Robin’s pictures

There were so many pictures Robin scanned to look at that some were left to be identified later.

This one I think is directly related to my distant relatives.


We have to assume that Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau wrote the caption if we compare both handwriting.


I am no expert, but it seems that way.


Mary Malloy or Molloy would be Bertha Molloy the daughter of Philomène Alexandre and Thomas Molloy. Philomène is related to this family. These are her parents with her sisters Myra, Agnes and Helen.

the Alexandre Family

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre’s family

Mary was born 23 April 1893 in Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts.

Here’s another picture also scanned by Robin.


Agnes Maloy… Same handwriting. Different persons?

Agnes Maloy

Not that important unless you are related to her. Thomas Molloy and Philomène Alexandre had these children:

James Thomas Molloy 1887 –
Jean-Baptiste Molloy 1890 –
Agnes Marie Rose Molloy 1892 – 1894
Bertha Molloy 1893 –
Eva Molloy 1895 – 1896
Albert Molloy 1897 – 1897

The only possible Mary Malloy or Agnes Maloy is  Bertha Molloy born in 1893.

Philomène died in 1906.

information on Philomene Malloy

She was the sister of Agnes Alexandre, Sylvia Elizabeth’s mother.

Agnes Alexandre

So this makes sense.

I never could find much more on Thomas Molloy. Sometimes you hit a dead end, but sometimes someone write a comment and the floodgates open.

Now there was one more picture without a caption.


He could be anyone, even Bertha Molloy’s brother.

My Brother Harry

Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau was the one who wrote the caption on this picture.

She only had one brother.


Like I said yesterday I did not pay to much attention to this picture. There were so many pictures that Robin had scanned to look at.

There is one I had could hardly look at when I first saw it.

This baby…


There was no caption so I did not make the connection at first.

Now I have.

Fredrica Bleau 1918-1919

Fredrica Beau is one of so many infants who died at a very young age leaving no one to remember them.

Frederica Bleau

Her ancestors were from French-Canada and Germany.

Fredrica Bleau family tree

Her grandfather Frank Kamenski was a barber of German descent. Her grandmother Anna Freidel also.

Anna Friedel

My Brother Harry & Freida Bleau First Baby

I did not pay much attention to this picture scanned by Robin last year.


It’s a good thing Peter Kaminski wrote this comment yesterday.

Fredrica was my great aunt. As my cousins Linda & Liz mentioned, we all called her Nana. You also had photos of my grandfather Peter Sr, my grandma Isabel, Aunt Pat and my father Peter Jr.

Thank you so much for publishing these photos that we thought were lost forever!

Would it be possible to get electronic copies of these photos? I would like to blow them up and frame them for my father.

I was looking at all the pictures Robin scanned. Some of them belonged to Terri who sent them to Robin on the West Coast so she could scan them.

The baby picture was in the lot…

scan0041_Fredrica Bleau 1918

She is little Fredrica Bleau born in 1918.

Frederica Bleau

This picture of Aunt Nana is now much more revealing…


More than a Wedding Picture

This is more than just a wedding picture.


It’s fond memories of a loving aunt who made the best apple pie in the world.

I have edited Freida’s wedding picture a bit.

Freida and Henry Bleau's wedding

I have more pictures that Robin scanned.

This one where Paul and Pauline are with Harry Bleau.


This is not Pauline Kaminski but another Pauline. She is with her twin brother Paul and their uncle Harry. Not sure about Harry being their uncle. The kids look like they are related to the Combe family. That’s the only clue I have.

Harry and Freida had two daughters Fredrica and Marion. Both died as infants.

 Frederica Bleau

So Freida and Harry left no descendants to remember them.

Until Linda Marie searched the Internet for one of her cousins. Then as Robin once said the floodgates opened.

I still wonder who is the best man and who is the bridesmaid.

Sometimes I find out.

wedding Myra Alexandre

Click on the image

Hi Robin…

I don’t know if Robin on the West Coast is still reading my blog. If she is, she must be feeling pretty good right now.

All the effort she put in scanning all those pictures last year.

I know this is not Thanksgiving but it really feels like it.


Linda Marie and Elisabeth can now share all we have found about their ancestors. Their grandfather Peter Kaminski is on that picture  with his wife Isabel Chagnon and their little daughter Pauline.

Pauline on the left with the big smile is Linda Marie’s and Elisabeth’s mother. 


Linda Marie and Elisabeth have fond memories of their aunt Nana. She made the most delicious apple pie in the world and she had a siamese cat called Sen Sen.

Aunt Nana is Frederica Martha Kaminski.


We know a lot about her and we are bringing her back to life. This is what this blog is all about. Bringing back ordinary people who are so extraordinary. No celebrities here.

This is Frederica once more with my 2nd cousin Harry Bleau.


I wonder who are the two other people, the bridesmaid and the best man. We know we will find out one day. So what about Frederica Kaminski not being a celebrity…

Click here.

Deep in the Heart of Texas…

Sometimes comments are much more interesting than what I write.

This is a beautiful and touching comment from Susan… Deep from someone’s  heart in Texas…

Hi Pierre,
You are right, I am in Texas.
Yesterday, I stopped at an estate sale and they had a box of old family pictures for sale. Some in frames and some without. I just wanted to cry that all those precious pictures and no family member was interested in them enough to try and find out who they were and their connections to past relatives.

I only wish I had a box of old pictures!

Have a nice day,


The A-Team revisited

The A-Team has a lot of members.

The A-Team

Ed is from the South.

Susan is from Texas if I remember correctly.

Joe, Dennis and Judy from Connecticut,

Marianne and Fran somewhere in the U.S.

Sandy in New England,

Robin on the West Coast…

Robin is the one who scanned the pictures of Nana with her nieces Pauline and Joannie, and her nephew Peter Junior.


She did not have to scan more than 100 pictures and then share everything with a complete stranger.

But she did. And she is not even related to me. Her husband is through the Combe family.

Just a little part of the story is here to read or you can search for Combe on the Search function on this blog.

Now it’s Linda Marie’s and her sister Elizabeth’s  turn to enjoy seeing loved ones and go back memory lane with the invitation I sent to them to be members of my Ancestry family tree.

I just like to link people with their past and I ask I nothing in return even though I have had so much joy doing all this and a winter coat… (pun intended for Joet)

As a footnote…

This is something my 3rd cousin Joe T. sent me on Wednesday.

Joe likes to send me jokes sometimes.

WhalesNow you know how serious amateur genealogists can be from time to time… and how much you would have missed if you had not clicked on my hyperlinks on this post.