43. Then the children: Eugene, 12, Arthur, 11, Eujennie (Eugenie), 10, Judy’s grandmother, Leah, 8, Mary, 7, Daniel, 4, and little Deney who is one year-old.

Marie Dubé’s brothers, Napoléon and Eugène, also live on the same street.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to get a clearer picture.

Their next door neighbors, Frank Lagasse and his wife Sophia Archambault.

We don’t have pictures of Jules Moquin and his wife Marie Dubé… nor pictures of Eugene and Napoleon Dube, nor pictures of their family.

We will probably never find any pictures.

But that’s what I said about finding pictures of my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse, back in 2007, when I first started getting somewhat interested about genealogy.

Speaking of the Ingraham factory, where Jules Moquin worked with Dennis Lagasse and Napoleon Dube, are you intrigued by this picture I posted before…?

Could these two men here be, by any chance, Jules Moquin and Eugene Dubé…?

I don’t think so.

Next time we will find more about this man’s family.